Alexis Kennedy Succeeds in the Indie World

With Cultist Simulator, Weather Factory released an online card game with strange themes. The game paid homage to the pulp author H.P. Lovecraft and was a hit with fans. Alexis Kennedy created the game and launched it after a successful crowdfunding campaign. As a writer and designer, Kennedy never stops thinking about his next project. Reportedly, he is hard at work coming up with a sequel to Cultist Simulator. The sequel may take place in a library, which is an attractive location.

Alexis Kennedy is not a neophyte in the world of gaming. He previously founded Failbetter Games, the home of top sellers such as Fallen London and Sunless Seas. The company produced several games, and Kennedy found himself quite famous thanks to all his work. His work achieved such acclaim that Kennedy became a popular speaker on the conference circuit. Not surprisingly, he discusses such topics as narrative design and interactive writing.

Although Failbetter Games did well for him, Alexis Kennedy wanted to do something different. That is why he moved on and launched Weather Factory in 2017. Kennedy wished to embrace the world of independent gaming. While running an independent gaming company comes with scores of challenges, Alexis Kennedy felt he was up to them. By running an indie gaming studio, Kennedy can develop the games he prefers without any interference. That is why a decidedly atypical game like Cultist Simulator emerges from the drawing board.

Interestingly, Cultist Simulator presents multiple possible victory conditions. You could walk away from the game triumphant and experience an upbeat conclusion, or things could end in a bittersweet fashion. Alexis Kennedy likely knew that crafting such a game outside of an indie studio would be difficult. So, he charted a path that led him to succeed on his terms. Look for more from him in the months to come.