Highland Capital Management: Made With A Certain Kind Of Investor In Mind


There are a lot of different varieties of investors in this world. Some prefer to put their money into companies that are on the up and up and presumed to be safe. There are others in this world who like to take on a little more risk in their portfolio. Those people are seeking what is known as high-yield investments.

Those are the kind of people who may be likely to be interested in investing in something like Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is among the most successful and largest firms operating in the financial sector today.

Dondero is noted by industry observers to be a pioneer in several realms, especially in developing innovative approaches in the “Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO)” market.

What Highland Capital does is take money from institutional and retail investors alike to put into investments that have the high yield that these investors seek. They also want to find investments that are considered “value” investments. This means that they are most appealing not as much for their growth prospects but for their price now compared to the financial status that they are currently in.

James Dondero, with co-founder Mark Okada, is responsible for the creation and growth of Highland Capital Management. The two set out to create this fund back in 1993. They had a lot of combined knowledge about how credit markets work, and they wanted to use that knowledge to make wise investing decisions.

Their plan has worked to perfection as the fund has grown in power and influence over the years. It has literally billions of dollars under management at this point in time. This makes it one of the bigger funds in the entire country. Get More Information Here.

The run that Highland Capital Management has been on is likely to continue to roll on. James Dondero remains at the helm of the fund, and he is going to continue to make the same kind of decisions that he has made all this time. Keep watching Highland Capital Management to see what kind of moves they make. See This Page for additional information.


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Highland Capital Management


The head of Highland Capital Management, a Dallas based hedge fund is retiring at the end 2019 after three decades of service. According to the HCM company website, Mark Okada is retiring from active management to take up an advisory position in the firm.

The mercurial investment manager and entrepreneur will retain a controlling stake in the company. Mark Okada and James Dondero, the Highland company president joined forces to form the investment firm back in 1993. Mr. Okada’s insights into finance and investment matters played an instrumental in growing Highland Capital into a global credit and investment behemoth it is today.

Highland Capital Management’ success is evident in the leveraged loan market and aggressive expansion to varied asset classes. Besides holding a key management portfolio, Mr. Okada has also been the face of Highland Capital Management on popular business networks like Bloomberg and CNBC. See Related Link for more information.

Following news of his retirement, the company president has greatly appreciated Okada’s contributions to the company since its establishment. According to the Dallas Morning News, Dondero is grateful about Okada’s leadership style, personality and performance. Today, the investment adviser on credit and alternative investment strategies oversees an asset portfolio amounting to more than $15 billion.

Highland Capital Management has made efforts to diversify its portfolio to effectively serve a growing list of institutional and retail investors from all around the world. Its focus over the years has increased to include; high yield credit, real estate investment, regional verticals, public equities and special situations structure credit.

Highland Capital Management maintains a physical presence in several global financial capitals, including Buenos Aires, Seoul and Rio de Janeiro. Its workforce currently stands at 150 employees and continues to grow in line with its vision. As part of its community impact philosophy, Highland Capital supports volunteerism and community uplifting endeavors. Click Here for more information.


Read more about the company on https://argentfinancial.com/who-we-are/highland-capital-management-llc/


Highland Capital Management Announces Retirement of Co-Founder Mark Okada


Transitioning to Follow After Announcement of Okada’s Retirement

Highland Capital Management has announced the retirement of co-founder Mark Okada commencing at the end of the year. After 25 years of leadership, his decision to serve as a senior advisor to the firm has been well-received. He’ll retain his stake as an owner of the company, while in retirement.

James Dondero will be taking on additional responsibilities for overseeing the firm’s investments as a co-chief investment officer. Dondero is also a co-founder that started the Dallas-based investment firm with Okada in 1993. The international firm also has offices in Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Seoul, and Singapore and employs approximately 115 employees. Go Here for more information.

The working relationship between Okada and Dondero is reported to date back over 30 years. Dondero expressed his gratitude for Okada’s leadership and helping to grow the company into a multi-billion dollar firm that has been through several credit cycles throughout the years.

Highland Capital specializes in the leveraged-loan products and has expanded significantly throughout the years. High-yield credit, public and private equities, structured credit, sector, and region-specific verticals, and more are handled by the company’s expert strategists. An “alpha” methodology has been adopted by the company to deliver bold results and transparency in its investment efforts.

Highland Capital provides a number of industry leading benefits to promote employee success and wellbeing, and they’ve been recognized by Pensions & Investments as one of the Best Places to Work in Money Management.

Highland Capital also plays an active role in the community through sponsorship of local and international events and volunteering. Partners include local public service agencies like the police and rescue services, in addition to traditional charities that support children, financial literacy, healthcare, education, and more. Refer to This Article for related information.

