Clément Perette: Ocean Protector


Media has found a massive audience worldwide and has truly altered the way we communicate with one another. This makes media more crucial in times where reaching the masses with positive messages of hope and giving back are needed more than ever. Social media, for example, has played an integral part in how we relay problems in the world to many people around the world in addition to the already existing presence of films and television.

Technology brings cultures from many walks of life that unites people to educate them about problems that affect others whether in the midst of the crisis or not. Providing widespread information almost instantly gives people a quicker chance to respond to different situations as they are happening. This means of getting media out to people has led to fundraisers, telethons and much more taking place to support these various causes.

One of these individuals taking advantage of the readiness of media is financier Clément Perrette who has championed sea change for the world’s environments at large specifically those pertaining to the ocean. His consistent efforts to protect and save the ocean have been noticed internationally.

Clément Perrette has more than two decades of financial sector expertise under his belt which has led him to make some thoughtful and informed business decisions.

Once he graduated from HEC Paris with his masters in finance, Clément was employed with Worms and Cie in New York and later returned to Paris to work for Société Générale Paris. Perrette was given charge over STRIPs also known as zero coupon bonds and made sure that everything related to was immensely successful.

Clément Perrette also became part of a book along with Philip Hamilton titled “Call of the Blue” which places the beauty of the ocean on display through photographs.


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Clément Perrette


Clément Perrette received a bachelor’s degree in 1983, after having 3 years of classes with a specialty in Physics while studying at Lycée St Louis. He then studied at l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Informatique et de Mathématiques Appliquées in Grenoble, France, graduating in 1989 with a degree in Civil Engineering.


Then in 1990, Clément Perrette graduated with a Master of Finance from HEC Paris, France. Clément Perrette worked for two years in NYC, USA, as a Financial Analyst in a program that was sponsored by the French State for Worms & Cie before he became a member of Société Générale Paris, in late 1992 working on the Fixed Income Capital marketing team. Refer to This Article to learn more.


While working for Société Générale, he set up the STRIPs, (zero-coupon bonds), desk in FRF, and then he joined Paribus, Paris in 1995 where he continued to trade FRF STRIPs in order to set up STRIPs desks in various European currencies. Clement Perrette’s STRIPS desks were number 1 in Europe because of the market share when it came to client volumes.


Then in 2000, Clément Perrette joined Deutsche Bank in Paris so as to be able to run EUR STRIPs and EUR Linker’s desks. After that, in 2002, Clément moved to Barclay’s Capital in London so he could run the Long End EUR Rates trading desk. In 2006 Clément was promoted to Managing Director.


In 2008, Clément was put in charge of the EUR Rates trading team that worked with Government Bonds and Interest Rate derivatives. Perrette managed to make Barclays the number one EUR Rates house from 2004-2011. In 2011, Clément relocated to Paris with Barclay’s offering him the possibility of taking some months off before he moved to a new job.


Flashing forward to September 2011, Clément rented a 47-foot sailboat named Cruising Bird in order to sail her across the Atlantic where he traveled between Spain, Portugal, the Madeira Islands, Cabo Verde, and the West Indies. In 25 years of experience in the capital market, Clément has made a decision to dedicate his time to the Fixed Income Fund management industry and the Ocean preservation causes.


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