Territorial conflicts and its implications on the development of constitutions

Back in July of 2019 renowned law expert Sujit Choudhry in partnership with George Anderson published “Territory and Power in Constitutional Transitions”, a body of seventeen essays that examines specific cases of developing constitutions in the context of conflict and crisis across the global geopolitical map.


Choudhry a native of New Delhi India, grew up in Canada and became one of the most respected figures in Constitutional Law in North America and around the world. An alumni of Harvard Law School and other Alma maters, Choudhry has specialized as an advisor of international governments in the resolution of disputes and the rebuilding of their constitutions in the aftermath of conflict.


This new publication centers its analysis on seventeen diametrically different states of power and how their territorial disagreements affect the preparation and implementation of their newly crafted constitutions. Each country in question possesses unique characteristics that require the use of in depth-research studies along with the intermediation of scholars, whose recommendations seek to resolve the constitutional conflicts taking into account the territorial disagreements as the root cause.


In understanding the array of conflicts in smaller and larger autonomous, self-governing, special-status and more regularly structured nations, a new referent is established for International Constitutional Law experts and enthusiasts belonging to different currents stemming from a Realist school of thought.


Among the cases taken as samples for this publication, a diverse group of nations is utilized to exemplify different approaches in constitutional engagement and conflict resolution. Some of these countries are: The United Kingdom, Spain, Bosnia-Herzegovina, the Philippines, Indonesia among others.


Sergey Petrossov: The Successful Entrepreneur

Sergey PetrossovAn article in the Miami Herald profiles Sergey Petrossov, the young entrepreneur and CEO of JetSmarter, a company that is looking to revolutionize the way passengers fly on private planes. The company plans to do this through its eponymous mobile app, while also expanding functionality to make luxury travel an attainable, more cost-effective reality for the frequent traveler.

JetSmarter is located in Fort Lauderdale and is valued at over 1 billion dollars. Petrossov explains how he has plans to expand the company to include markets in India, China, and South America. Discussed is JetSmarters app, and how it helps clients to book and organize a flight. The article also the life of Petrossov by asking presenting a question and answer session regarding his life and what brought him to the founding of JetSmarter. It likewise examines his plans for the future and what people can anticipate. Some of the questions asked relate to his education and his expanding success. Additional information in the article includes a short biography on Sergey Petrossov’s business career, education, and personal life.

Petrossov is the 30-year-old CEO of JetSmarter. He founded the company in 2013 and it has grown over the years and it is now a billion-dollar company. Petrossov moved to the United States with his family at four years old. His family moved to Florida where he grew up and currently resides in Boca Raton. Sergey Petrossov was listed in 2016 as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 due to his high success. He has visited over 30 countries with his favorite city being New York City.

Sergey Petrossov: Maverick of the sky

Sergey Petrossov

The revolution of the skies is taking place thanks to Sergey Petrossov, JetSmarter founder and CEO. Private jet flights have always been expensive and have been out of financial reach for most people, until now. JetSmarter is a slick, more efficient way of booking private flights on a sharing basis via an innovative app.

Sergey Petrossov is a frequent world traveler who in 2009 booked a private flight for himself and friends, in doing so he came to know how old fashioned the booking process was for a private flight. Sergey Petrossov did some research and learned that the majority of private jets spend most of their flight time going to pick up a passenger. Furthermore, Petrossov realized that this industry had not been previously digitized and there were no apps or even websites from which to book a private jet. This realization sparked the idea that has taken form as the JetSmarter app. JetSmarter has brought luxury flights into the current era by making this experience accessible to the younger generation via an app that you download onto your smartphone.

Petrossov has an extensive background in creating successful and innovative companies even in high school he founded a company for the import and export of luxury car tires and rims. Petrossov has always been motivated to create value and this fresh idea come to life is the latest amazing achievement. This innovative setup creates a kind of country club of the sky, where you are able to fly with like-minded individuals, sharing the cost of the jet while being able to book on a simple app.

Maarten De Jeu: Strategic Business Advisor With Tips For Going International

Going international is always going to be a big step for a business and strategic business advisor Maarten de Jeu wants you to keep several things in mind before taking on the challenge. The graduate of the University of Oxford earned his MBA and established himself in a successful career involving financial services, commercial real estate development, and international business. His company, SVM Business Advisory was founded in 2012 and he helps his clients approach various issues concerning their finances and businesses. The great deal of knowledge that he has with international experience throughout different industries makes him an invaluable resource for the people that go to him for advice. Before founding his company in Chicago, Maarten de Jeu had worked at Aviva as their director of Strategy and Corporate Development.