No specifics have been reported regarding Okada’s plans for retirement; however, it’s understood that Okada plans on moving into another phase of his career. The company has begun its initial stages of transitioning as Okada prepares for taking on his contracted role. More information regarding Highland Capital Management can be found on their website by visiting https://www.highlandcap.com/.


Vinod Gupta News

According To Vinod Gupta, It Is Wise To Invest In The Common Good

Vinod Gupta is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and manager of Everest Group, had one dream from the time he was a young child. He knew he wanted to be successful, but not just on a personal level. He wanted to play an important part in the success of his family, neighbors, and community.

Vinod Gupta is one of the successful businessmen in the world today. Gupta’s accomplishments are attributed to his down-to-earth character and not to the billions he makes from his companies.

He believes that working for the common good is important. Gupta urges investors to make investments in places where they will do the most good.

This idea of sustainable investing is not only paying off for Vinod Gupta but for others as well. For example, today, the idea of farm to table has become a way of life for many families. We want to be able to track our food sources. We care what happens to our environment. We care about our communities and the people within them.

Companies who wish to get our money are going to have to care too. They are going to have to get involved at the local level. They are going to have to make sure that their practices will not harm the environment. Companies who do not, are not going to get consumers to make an investment. Find Related Information Here.

Companies who jump on this bandwagon of working towards the common good are going to find themselves growing and becoming more and more successful. This idea of operating a business, which is what is being dubbed as a “conscious business”, is not only good for future success, but it is also good for the soul.

Lately, he set up a Database101. A new database for salespeople. His biggest objective is to keep working. He is motivated by poverty and the messy lifestyle he was brought up in during the early days of his life and he seeks to help people acquire better lives.

Read more about Vinod Gupta on DailyForexReports article entitled Indian-born American Businessman, Investor, and Philanthropist to learn more about him.


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Clément Perette: Ocean Protector


Media has found a massive audience worldwide and has truly altered the way we communicate with one another. This makes media more crucial in times where reaching the masses with positive messages of hope and giving back are needed more than ever. Social media, for example, has played an integral part in how we relay problems in the world to many people around the world in addition to the already existing presence of films and television.

Technology brings cultures from many walks of life that unites people to educate them about problems that affect others whether in the midst of the crisis or not. Providing widespread information almost instantly gives people a quicker chance to respond to different situations as they are happening. This means of getting media out to people has led to fundraisers, telethons and much more taking place to support these various causes.

One of these individuals taking advantage of the readiness of media is financier Clément Perrette who has championed sea change for the world’s environments at large specifically those pertaining to the ocean. His consistent efforts to protect and save the ocean have been noticed internationally.

Clément Perrette has more than two decades of financial sector expertise under his belt which has led him to make some thoughtful and informed business decisions.

Once he graduated from HEC Paris with his masters in finance, Clément was employed with Worms and Cie in New York and later returned to Paris to work for Société Générale Paris. Perrette was given charge over STRIPs also known as zero coupon bonds and made sure that everything related to was immensely successful.

Clément Perrette also became part of a book along with Philip Hamilton titled “Call of the Blue” which places the beauty of the ocean on display through photographs.


Go Here to visit his page.

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Entrepreneur Vinod Gupta Generously Gives Back To His Alma Maters


Vinod Gupta made a fortune in the business-to-business marketing information niche. In the 1970s he built a company that compiled databases of retailers in various industries. He sold these lists to companies that could market their products to them, such as mobile home manufacturers getting a national list of every mobile home retailer. When he sold the company many years later it was for $680 million. He now owns an investment firm where he invests in startups and acquires ones that are struggling.

He was born in India. Vinod Gupta comes from a small village that is about a hundred miles from New Delhi. He says that his parents inspired him to do well in school and how getting an education was paramount to doing anything in life. Graduating from the Indian Institutes of Technology after studying agricultural engineering, he moved to Lincoln, Nebraska, where he got a master’s degree in this field at the University of Nebraska.

He believes in karma and that what you do in life will catch up to you. Vinod Gupta says that karma inspires him to support other people’s educational journeys. He supports students at both of his alma maters with scholarships. By supporting students he helps them become successful adults. In turn, they will provide people younger than them with the same opportunities. Go To This Page for more information.

He partnered with the Indian Institutes of Technology to start a business school. This is the Vinod Gupta School of Management. The school started in 1993 with the $2 million that he provided. It is the only business school at IIT and one of the top-ranked ones in that part of the world. Still often donating to IIT, he wanted to pay this university back for all the doors his education there opened for him.


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