The Innovative Solutions and Strategies of Allied Wallet

A leading provider of online payment processing that has global and multi-currency merchant services and a PCI Level 1 secured payment gateway is known as Allied Wallet. Last year, the company was able to be in partnership with China UnionPay with high hopes of expanding its services in Europe as well as offering an Allied Wallet-branded China UnionPay card for their clients (Bloomberg).

In our industry today, the world’s biggest payment card issuer is the China UnionPay and it was able to issue more than 6 billion cards in its domestic market, and their issuance of cards is more than Visa and MasterCard combined. The cards are currently increasing in popularity all over the world particularly in Europe and Allied Wallet has made the right decision in partnering with China UnionPay. Allied Wallet strives to supply the increasing demand for China UnionPay cards and at the same time assist the company with their growth and expansion across the globe.

Allied Wallet and China UnionPay began issuing cards for their European clients wherein they will be able to use their cards whenever they travel to Asia and to secure and simplify everything that they will be spending. According to the head of UnionPay in Europe known as Zhillhong Wei, travelers who are going abroad are not their target market. They plan on targeting local consumers in the domestic market, not only the people who are traveling across Asia. Exceeding customer satisfaction is one of their priorities along with expanding their connections. The Chief Executive Officer of Allied Wallet is Andy Khawaja and he emphasized how proud he is to be able to be in partnership with China UnionPay. He is looking forward to providing more people the opportunity and access to use the cards.

The cards of China UnionPay are accepted by millions of ATM machines and more than 40 million merchants around the globe. Its partnership with Allied is beneficial to every client and creates new and easy solutions for making payments. Allied revolutionizes the e-commerce industry by building innovating payment processing solutions and has already issued millions of cards in the first year of the release.

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Greg Blatt Is A Gifted Businessman With An Innovative Mind

Greg Blatt is a business professional who has helped multiple companies to grow their earnings and their customer base. He has served as the chief executive officer of IAC, Match Group, and Tinder in the past and has helped them all to grow when they needed it the most. Along with serving as the CEO of these companies at various times, he has also served in many other positions including executive chairman, general counsel, and executive vice president.

Greg Blatt has also previously worked with Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia by serving as the company’s general counsel of business affairs and executive vice president. Before working for Martha Stewart, he served as an associate for two separate law firms. During his time as CEO and chairman of Match Group, the company found success through its Tinder Plus subscription deal. When this took place, the leadership of the company breathed a sigh of relief as its revenue remained strong. Match Group also increased its user base by five times during his time of leadership.

Instead of staying satisfied with everything he has already accomplished, Greg Blatt has chosen to move on and accomplish even more. As he left his latest venture behind, his fellow colleagues were sad to see him go. Blatt commented that he is proud of everything he has been able to get done during his time with the incredible teams he has worked with. He has also been happy to be a part of bringing people together through Tinder and other dating apps and feels that he will have plenty of new opportunities in the future.

Greg Blatt studied at Colgate University and earned his undergraduate degree in English language, economics, and literature/letters during his time there. He continued his education at Columbia Law School, where he received his Doctor of Law. Throughout his working career, Greg Blatt has been able to persist through the good times and the bad. He has worked in industries that are extremely competitive, yet he has been able to find innovative ways to help his companies to rise above the rest. Expect to hear more from Mr. Blatt in the future.

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Mark Holyoake Stays Humble in the Face of Success

One of the greatest things about entrepreneur Mark Holyoake is that you never quite know when he is going to shock the public next with another incredible innovation. He is always bringing something fresh to the world of business, which makes him a very important figure to follow. The businesses he invests in tend to do very well, and this is what has allowed him to reach the heights he has over the course of his career.

Mark Holyoake is very thankful for affiliated businesses. Without them, he would have never been able to break into business. He is also very protective of them, and he will do anything to ensure that they succeed within our economy.

Mark Holyoake wants to design a world where everyone can feel comfortable in releasing their ideas because he believes this is what allows us to progress most quickly as a species. Technology, in his opinion, is rooted in the history of humankind.