When a business is considering going international, Maarten de Jeu knows how important it is not to be fooled into thinking that the business plan in the United States can just be replicated somewhere else. There are a lot of factors that need to be kept in mind according to the business expert and one of them is the demand in the market you are seeking expansion to. Just because there is a domestic demand domestically, doesn’t mean that there will be a demand in a different region. Even if there is a demand for the type of product or service that your company provides, Maarten de Jeu suggests looking at the local competition in the market. If your company is not able to offer pricing that is competitive enough to sway consumers to make the switch, your company will not be profitable in the region.

One of the problems that Maarten de Jeu has seen a lot of companies face barriers in language and culture. It’s important that you have a representative of your company who can speak the native language of the company you are making plans. They can help to guide you through the language and cultural differences if you or another member of your company are not familiar with it themselves. It’s important to do your research about the cultural differences between regions to ensure that your branding and your product itself is appropriate for the culture that you are hoping to market it in. Learn more: https://maartendejeu.weebly.com/

Maarten de Jeu knows that going international is a big step that should never be taken lightly by any company that is considering it, but it can be done with enough care and preparation. When done correctly, you are opening up the market to many more potential customers that could provide a great deal of revenue for your company. Unfortunately, the wrong business plan could cost money that may not be able to be recouped.

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Smita Shah: Promoting the STEM Industry and Encouraging More People to Take a Career Involving STEM

In the United States, the science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) industry is dominated by males. However, recent statistics show that this trend is slowly changing over time, and more women are becoming interested in taking up a STEM career. One of the most successful individuals in the industry is Smita Shah, who is known as the founder, president, and chief executive officer of SPAAN Tech, Inc. The company that he established provides engineering solutions to projects that are technical in nature. She has been helping a lot of businesses that are having technical issues, and her company is rated as one of the top firms when it comes to engineering services.


Smita Shah has always known that she is extraordinary. When she was a child, her teachers noticed how bright she is. While studying in India, she showed her classmates that she can excel in STEM subjects. After her basic education, she decided to migrate to the United States and study at MIT. MIT Is one of the best universities in the world, and it is unusual seeing women of color studying engineering in the university. Smita Shah stated that people are skeptical if she told them that she is studying from MIT, but during her stay with the university, almost half of the students are female, and she is confident that the attitude towards women studying in MIT already changed in the present.


After she graduated from MIT, she decided to pursue a career in the business sector, establishing a company that relies heavily on the concept and principles of engineering. Through the years, she has become an expert in the industry, and she would also speak in public to highlight the importance of STEM in the country. She encouraged many children, especially girls, to take up a STEM career because the United States badly needed for people working in the industry. Because of her attitude and desire to help the country in promoting the STEM career, Smita Shah was awarded numerous awards and recognition. Learn more: https://www.chicagobusiness.com/node/721011


She received multiple awards during her career, and her company was also recognized as one of the fastest-growing firms in the country. As an immigrant, Smita Shah was also entitled to receive the Ellis Island Medal of Honor. She was so happy with the recognition that she received and promised that she will do her best to encourage more people in entering the STEM industry. As a civic leader, she also promised to promote innovation and entrepreneurialism. With her assistance, many startup businesses in the United States are becoming more aggressive in expansion, and they are relying on the advice and services provided by Smita Shah’s company, as well as her mentoring techniques and strategies on how to become successful in the industry. 

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SPAAN Tech’s Smita Shah And How She Thrived In Math And Science Industries

Last year, Smita Shah visited the Steve Cochran show in order to share her experiences as a woman in the man-dominated field. As the founder of SPAAN Tech, Shah has finished a lot of projects and thrived through challenges. It has been 20 years since she founded the company. Right now, SPAAN Tech created hundreds of projects which are aimed to help communities.


SPAAN Tech spent 20 years providing the construction needs of different communities in the country. It is known for managing the ISTHA-I90 Construction, as well as the reconstruction of the Tri-State Tollway I-1294. The company is also involved in the construction of the South Water Purification Plant and the O’Hare Fire Protection System Rehabilitation. Even though Smita Shah was not sure about the company’s future 20 years ago, the company has turned out to be a successful venture.


Smita Shah is a graduate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where she received a degree in Science and Civil Engineering. She finished her studies in 1996 and two years later, she founded SPAAN Tech in 1998. In the past 20 years, the company was able to receive a lot of recognition, including an award from the Small Business Commerce Association. Shah’s reason in making the company is to gather talented people in order to assist communities in building and developing infrastructure for a better state of livelihood and quality of life. Shah’s plan in the future is to keep the company small. Instead, she will focus on getting opportunities to help communities in building more infrastructures.


