Gustavo Martinez Believes Marketing Consultancy Is The Most Effective Marketing Approach

Gustavo Martinez is gaining lots attention in the world of advertising. Several of the most memorable ads ran over the last 35 years are so popular thanks to Gustavo’s creative mind. He is actively changing the way we handle our advertising, marketing, and consulting as an industry.


About Gustavo Martinez

Gustavo started out showing off his great talent with companies like Price Waterhouse and Henkel. His abilities were recognized right away. He quickly rose to be the president of McCann World Group, and he was also the president of Mather and Ogilvy a certain times during his career. The most prestigious position he ever acquired was when he became the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. That is one of the most prestigious ad firms in the world. Not long ago Gustavo stepped down from that position and ventured out into starting his own business.


What Changes Is Gustavo Making In The Industry

Gustavo has an understanding of the industry because he has paid close attention to how the minds and hearts of others works. He has shared that in advertising it’s the ads that trigger emotions and offer a clear message that will have the most success. Effective ads can’t be mass produced, they take real consideration for the target market. The creators of the ads must be flexible and creative as opposed to the standard nine-to-five job. According to Gustavo, powerful ads need raw creativity and sometimes the use of the consultancy model.


More On The Consultancy Model

Gustavo mentioned that the consultancy model has been taking effect on the world of marketing for the past 10 decades. Consultants are talented third parties who have the necessary freedom and flexibility to provide more effective creativity. Standard schedules and demands of a corporate job provide too many restrictions on the creative mind. Creatives with freedom will provide the best results for any marketing projects.


What About Business Acceleration?

Martinez Gustavo feels that independent consultants are the answer for business acceleration. Businesses are becoming more effective and flexible as they grow. Businesses who focus on acceleration spend less time on trial and error and other delays. The help of expert consultants allows businesses to grow at a faster rate.


Today Gustavo has teamed up with a company called UV Business Acceleration. Together they have a goal of creating a definitive business growth model. Almost all startups fail in the first three years, but Gustavo plans to change this trend by using what he calls “total-marketing-strategy optimization”.


When businesses are first created there are tons of mistakes to be made, but Gustavo is developing a way to reduce those errors by providing experienced and tested insight. Gustavo says in advertising the story the product tells is more effective than the media that is promoting it.


User experience is important to the marketing efforts of today. Several startups tend to overlook how important technological design and functionality are in consumer interactions with products they are purchasing. With the help of analytics, companies can extract data that would help them cut the time spent on trial and error projects. As the competition stiffens for startup companies it’s better for new businesses to start out using the most effective techniques advised by seasoned consultants.


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