Gump’s: A Brief History Of The Luxury Retail Icon


As one of the leading pioneers in the luxury retail business in the United States, Gump’s began as a modest frame and mirror shop in 1861. Founded by brothers Gustave and Solomon, Gump’s is now a global supplier of unique artifacts.

When a tragic fire destroyed its flagship building in San Francisco, the brothers rebuilt their business in Union Square. While many people would have given up the dream of entrepreneurship after a fire, the Gump Brothers used the tragic experience to rebuild their empire. Find More Information Here.

As one of the largest worldwide suppliers of exotic goods such as silk, upholstery, and jewelry, Gump’s has even sold merchandise to some of the most iconic historical figures including President Franklin D. Roosevelt. In 2005, investment banker, John Chachas acquired the company. As a young boy, Chachas was a frequent visitor to Gump’s and always admired the Buddha statue on display.

As luck would have it, not only did Chachas acquire the coveted statue, he also acquired the business where he first admired it. Chachas was bound by a contract that stipulated that the Buddha statue had to remain in its original location unless a pricey replica could be found to take its place. See This Article for more information.

He found a company to take on the task of replicating the statue and subsequently took the original piece home. The owners are relaunching Gump’s for the 2019 Christmas season and will document the icon’s history on its social media platforms and website. Gump’s is still based out of both San Francisco, CA and New York City, NY.


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