During her academic days, Smita Shah experienced how different it is to be a female pursuing a degree in a man-dominated field. Although she eventually passed through this state and turned it into normal, she still receives the same experience up to this day. Shah shared how she was sometimes mistaken as the marketing girl of her own company. But instead of letting this matter get the best out of her, she instead uses this as a motivation in order to help empower other women that want to pursue careers that are both related to Science and Mathematics. Learn more: https://www.chicagobusiness.com/node/721011


Smita Shah believes that there is no need for stereotypical treatments. Everyone can dive into careers involving Science and Math because the two fields are something that involves daily life. In addition, she encourages women and minorities to pursue these fields because the more development in Science and Math, the more wonderful inventions and researches can be made.


Shah also busted the myth that being in a field involving Science and Math will not give you a balanced family and career life. In fact, she gives herself as an example. When she is not working at SPAANTech, Shah is busy spending her time with her daughter and son.

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Paul Saunders offers tips on how business managers can detect and curb burnout

Other than your income, your workplace can be a source of many things in your life. For instance, it can be the source of your fulfillment, it can give you a sense of belonging and also a place where you get to create a lifelong relationship. However, it can also be the source of overwhelming stress. According to James River Capital’s CEO, Paul Saunders, it is easy for employees to undergo overwhelming stress while at work. While it is possible for them to get over work stress, it is impossible for them to remain afloat if they are facing stress both at home and at work, resulting in a mental breakdown, or what Paul refers to as a burnout.


While it may not seem like that big of a deal, Paul Saunders says that burnout should not be taken lightly as it results in the said employee losing their productivity, which in the end, affects the entire business structure.


What should employers do?


As a man who has been holding the reins at James River Capital for over a decade now, Paul Saunders is a firsthand witness to what such stress if not curbed can do. As a result, it is easy for him to note out when an employee is on the verge of burnout and help them back on their feet. On an article posted on the firm’s website, Paul Saunders says that most staff members often undergo exhaustion when they start losing control. That is, if they are unable to keep time and meet the set schedule, they start feeling hopeless, a factor that places them at risk of suffering a mental breakdown. As a way to prevent things from becoming that bad and affecting the entire business, Paul Saunders advises business owners and managers to help such employees regain control over their workday. They can do so by encouraging each staff member to always take at least 15 minutes at the beginning of the day to write down some of the things they would like to accomplish ahead.


Promote transparency


Besides the loss of control, Paul Saunders says that employees are more likely to lose it if they feel like their hard work is not appreciated enough. This happens when the management gives promotions to some employees without any explanation to the rest of the staff members. To prevent such scenarios, Paul Saunders urges those in management positions always to ensure they maintain transparency by explaining crucial decisions that they have made to the other staff members. For instance, when they decide to offer a promotion to specific individuals, they should communicate with other employees and explain why the said staff members deserve the promotion, and what the rest can do, so they can be next in line. Learn more: https://paulsaundersjrcc.wordpress.com/


Who is Paul Saunders?


As noted earlier, Paul Saunders is the CEO of an investment company, James River Capital Corp. He has over two decades of working experience in the world of finance and has worked with a long string of companies including Kidder, Peabody & Co where he worked before acquiring James River from it. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn


Social Media Press Release: Basic Elements of Writing & Distributing

Today, a news release must be made seen as well as likewise shared on social networks. Making it easily available in the social networks round enhances many elements of your brand– Search Engine Optimization (Seo), web site web traffic, leads, sales along with brand name recognition.

What’s the meaning of a social media news release?

A social media release is mostly a release that includes social interactivity. However, creating is not the very same method as the typical one. The arrival of social media sites networks made the media individuals look for stories that incorporate social media sites, multimedia as well as connecting to make it a great deal a lot more relevant and likewise rapidly eaten by their target audiences.

For the reporters, the easier, quicker and also a lot more cutting-edge you can interact your message, the much more comfortably it can be tweeted, shared and also picked up by the media. You also should ensure that you take advantage of related key words to aid your Search Engine Optimization.

Exactly just how to compose a launch included with social media sites attributes?

Have a look at the adhering to aspects that require to be present in composing a launch:

