Boraie Development Teams With Shaquille O’Neal To Make Newark Beautiful Again

The first new high rise apartment building in Newark in over fifty years is attached to the NBA Hall of Famer Shaquille O’Neal. He joined the stakeholders and elected officials for the ceremony celebrating the completion of the project. The Shaq Tower encompasses more than a million square feet, has retail space on the ground floor and 169 rental units.


The ceremony included appearances from Boraie Development. Boraie provides services in real estate development, sales, marketing and property management. Their team is committed to building spectacular properties while providing clients with unparalleled service. Also appearing were Newark Mayor Ras Baraka, Governor Phil Murphy, Acting Deputy Mayor Carmelo Garcia and the Managing Director for the Goldman Sachs Urban Investment Group Margaret Anadu. The $79 million complex is scheduled to open near the end of the year.


Boraie Development a track record of thirty years. They are one of New Jersey’s most sought after developers. They use a combination of their own capital and large commercial banks to fund their projects. These projects attract financial partners, residents and tenants who appreciate their commitment for the future. Wasseem Boraie called their latest project a modern example of private and public companies working together. He stated the project would not have been possible without the city of Newark. He believes they have set a new tone with their partnership. Check out



According to NJBiz, the project is both a stepping stone and a milestone for the city. The day was special for New Jersey and Newark because it symbolized the rise of the city. This type of project is personal for Boraie Development and Shaquille O’Neal. Shaquille was raised in Newark and spoke of his love for the city. He said he was visiting some relatives with his mother in 1992. He remembered his mother talking about when the city was so beautiful. She said somebody had to do something to bring the beauty back to the city. He talked about the way she looked at him when she elbowed him in the chest. He felt like he was that somebody.


Shaquille O’Neal gave the city and Boraie Development his thanks for the efforts they put into the project. Boraie Development has already teamed with Shaquille O’Neal for the next big project for Newark. This will be a 35 story building in the center of the city. The building is going to accommodate 350 units. This represents another investment for Newark totaling $150 million.


Goettl Uses Positive Change Methods

Goettl’s website talks about how they are always working to prioritize customer service. They try to ensure that people are doing the right thing and they have done everything possible to show people what they can get from the situations that they are in. Since Goettl is committed to their clients, they know the right way to treat them, but this was not always the case with the same company. At one point, Goettl did not have the same customer service practices and their business was actually doing poorly because of it. They learned that they needed to make some changes and that is what allowed them the chance to grow their business.

Now, they are growing more than they ever did before. They recently acquired a Southern California HVAC company according to a recent report by AZ Central. They found that the company could benefit from their services and they wanted the company to be able to grow under their direction. By acquiring them, they were giving them a chance to truly flourish. It was also a chance to expand their business reach which is something that the company has wanted to do for years since they first started doing things the right way.

Even when Goettl was doing things that were somewhat difficult, they were learning how they could have positive opportunities in different situations. The company remained committed to the process and to the things that they could do to make their business better. They also knew that their business would only be able to grow if they worked toward more growth. For Goettl to do all of this, they had to be sure that they were profiting and that the company was actually helping out the clients who they served.

According to PR News, as things have gotten much better for Goettl, they are not afraid to give advice to different companies. They know what they did and they know how to make it possible for other companies. Because of this, Goettl is able to give people a lot of advice and they can also show them what they are doing to bring attention to their business. For Goettl, this is something that has allowed them the chance to grow and to accommodate the business models that they have already begun to put in place so that they can try different things with the business and with the people who they are working with.