The Wonders of Ryan Seacrest

As a highly experienced American television host, producer and radio personality. Ryan Seacrest is known worldwide for his numerous successful ventures. He may just be one of the busiest men on the planet. He showed an interest in being a radio disc jockey from a young age. Ryan has always been a natural. Ryan shines on live television, and he has dominated everyone in his professional endeavours (ABC).

Ryan was nominated 10 times for American Idol. He was also invited to host the American Idol comeback shows. Kelly Rippa needed a new co-host. Normally it takes a full year to find another co-host. American Idol was by far his most successful show. In 2002, Ryan started hosting American Idol, because he is fun, loving and he has a great personality. His work ethics made him famous throughout the world. In 2009, Ryan received $45 million to host American Idol. This salary put Ryan Seacrest in the top spot for reality show hosts 

In 2017, Ryan audition and was accepted as the co-host. The show’s name was changed to Live with Kelly and Ryan. The show was very successful and it earned Ryan Seacrest a number of nominations. He also received nominations and awards for his talk shows, his entertainment shows and the shows he produced.

Ryan Seacrest was a co-host and producer of Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution, Click, Gladiators, Wild Animal Games were just a few of the shows he appeared, produced and received nomination and awards. Behind the scenes in addition to his function before the cameras and behind the mike, Seacrest has produced popular radio programs. In 2004, Ryan hosted American Top 40, a weekly count down show created by Casey Kasem and On Air with Ryan, a morning show syndicated in Los Angeles. He also hosted a morning show for iHeartMedia.

With all his success, Ryan also gives back by starting the Ryan Seacrest Foundation. The foundation has nine healthcare centers in Atlanta, Orange County, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Cincinnati, Dallas, Boston and Colorado. Ryan Seacrest also serves on a number of board of trustees and non-profits.

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The Successful Career of Ara Chackerian

Experiences inspire ideas, but one has to engage life for them to come. This perception has profoundly contributed to the person Ara Chackerian is today. Ara’s ideas are brilliant and always focused on adding value to human life. He is a man of numerous achievements such as entrepreneur, investor, philanthropist and co-founder of TMS Health Solutions. Ara is also the managing partner of ASC Capital Holdings, LLC.

Ara has a significant interest in healthcare companies. ASC Capital Holding aims at investing in healthcare companies at their early stages. TMS Solutions is a service provider for transcranial magnetic stimulation. It is an alternative for depressed patients not responding to other forms of treatment. Ara’s interest in healthcare is based on technology in this field. His career has always been about investing and entrepreneurship.  For more details you can checkout



Among the companies, Ara has participated in the building are PipelineRx, Embion/Provider Links, and BMC Diagnostics among others. Some of the companies he becomes a board member as part of service to his passion. Apart from building companies, Ara is concerned about the environment. He has invested in some environmental causes such as Limonapa. It is a project of reforestation in Nicaragua. Ara is also involved in several youth development projects.

The most recent and exciting trend for Ara is digital health. Ara is keenly following because he believes it can increase the value of the healthcare system. In a relevant example of depression, these patients change their communication patterns. Algorithms can identify this pattern, and it will be used to assess the patient. Digital healthcare and telemedicine can play a role in determining human behavior.

Ara Chackerian has become successful partly because of his partners. Choosing business partners is essential because one ought to work with the right ones. Business partners could make you fail or succeed. They are also crucial because, at one point or another, business people have to cooperate with others. The world of business needs allies and support. Ara states he does not have a particular habit that has made him succeed. Nevertheless, making right decisions, being futuristic and determination are necessary traits for a successful entrepreneur. You can visit to see more.



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George Soros Does Not Stop With $12 Billion Given To Good Causes

The figures may sound amazing, but by the start of 2017 billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros had given away an amazing $12 billion in support for good causes, according to the Open Society Foundations. Soros is well known in many parts of the world for his outspoken criticism of some politicians and his support of liberal leaning charitable projects he feels reflect the ideals he hopes the human race will live by in the 21st century; on the business front, George Soros is well known for the success of his Soros Fund Management Brand that has allowed him to amass a personal fortune estimated to have reached around $25 billion by the start of 2017. In his writing, George Soros has often stated his aim in building the business empire he has created since establishing his own hedge fund in 1969 was to allow him the ability to help as many people in the world as possible. George Soros established the Open Society Foundations.

Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros was originally known as Gyorgy Schwartz before the rising right wing attitudes seen in central and Eastern Europe in the 1930s prompted his father to change the family name to the less Jewish sounding Soros, Biography reports. The interest in building a global culture across the entire planet is something the family of George Soros have been interested for many years as the Soros family were a driving force behind the growth of Esperanto as a global language in the early part of the 20th century in a bid to build a thriving global culture that would help reduce the rise of nationalism; the Soros family survived the World War II Holocaust that claimed the lives of around half a million members of the Hungarian Jewish community.

It was after a single decade was spent building his Wall Street based empire as a hedge fund manager that George Soros began looking to help good causes across the planet with an initial focus on Communist countries, such as Soros’ own Hungarian home nation. In 1979, George Soros began seeking ways of taking on the tyrants of the world in all their forms before developing his own Open Society Foundations to continue his good work. While many wealthy billionaires and wealthy philanthropists have looked to back a single area of concern, George Soros and his Open Society Foundations spread out their work across so many different areas of interest the network uses 500 pages of its Website to list its many diverse causes that are being backed on a regular basis.

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Timothy Armour’s Journey To The Top

Timothy Armour serves as the chairman of the Capital Group of Companies. Apart from that, he also serves as the chairman of the Capital Group’s Management Committee as well as the Capital Research and Management Company, Inc.

In the past, Timothy Armour has also served as an Equity Portfolio Manager, where he was responsible for building up customized investment options as well as plans for the clients. He has gained quality experience in the investment during his early days at the Capital Group while he was given the responsibility of an Equity Investment Analyst, during this period he was interpreting critical financial information as well as the public data from global telecommunication companies and other services companies located in the United States to calculate their stock value.

His education background has been an asset to his career development. Armour hold a Bachelor’s degree in Economics that he got from the prestigious Middlebury College. Before joining Capital Group Armour also took part in the investment research when he was employed by other companies. Tim Armour has served as Morningstar’s President and CEO between 1998 and 2000. Prior to retiring from the company in 2008, he was still serving as an investment analyst.

His responsibility at the Morningstar was to perform a series of analysis on the company’s financial record and communicating the data from the investment research to the department of stock as well as funds. Armour has also served as Director of Portions in AARP in 2008 prior to joining the associate member program at Capital Group in 2014.

In the year 2015, the Board members of the Capital Group Companies announced that they had elected Timothy Armour as the company’s Chairman. The circumstances that led to Timothy Armour appointment to the position of the Chairman is connected to the passing of the previous Chairman James Rothenberg.

Timothy Armour is recognized as the best among his peers. Throughout his career, he has earned a lot of respect and esteem from the investment industry experts among them is a well-known investment analyst Janet Yang. Yang gave her opinion regarding the appointment of Timothy Armour to the position of the chairman Capital Group Companies.  She credits the amazing investment strategies to the portfolio manager such as Armour and she agrees with the decision to promote Armour.