Grupo RBS Enters A Range Of Different Media Sectors

The Grupo RBS brand is perhaps best known for its long-term commitment to the success of its media brand. However, the company has been developing a range of new areas of interest, including its dominating move into the book publishing, music streaming, and publication sectors. The shift of focus is a long-term strategy form the company that sees its diversification take many different forms. The Grupo RBS company has always been innovative but the arrival at the company of current Chairman, Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer has pushed the brand on to new levels of success.

Over the course of the last few years, the new Chairman has been looking for different ways of diversifying the investments of Grupo RBS far beyond the traditional boundaries of the media brand. For Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, the development of the eBricks corporation has been a major area of success for the business leader as he seeks new areas of investment opportunities. In the past, Grupo RBS was intent on building a brighter future for the employees of the Grupo RBS brand and the Sirotsky family. The Chairman of the Grupo RBS board believes it is his responsibility to ensure the future of the company for his employees, the local community, and the members of his own Sirotsky family. To know more about RBS visit

There are many different options open to those who are looking at Grupo RBS because of the wide range of media areas it already operates within. The radio station operator, RBS obviously has an interest in the music sector through its investment in the Orbeat record label that has proven successful for a number of years. One of the most impressive signs of success in evolution at the Grupo RBS brand is the changing approach to newspapers and newsgathering. One of the most impressive parts of the empire built by the founder, Mauricio Sirotsky Sobrinho and his successor, Nelson Sirotsky has been the eight different newspapers operated throughout the Santa Catarina and Rio Grande du Sol states of Brazil.,297812.jhtml