We first began to deviate from the regular systems of food chains when we started manipulating our environments to perform necessary tasks. This was the beginning of technology. Now, it has grown so far that our capacity for understanding ourselves and our positions in the universe has grown to an extent that no one could have even imagined years ago. Mark Holyoake feels lucky to be able to be alive during this era because he truly feels as though he can contribute to our incline as a species.

Mark Holyoake, besides being an undeniably gifted man, is thoroughly kindhearted in every sense of the imagination. This is what makes him the most appealing to business partners; sure, he can manage multiple businesses successfully at one time, but being able to do this without have a power trip is an impressive feat.

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The role of David McDonald in the growth of OSI Group

David McDonald, the president and chief operating officer of OSI Group, is one of the brilliant executives we have in the private industry today. It is through his efforts that this company has reason to the position of the largest private food supplier in the world. For the past three decades, he has been working with this organization intending to help it to reach out to as many customers as possible.

OSI Group was established at the beginning of the past century. A German immigrant established a meat shop in Chicago with the intention of supplying meat products to the local community. However, this business grew rapidly to become a wholesale meat supplier in Chicago. In the mid-1950s, it was a regional meat supplier to McDonald’s which had opened its restaurant chain business around the country.

OSI Group has over the past three decades established operations in 17 different countries through the efforts of McDonald and others. As an expert on the modern chain supply business, he has enabled this company to roll out its programs efficiently. To ensure that they reaching out to as many consumers as possible, they have established 65 food processing plants in different countries.

David McDonald was born in North East Iowa and later attended Iowa State University and graduated with a degree in animal science. He first joined OSI as the project manager before going up the ladder to become a senior executive. He has also been a philanthropist who gives back to his Iowa State community through different initiatives. At Iowa State University, he is currently supporting various initiatives of philanthropy. For instance, he is offering students from this university an opportunity to work as interns at OSI.

OSI has in the past few years been on a mission of expanding its operations to as many parts of the world as possible. David McDonald as the chief operating officer of the company has been the epicenter of these operations. In 2016, he was behind the acquisition of two food companies in Europe by OSI. The acquired companies are Baho Foods and Flagship Europe. The latter was little renamed Creative Foods Europe.

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Doe Deere Launched Line Of New Vintage Inspired Jewelry

Doe Deere might have been the undisputed queen of cult makeup but the beauty mogul has decided to take on a new venture with the establishment of her new company, Poppy Angeloff. The company currently offers a wide range of Victorian-inspired pieces of jewelry that are designed for modern women. The jewelry line has been curated by Doe Deere herself and is unlike most brands that target modern women.

The inspiration to start up a new company came from the heirlooms that were passed down through the generations in Doe Deere’s family. When she was still involved with the makeup business, Doe Deere was one day looking at some old Victorian styled pieces of jewelry. She realized that there was a certain amount of timeless beauty that came along with this style of pieces which was relatively unmatched by most kinds of jewelry available today. She realized that this was something that appealed even to a modern woman like herself, which was surprising given how old this actually was. However, the beauty of these pieces wasn’t the only bit of motivation that Doe Deere needed. She contemplated a potential business idea in this regard, but it was only when her sister decided to give her a push dd she finally came to the conclusion that she wanted to start a jewelry business.

Ever since then, the company has become the main focus of Doe Deere’s professional aspects. Having moved on from the makeup business, she is now focusing her efforts full time on Poppy Angeloff and all that it offers.

The unique bit about the collection released by the brand is the fact that they brilliantly display the creativity of Doe Deere. With incredibly delicate and detailed patterns and intricate designs, the craftsmanship behind these pieces of jewelry is what has got fans excited and eager to get their hands on the latest collection.

In a recent interview, Doe Deere stated that the company is the next step in her evolution as an artist, an entrepreneur, and a human being. She wanted to make something that people would be proud of owning and which would last for a significantly long period of time, which is exactly what she plans to achieve with the jewelry released under this brand.