  • Heading: Contain the right key phrase. Make it short as well as concise. Concentrate on the details that you want to share to your target customers. It needs to be maintained to a lot less than 55 characters to be rapidly retweeted and reshared, while people can still include the Twitter handle.
  • Subheadline: This one is optional. If you can’t disclose your whole concepts on the heading, including a subheadline can do this.
  • Intro: Make a recap that is restricted to 2 paragraphs. It ought to tell what you want the visitors to anticipate. It is where the hook is positioned, so see to it to create a great one. Consist of key phrases for Seo.
  • Body: Obtain straight to the factor. Include all the truths. Reply to the 6Ws (who, what, when, where, why and exactly how).
  • Realities: Consist of statistical details or bullet show support what you’re declaring. Make certain that it can stand alone, so if somebody intends to share it, they can easily remove it from the release.
  • Worrying the company: Make up a fantastic company biography that consists of a web link to your website as well as additionally social media sites pages.
  • Sound: You might additionally consist of mobile-friendly shareable noise. Usage SoundCloud, which is boosted for mobiles.
  • Social sharing switches: Material can be easily shared on different social networks websites networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest as well as can additionally be sent in emails.
  • Picture gallery: You might make use of Flickr to highlight pictures for its high share feature and safeguards copyright.
  • Video: You can use the popular system YouTube to share your product. It is mobile-friendly, so it ensures that your content can reach people making use of various tools.
  • Social commenting: You can include social discussion to make your material more eye-catching and also dynamic. You may contain simple plugins, such as Disqus, Livefyre or Facebook comments.
  • Suitable links: You may consist of internet links of your company’s previous works that have made your focus. It can supply you media possibilities in the future.
  • Get in touch with Contain the media telephone call of the individual that can be contacted by the media. Create the name of the private, call number, e-mail address as well as social media web pages.

Can you distribute social networks launches?

Every part of the launch can be shared independently to numerous social media networks to maximize its direct exposure in as many formats. A social media websites launch is a supply, common HTML page that consists of everything that can be shown different other social media networks.

Social network material can not be spread like normal launches. They can just be shared as well as spidered by the net search engine, and also the cable solutions can not distribute them. Without correct flow, it will undoubtedly be hard for a trademark name to obtain internet site traffic to their website.

To see to it that you acquire the most of this sort of Newswire, you need to create a fantastic network. Although you could have high web content, you have to have constructed the right amount of active system that assists you share the buzz concerning your firm.
Without it, it is difficult for your launches to be shared and also seen by a vast target market. As a word of advice, construct areas and likewise partnerships due to the reality that they are an essential part of your social networking along with a product advertising and marketing method.

Highland Capital Management: Toward Providing Excellent Services in the World of Finance

Highland Capital Management is an investment management company based in Dallas. With its affiliates, the company has more than $19 billion in assets in management. Recently, it announced the hiring of a new managing director, Ms. Felicia Smith who stated that she was impressed by the track record of her new employee. Ms. Smith joined the business development unit to take charge of identifying as well as developing new relationships with clients in institutional departments. Notably, Ms. Smith will concentrate on raising assets for the company’s credit platforms. According to the management, the decision to hire Smith came at a pleasant time for the team since it’s on the verge to expand its footprint. Smith is bringing to the team more than ten years of experience in marketing and finance. Read more at Wikipedia about James Dondero.

Additionally, Smith has vast experience from different companies including Santander Consumer in the US where she was an executive leader serving as the vice president in charge of Capital Markets. In her tenure, she oversaw corporate funding as well as liquidity activities. She also managed debt investor relations. Before this, Smith was the vice president of Corporate as well as Business Development. Learn more about James Dondero at High Yield Credit.

Highland Capital Management is a hedge fund manager that provides its financial services to various pooled investment vehicles. The company caters to different investment companies, municipal governments, and banks among other institutions. It also manages structured investment organizations, mutual funds, in addition to hedge funds. Besides, Highland Capital Management manages fixed income accounts, structured products, while employing a primary fundamental in addition to technical analysis to invest in viable business opportunities. Highland Capital Management also uses modern financial strategies to cater to different hedge funds. The company has successfully ventured into different partnerships over the years. Highland Capital Management continues to work with clients who want to delve into the financial industry.

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Ira Kirschenbaum and Knee Replacements

Ira Kirschenbaum is an MD who performs hip and knee replacements. Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum performs joint revisions and replacement surgery. He performs arthroscopy and joint reconstruction for his patients. He has been performing hip and knee replacement and reconstructive surgery. He previously performed surgery at the Rothman Institute in Philadelphia. He performs surgery in White Plains, N.Y. Kirschenbaum, a member of The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons, has performed a number of knee surgeries and other invasive procedures.


Kirschenbaum has developed certain instruments that are used for partial knee replacements. The instruments have been developed for a hip replacement system. As a result of his development of instruments, he posses trademarks for surgical instruments and systems. Kirschenbaum produced a DVD speaking about the surgical parts of knee replacements. The DVD is a product of The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. He is involved with research on ceramic hip replacements and partial knee replacements. He is involved with surgeries and surgical procedures for these parts of the body. There is media that he has been involved with that talk about these topics and events.


WPIX-11 is a media outlet. They aired a segment regarding Kirschenbaum and knee replacements. Kirschenbaum speaks on selective knee replacements and how the are different from the total knee replacements. Both replacements are surgical producers. Kirschenbaum says in his surgical procedures he replaces the content of the knee with metal and medical plastic. He says that when the knee fails or malfunctions, the option is to replace the entire knee again with the same materials used prior. Ira Kirschenbaum preforms surgical procedures and has been doing so for a number of years.