A Look at Betsy DeVos and her Love for Charity

I believe Betsy DeVos is a woman that has proven her worth. She is an advocate and an innovator. Betsy has been making lots of efforts to eradicate barriers to bring about change and produce a surrounding where individuals have the capacity to succeed. Betsy DeVos was formerly the Chairman of The Windquest Group which was a management and investment firm that was privately owned and located in Michigan. The firm had a service and product portfolio which was quite diversified.

DeVos was elected as the Republican Party’s Chairman four times, after partaking in politics for over 35 years. She has carried out functions in various leadership positions alongside party organizations, campaigns, and political action communities. Of recent, the aim of her political activities is to develop the choices of education which I believe are yielding great results. DeVos got her Bachelor in Arts degree from Calvin College which was situated in Grand Rapids Michigan. She is happily married to philanthropist, community activist and entrepreneur Dick DeVos. They have six grandchildren and four children together. Betty and Dick DeVos are always in search of innovative solutions to social problems which I feel are of great importance. Read her interview with Philantrophy Table.

DeVos and her husband assist reforms though lots of nonprofit roles. She acts as the chairman of their family foundation known as Dick and Betsy DeVos family foundation. Their foundation shows that education is a crucial factor. They reserved over 3million dollars to issues relating to education. This amounted to 26 percent of all their donations to charity that year. Additionally, their foundation offered $357,000 to various groups that aid educational reforms.

In 2013, some of the main organizations that benefited from the charitable donation of Betsy DeVos and her family foundation included the Detroit Charter School Company New Urban Learning which got $25,000, College of Cinematic Arts in Grand Rapids which got $50,000. The alma mater of Dick DeVos , known as the Northwood University in Midland which got $200,000, Ferris State University in Big Rapids which got $100,000, West Michigan Aviation Academy which got $315,000, Rehoboth Christian School popularly recognized as a school controlled by parents in New Mexico attained the sum of $50,000 and Potter’s House in Wyoming which got the amount of $301, 000.

At present, there are students numbering over 200,000 in private choice programs funded publicly in the Columbian districts alongside 17 states. Some students who made up the educational choice programs had an increase by over 30,000 just in one year. I have the strong feeling that her efforts to date towards politics, reforming education and business would have long lasting beneficial effects that future generations would benefit from.

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What Does Bumble Provide That Other Apps Don’t?

Whitney Wolfe is the woman behind such apps like Tinder and Bumble. Her work in the online dating community is what has catapulted her to achieving not just great money but great respect.

Whitney Wolfe started off working for an agency that was responsible for creating and building mobile applications. She has built and created a beautiful little set of apps with the company and eventually left before she worked with somebody to bring Tinder to life. She built it and came up with the idea with a few other people and eventually left that venture to create her own app, Bumble.

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Bumble follows the idea of creating potential relationships with the simplicity of either swiping left or right. Women have the opportunity to swipe right or left on a guy, and when a match is made, the woman must swipe right first. It’s quite the conflict for guys, which makes it great for girls to find someone because guys are ready to meet and connect with somebody. Bumble is a very active and professional site that has millions of users from across the globe. Countless people of all sexualities are on the site, and it’s the best way to meet genuine people.

As a location-based professional app, this is the right app to use to find people who are around you and nearby. Bumble has a long list of relationships that have already been made. Bumble delivers unique amounts of ways to find people, whether it’s using their paid features or even using the “undo” feature to get back the people you accidentally swiped left on.

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Lori Senecal On Branding

The 3 Percent conference uses the tagline “Championing Female Talent And Leadership”. They are an inspiration to women who have felt inadequate because of their gender or any other reason. While some men may look at them as little more than an object, the 3 Percent conference on AdWeek.com empowers them, teaching them to value their identity by featuring prominent women. One of these prominent women was Lori Senecal who spoke about her expertise in marketing and branding. These talks accomplished two things. First, they demonstrated that women can accomplish anything. Second, they educated the audience about an important topic for entrepreneurs.

Of course, the 3 Percent conference was not the only time that her expertise was on display on Twitter. Dedicating herself to educating her audience about branding, she published an article titled Clueless Or Subtly Strategic? What Brands Can Learn From Wayward Celebrities.

Show People That You Care
Consumers tend to think of corporations almost as though they were robots who were programmed to make money. They do not really care about the interests of the people. Lori Senecal pointed out that one can combat this stigma by showing the audience that she does care by adopting a cause.

Taglines Are Out – Icons Are In
People do not want to read anymore. Whether that is a sad truth or not, that is just part of reality. Most westerners are visual creatures with a short attention span. A thoughtful and creative image is more likely to convey a powerful message and draw an audience more than a small block of text at http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/cpb-names-lori-senecal-global-ceo-300046965.html. In a meme culture, people are more interested in pictures than they are in reading and advertisers need to be aware of that.

A Bit of Humor
The best content is one that inspires emotions. Some bloggers will try to stir up negative emotions, but that is generally not advisable. Lori Senecal argued that content should make people laugh because people enjoy it. People do not get tired of laughter. They do get tired of being angry. People will come back for more content that makes them laugh. Senecal advised developing a few parodies.

Inspiring women across her nation, Lori Senecal is an example of success. Her wisdom and insight are a reflection of what women are capable of.