Richard Liu Qiangdong – Discussing His Success Story With Next Generation Entrepreneurs

In the last few years, the e-commerce industry has taken off in a way never imagined. The convenience that the e-commerce companies provide to the customers is unimaginable, and it has helped the growth of the e-commerce sector tremendously. One of the iconic companies in the e-commerce sectors that have achieved considerable heights of success in the past decade is China-based JD. Richard Liu Qiangdong founded it in the year 1998 when it was still a physical retail operation running out of a small shop in Beijing. However, under the leadership of Richard Liu, the small retail operation selling magneto-optical products grew majestically and helped become a chain of stores across the country.

The physical retail operation that Richard Liu Qiangdong started in 1998 was shifted to online retail entirely when the business suffered from tremendous losses during the time China was facing a SARS outbreak. At the time, the employees and the customers were unable to come to the stores and the huge overhead expenses were too much to bear for the company with no revenue. Eventually, the physical retail operations were completely shut down, and the name of 360buy started the e-commerce site that we know today as JD.

It was an immediate hit among the customers and the attractive business and marketing strategies that Richard Liu implemented helped JD become one of the largest e-commerce companies in China. With time, the company has been able to expand its inventory and has over a hundred million active users in China. The customer base of the company is increasing with every passing day, and more and more people are joining it as it continues to offer attractive offers and discounts. Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that the modern-day companies should make use of the technologies available to stay competitive and provide users with convenience and benefits they seek.

Richard Liu recently gave an interview in which he discussed the challenges he came across while starting as an entrepreneur and how he overcame the struggles. He said that modern-day entrepreneurs should not let go of their dreams and must pursue it with perseverance and determination to achieve their goals.

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Mike Nierenberg Sees Investment Opportunities In The Mortgage Servicing Market

Mike Nierenberg has been the Chief Executive Officer and President of New Residential Investment Corp. since 2013. He became Chairman of the Board three years later. The New York City-based company is currently a fully owned subsidiary of Newcastle,

He had served in a number of other executive capacities prior to his employment at New Residential. Mike Nierenberg was a Managing Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch. There he was in charge of the Global Mortgages and Securitized Products division. Mike had left his position at JP Morgan to join the organization in 2008. He had gained years of global mortgage industry experience in his prior roles at the financial institutions of Lehman Brothers, at which he spent seven years, and Bear Stearns. Mike was in charge of the adjustable rate mortgage program during his tenure at Bear Stearns.

According to Mike Nierenberg and his colleagues at New Residential Investment Corp., there are vast investment opportunities in the mortgage servicing market. The total amount of this segment is now reported to be approximately $10 trillion. This attracts an enormous amount of investor interest. With his expansive mortgage expertise, Mike Nierenberg is moving the firm in the right direction for its continued success and growth.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong: Working Hard to Reach His Goals

Richard Liu Qiangdong is a wealthy online retailer from China. Last year, it was reported that his net worth grew to $12 billion, while his company – – posted revenue worth more than $60 billion. Richard Liu Qiangdong is a great inspiration for people who wanted to become an entrepreneur, and he always stated that working hard and being determined in doing his job has become his key in achieving his goals.

Born in a remote village in Jiangsu Province, China, Richard Liu Qiangdong was inspired by his parents to study hard because it will be his key to success. He remembered what his parents used to tell him, and he decided to make it as one of the top students in his class during his younger years. When he was in college, he decided to enroll at the People’s University of China, one of the top educational institutions in the country. He initially wanted to become a politician but decided to take up a Bachelor’s Degree on Sociology instead.

.While he was in college, he decided to open up a small restaurant and tried out an entrepreneurial career. However, due to mismanagement, he had to close it down. He used his extra time reading manuals and other books about coding and taught himself how to code. He knew that this skill will take him to different places, and he invested a lot of time mastering it.

After he graduated from college, he started working for Japan Life. He was the company’s Director of Computers, and he helped the company in the field of computing. Later on, he decided to leave the company and established his own business.

