Securus Technologies Attempting to Secure Prisons from Drone Drop-offs of Illegal Materials

Use of drones has become quite common, and they are extensively used in a number of industries. Even though they have come under strict scrutiny, they remain unregulated, and there have been just a few laws restricting their purchases and use in highly sensitive areas. One of the major misuses of these drones is in the prison industries. The law enforcement agencies are finding it difficult to stop its use in transferring a large amount of illegal packages into the prison. These illegal airdrops of materials have become quite common in most prisons and they pose a threat to the lives of inmates and even the prison guards.


There was an incident in Ohio where drones were used to deliver some amount of drugs and tobacco into the Mansfield Correctional Institutions, but the package was mistakenly received by the rival gang that led to a major fight between the gangs. Several inmates and correctional officers were injured in the process. There have been several similar incidents in prisons due to the use of drones for delivering illegal materials. Thus, if something is not done sooner, it would lead to serious consequences.


The drone detection technology by Securus Technologies would ensure that the drones that are being used by the criminals won’t be able to enter the correctional facilities and supply any kind of contraband items. It has been a problem that has been reported in many of the correctional facilities recently. The use of contraband items inside the correctional facilities has been increasing, and it is mostly due to the use of drones to supply the contraband packages.


As the prison premises are large and much of this area is open to air drops, the drones are used by the criminals to supply the contraband items without getting caught. However, the drone detection technology that was introduced by the Securus Technologies recently is aimed at making a huge difference to this menace. Not only would it put an end to the use of drones in supplying the contraband items to the prison, but it would also ensure that any and all unauthorized drones in and around the prison facilities are immediately detected.


The criminals can forget using the drones again to supply the contraband items. Similarly, the Securus Technologies recently developed the wireless containment system that is already in use in many of the penitentiary facilities. It is a technology that would not allow the prisoners to use the contraband phones. The use of contraband phones is illegal and can be used for many illegal purposes, starting from threatening someone to ordering a hit and from arranging contraband supply to much more. The use of wireless containment system would put an end to the overuse of contraband phones in the correctional facilities these days.


Securus Technologies: Key Player in the Prison Communications Industry

The business of correctional facility communications is increasing these past few years. The competition between the key players is also becoming more serious. Securus Technologies is one of the key players in the industry, and they have been known as the leader for years. They are developing several technologies that are being used across several correctional facilities in the United States, and they have been rated as a company with high quality products. Among the products that they have are signal jammers, biometrics machine, video calling devices, and voice calling devices. Securus Technologies is also known for manufacturing their own devices using the researches that they have partaken. They are also using the knowledge that they have gained through research in order to innovate existing technologies, such as the video calling technology. Securus Technologies claims that they have the fastest video calling technology in the world. In order to protect their inventions and developments, the company is spending more than $600 million every year. They are stating that they are doing their best to protect their inventions from unauthorized use and reproduction.


Securus Technologies is also responsible for the advancement of the correctional facilities throughout the United States. One of the things that they are pushing for is the abandonment of traditional face to face visits in favor of the newer, high tech video calling visits. Authorities from several correctional facilities have considered the idea, but it has not been greenlighted yet. Securus Technologies have installed kiosk capable of video calling, and the reviews are all positive. According to them, they are hoping to install more of these kiosk to all of the correctional facilities under their supervision. Securus Technologies is confident that the company will grow further, and that the demand for their products will soar as the world become more and more inclined in using high tech products.



Securus Technologies Keeping the Jail Drug-Free

In order to keep my fellow officers safe each day, we all have to work very hard at keeping drugs from getting inside the prison walls. Even a small amount of crack or heroin in the hands of the wrong inmate can turn them into a raging animal. These inmates under the influence are not just a threat to themselves, they put me, my fellow officers, prison staff, and the visitors all in harm’s way. This is an ongoing fight that we must stay vigilant on or the issue becomes out of control very quickly.


Each day we deploy a team of corrections officers to the visitor center to try and stop anyone from bringing things into the jail. We check visitors, we check inmates, we will even check their cells before, during, and after these visits. My team will check the mail for anything that should not be there, and we will even listen to the inmates as they use the phones. Until recently, we had to listen to these call very closely or things were missed. Now that Securus Technologies has their call monitoring system in place, things have gotten easier for us to identify trouble in the jail.


Securus Technologies is in 2,500 jails around the country, and has 1,000 employees working for this Dallas-based company. The CEO of Securus Technologies is Richard Smith, and he talks about how his employees are committing themselves to the objective of the company, making the world a safe place to live for us all. The LBS software now alerts my team if an inmate is asking family to bring him drugs, where he hides those drugs, if he sells those drugs, and when he is using those drugs. That information makes it easier for my team to strike and eliminate threats.


Overshadowing Criminal Minds with Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies has made commendable effort to curb criminal action ad correspondence through the development of technological aids for use in criminal activity management and streamlining judicial lines.

Staff members in criminal detention facilities have had a chance to use tools and intelligence from Securus. They have reviewed them and reported that the tools have enabled them to prevent as well as intercept criminal action in progress.

Here are samples of achievements users have made using Securus’ products;

An officer and fellow team members used information retrieved from phone calls to acquire a search warrant against a fraudulent staff member. Officers from another facility reported having acquired information about multiple criminal actions involving inmates and civilians from call monitoring. A third facility’s officers admitted to depending on Securus’ technology solutions in service delivery for over a decade. Investigative tools have been reported to ensure effective investigations in multiple facilities. A number of facilities also said that their premises had utilized Securus’ technology to intercept and curb cases of contraband.

The LBS software, a genius product from Securus, together with other law-enforcement resources aided in the recovery of assets, drugs, and cash worth millions. LBS and Investigator Pro give Securus clearance as the best security facility communications provider, according to several reviews by officers. Information retrieved using the company’s technology has been used as evidence in judicial trials.

The company has continued to receive numerous positive reviews from its products’ users. Currently, it serves over 3450 facilities and over 1.2 million inmates. It is based in Dallas, Texas. It offers services that include incident management, biometric analysis, emergency response and information management among others. Richard A. Smith, the CEO of Securus Technologies, states that every week, the company comes up with a new service or product on course with its mission, which is connecting what matters.


Inmates and Families Love Securus

As a company, Securus has worked hard to make sure that they are providing everything that they can to their clients who are the prisoners who are in different prisons around the United States. The company has worked hard to be able to offer as much as what they do and they now have technology that is unique to them so that they can do different things for the people who are in prison. This gives them the chance to offer things that no other prison technology company has to offer people who are in prison.


The Securus company makes sure that they put their kiosks in jails that can use them. They want everyone to be able to use the kiosks and this means that they are able to do more in the way that they offer different things to the people who are in jail. Inmates can call their loved ones, can order commissary and, in some jails, can even send email to their loved ones. The kiosks are a safe alternative to things that inmates have always had in jails around the country and are proving to be one of the best options for people who are in prison.


Video chatting is a great alternative to actually visiting people who are in prison. When someone is unable to see their loved ones because of the different things that could prevent them from doing it, they can take solace in the fact that they can video chat with their loved one who is in prison. This will give them the chance to make sure that they are doing more in the way that things work. It will also allow them the chance to talk to people more about what they have going on and what is special about their time outside of the prison.


The holidays are a great time for inmates and their family members to video chat. Families cannot always be at the prison to see their loved ones during the holidays and, for that reason, they want to be able to video chat with their loved ones who are in prison. This means that the Securus company is able to offer more services to inmates during the Christmas season.