Gulf Coast Western Demonstrates Past Hard Work Paves Way in the Future

MATTHEW FLEGERHow do you build a successful oil company in today’s climate? The answer might best be found at Gulf Coast Western, which is headed by Matthew Fleeger, one of the most well-regarded leaders in the industry. If you want to be the best, you need to learn from the best.

At Gulf Coast Western, there’s a first priority, and it isn’t oil, it’s people. The company has built a reputation for putting clients and partners first. Open and transparent transactions are a must. This has been part of the company’s DNA since it was first founded by Fleeger’s dad back in 1970.

Meanwhile, Fleeger is well-known for putting employees first. After all, what is a company if not a collection of people? When it comes to the oil and gas industry, talent is vital. The right staff could determine whether a project succeeds or fails. Or a talented oil explorer might strike upon the next big field. But is he or she working for you or a competitor?

The times have changed but at Gulf Coast Western the values haven’t. That helps explain why 70 percent of the companies Gulf Coast Western partners with ultimately sign on for more deals. That along with the A+ Better Business Bureau score and the high employee ratings on Glassdoor make Gulf Coast Western a destination for partners and employees alike.

As innovative as Gulf Coast Western is, the company has remained true to its roots. While many companies have been rushing north, Fleeger has kept his company’s focus on the Gulf Coast, and Texas, Colorado, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Oklahoma in particular.


That doesn’t mean Gulf Coast Western is sitting on its laurels. Far from it. The company has been aggressively expanding across the region. Louisiana, in particular, is a bright spot. However, under Fleeger’s leadership, you can be certain that Gulf Coast Western will continue to look for advantageous partnerships where good synergy exists.