Nowadays old age is no longer something to worry about because with the scientific knowledge researchers have been able to come up with anti-aging cosmetics. One such company is Chamonix that has formulated Genucel which is some products that slow down the aging process. For safety and credibility, the products are tested on volunteers before being released to the market. From these tests, promising results have been achieved, and it can, therefore, be said that the Genucel products are productive. The aging process is long, and its effects on the body are evident. As we continue to age, the skin stretches and sags leaving behind undesirable frown lines. The skin also becomes transparent due to thinning. The skin contains a bundle of proteins that aid in keeping the skin firm. Whenever the skin is stretched, the fibers spring it back to its original position, but with age, the fibers lose their ability. This causes the skin to lose its firmness which in turn causes wrinkles, puffiness, and fine lines to appear.

According to alivenewspaper, the flow of bodily fluids also decreases with age, and most of these fluids accumulate in some regions of the body such as the eyes. Before creating the Genucel products, all these factors were taken into consideration. Genucel products contain some ingredients to help fight these factors. These include:

  1. Powerful antioxidants- antioxidants such as green tea leaf extract fight free radicals that form on the body as a result of harmful ultraviolet rays of the sun. The rays cause an overflow of free radicals in the body which are unstable and want to pair up with other electrons. By binding with electrons in the body, skin cells and DNA are destroyed.
  2. Eyeseryl- it is a tetrapeptide that fights edema. Edema is the swelling of the eyelids and other areas around the eye due to the accumulation of fluid in these parts. Aging causes the flow of fluid in the body to become less efficient causing the fluids to fill congested areas such as the eyelids in the body. These fluids can also be as a result of leaking capillaries in the body that become permeable. Eyeseryl works in less than fifteen days to counter this effect. Eyeseryl also prevents Glycation in the body. Glycation is the merging of a sugar molecule and a protein in the absence of a protein. It makes skin cells lose their strength.Genucel products are bound to bring a better change to the cosmetic world.

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