Glenn Schlossberg and Jump Design Group acquires Cathy Daniels and injects its Technology into it

Recently, Jump Design Group announced its acquisition of Cathy Daniels, a sportswear label. It acquired the sportswear label July last year and took over all the company’s assets. The sales team and factory groups of the company were retained. The Cathy Daniels’ President, Jerry Passaretti, who has been the face of the company continued to serve under Jump Design Group spearheading Cathy Daniels’ business development.



According to the Jump Design Group CEO, Ashesh Amin, Jump Design Group was not on a mission to acquire troubled companies and get them back to their feet. Instead, he said that they are on a mission to acquire companies that are performing well and have a sound portfolio and complement them with their marketing, strategies and customer base.



Eccobay was founded in 1972 by the late Herbert L. Chestler. Glenn came up with the idea while seated at the back of his station wagon. In the early 1980s, Steve and Danny, his sons, restructured the business to conceive Cathy Daniels after joining the team. The company continued to grow in stature and focused on sportswear. It established itself as a leader in the moderate sportswear area. Danny and Steve were noted saying that they took after their father and the business was built on honesty, hard work, commitment, and integrity.



Steve and Daniel Chestler said that they are proud having left a legacy. They continued to say that they made sure the whole Cathy Daniels team continued to operate under Jump Design Group. They said that they have passed responsibility to Jump Design Group and more specifically, to Ashesh Amin, Glenn Schlossberg as well as Jerry Passaretti who continued to pursue more growth and success with their family’s legacy.



Mr. Ashesh Amin commented that their founder, Glenn Schlossberg had built a solid business foundation for Jump Design Group. They are committed to use innovative technologies to develop best products for their customers. Their acquisition strategy involves merging the back-end infrastructure with that of the acquired company and leaving the front-end such as sales and brands teams as they were.



Jump Design Group aims to inject technological infrastructure to its newly acquired companies which might have been reluctant to take technology for one reason or another. It integrates technology, design, branding, with logistics, demand and finance to expand its product portfolio from dresses, into sportswear, athleisure, as well as denim. Know more about Glenn on LinKedIn.