The Legacy of Helane Morrison

In the aftermath of the ‘Great Recession‘ that occurred between 2006 and 2009, many investors earned a distrust for the world of finance due to the innovation and money making schemes of the adjustable-rate mortgages and the bundling up of bad loans. As many investors lost a trust within the financial world and with the investment of several industries, the road to recovering from this detrimental recession was slow and took not only a bailout, but also time in order to recover. With the slow recovery, a new industry has continued to grow in the aftermath of the recession to not only gain back the trust of individual investors, but to also protect them and to gain back their trust to invest in order to assist in economic growth for all.


This industry is the compliance officer industry, a growing industry that is currently growing at an exponential rate.  A compliance officer must not only be an expert within the financial world and must know an ample amount when it comes to financial regulation, but a compliance officer must possess leadership skills as well as a creative streak in order to fix any problem that comes their way.


Of the many compliance officers in the world, one compliance officer in particular stands out due to not only her expertise within the world of finance, but also due to her experience and her leadership skills that have translated into excellent solutions for the investment industry. This individual is Helane Morrison who has dedicated her career to winning back the trust of the investors and to making sure that a recession of that size never happens again.


Helane Morrison holds an extensive background in financial regulation and is dedicated to her craft. As a former employee of the SEC, Helane Morrison has much experience. Her current job is as a compliance officer of Hall Capital Partners, an investment firm that Helane Morrison admires and hopes that will be a set example for other investment firms across the United States. With a pledge to protect the consumers and the investors, Helane Morrison is a well respected individual who will continue to win back the trust of investors.