JD.com Launches AI Technology to improve Customer Service


JD.com is an exceptional retail company that has partnered with China Unicom Sichuan to upgrade customer service. The primary tool behind the collaboration is the Artificial Intelligence that will be integrated by the two companies. This way, when clients call, they are received by a voice that sounds natural and welcoming. It will then redirect them to the right person who can handle their queries. The transfer will be effortless, and customers will feel satisfied when they get the services they need.

To start, there will be an integration of the AI tech to the WeChat accounts that will be available through texts. In addition to that, they will assist China Unicom Sichuan in building a marketing solution that will reach all the target audience. It will ensure that all the customers get to know about the services and goods in various stores. Put, the deal aims to up the game in the customer service realm.

Besides that, top-notch technology has spread to the medical sector, where it functions perfectly. In July, Jingdong and the West China Second University Hospital led the inception of AI that works in the medical systems. The process was seamless using the hospital’s WeChat account. Hence, patients can now get feedback and timely response to their questions. Read This Article for additional information.

The information embodies the doctor’s schedule, the department to visit, and how to obtain numbers or tags that they can use to line up. Since its motion in 2014, the hospital receives approximately 40,000 patients daily via the WeChat account. The AI has met Customers’ expectations, and they are generally satisfied.

The accuracy level is at 90%, thanks to the JD.com’s innovation that involves a chatbot in serving customers. The success rates are high because, in a day, the robot handles 32 million queries and responses correctly to 90%. The crowning moment is that the system acknowledges the inquiries immediately and also promptly gives feedback.

Customers then get all the answers to the questions that they have in mind. It is, therefore, a significant milestone achieved by the illustrious JD.com. It has solved challenges that come with serving customers in an exceptional way.


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