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Charge Your Mobile Device Safely with MAGFAST Chargers

If you have kids or pets, keeping them away from the cords on wireless device chargers can present a challenge. With MAGFAST, you can enjoy a fast-wireless charging experience that doesn’t involve separate parts that can break easily or disappear. The founder and CEO of MAGFAST, Seymour Segnit developed the product to reduce unnecessary parts and the need to buy cheap aftermarket chargers that underperform. Segnit has experience in technology, broadcasting, and has a degree from Oxford University. He’s so confident and passionate about MAGFAST Chargers that he was able to break through his crowdfunding goal in 15 minutes.

The Essentials of MAGFAST Chargers

When Segnit set out to create the chargers, he was initially working with scientists to help develop the technology. Although they assisted, they simply weren’t able to create exactly what he was looking for. MAGFAST Chargers utilizes magnets to hold the chargers together, and they’ll also work together each to provide additional charging power to unplugged units. One of the most anticipated designs utilizes a USB on top of a fully functional power outlet to preserve the outlet for usage. Lightning cables and connections are available to use, so you’ll be able to do a hardwired charge if desired. A power bank style charger can be taken anywhere with ease to ensure that you’ll always stay connected.

Enjoy a MAGFAST Chargers Preview

MAGFAST is offering backers a chance to pre-order their products at a significant discount. Under the current promotion, backers also receive a free product for attending a video demonstration to show all the features of the product and how it’s properly utilized. It’s a great opportunity to invest in new technology and be a part of something that could very well disrupt the wireless industry. Be sure to check everything out and register for the presentation by visiting the MAGFAST official website at, today.