In 1998, he launched a store that sells computer parts. His first branch was in the center of Beijing, and he had a lot of customers ordering authentic computer parts from his shop. His business would later expand to different Chinese cities, but growth will be halted by the SARS outbreak in 2003.

This gave him the chance to innovate and opened his first online portal in 2004. The business grew stronger than before, and when he earned $5 million, he used it to purchase the domain, which is still being used by the company in the present.

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The Establishment Of OSI Industries And Its Growth

The food provider started as a small butcher based in Chicago and has expanded its operations to 17 nations where it operates 65 plants. More than 20,000 people work at its facilities. It was established during the immigration era when thousands of Germans came into the country and settled in the Chicago’s plains. According to statistics, the immigrants made up a quarter of the total population in the city.

The pioneer of the venture was Otto Kolschowsky. The firm started expanding a decade after its inception where it launched its whole business and opened another store in Maywood. Years later, the food provider was rebranded as Otto and Sons.

The firm partnered with a family-owned owned hamburger business known as McDonald’s to facilitate the distribution of its meat products to various parts of the country through its restaurants. McDonald used the franchise model at the time and Ray Kroc became its agent in Illinois. The partnership grew stronger due to the friendship between the burger business and the sons of Otto Kolschowsky.

Years later, Ray Kroc acquired the McDonald’s and became its CEO. OSI Industries continued to grow and one of the leaders who has played a significant role is David McDonald. The businessman was born in Iowa. During his higher education, he majored in animal science and was passionate about agriculture and biology. Before he joined OSI Industries, he worked at the North American Meat Institute.

Currently, David McDonald is the president of OSI. At the helm of the food company, he has helped to ensure that all the products meet the quality expectations of the customers and the industry. During his tenure, he has streamlined the logistics department to ensure that the customers can get the products more conveniently. One of his achievements at OSI Industries is expanding the firm through acquisitions of large corporations such as Baho Foods, Flagship Europe and Tyson Foods.

The production capacity and market share of OSI has increased significantly over the years. For example, OSI Industries has a facility in Toledo, Spain where new equipment was installed to double the production of meat products. The development was aimed at meeting the growing demand in the country.

Boraie Development Teams With Shaquille O’Neal To Make Newark Beautiful Again

The first new high rise apartment building in Newark in over fifty years is attached to the NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. He joined the stakeholders and elected officials for the ceremony celebrating the completion of the project. The Shaq Tower encompasses more than a million square feet, has retail space on the ground floor and 169 rental units.


The ceremony included appearances from Boraie Development. Boraie provides services in real estate development, sales, marketing and property management. Their team is committed to building spectacular properties while providing clients with unparalleled service. Also appearing were Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, Governor Phil Murphy, Acting Deputy Mayor Carmelo Garcia and the Managing Director for the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group Margaret Anadu. The $79 million complex is scheduled to open near the end of the year.


Boraie Development a track record of thirty years. They are one of New Jersey’s most sought after developers. They use a combination of their own capital and large commercial banks to fund their projects. These projects attract financial partners, residents and tenants who appreciate their commitment for the future. Wasseem Boraie called their latest project a modern example of private and public companies working together. He stated the project would not have been possible without the city of Newark. He believes they have set a new tone with their partnership. Check out



According to NJBiz, the project is both a stepping stone and a milestone for the city. The day was special for New Jersey and Newark because it symbolized the rise of the city. This type of project is personal for Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal. Shaquille was raised in Newark and spoke of his love for the city. He said he was visiting some relatives with his mother in 1992. He remembered his mother talking about when the city was so beautiful. She said somebody had to do something to bring the beauty back to the city. He talked about the way she looked at him when she elbowed him in the chest. He felt like he was that somebody.


Shaquille O’Neal gave the city and Boraie Development his thanks for the efforts they put into the project. Boraie Development has already teamed with Shaquille O’Neal for the next big project for Newark. This will be a 35 story building in the center of the city. The building is going to accommodate 350 units. This represents another investment for Newark totaling $150 million.