Gustavo Martinez Explains How AI And Analytics Help Startups

Gustavo Martinez is an advertiser. He has worked in the ad industry for nearly 35 years. Now an independent consultant, he spent years as an executive. He was president of two prominent global ad firms which are Mather and Ogilvy and McCann World Group. He was the CEO of J. Walter Thompson Worldwide. He decided to step away from managing companies so that he could dedicate himself to helping struggling companies build their brands using artificial intelligence and analytics.

Raw creativity is what drives the ad industry, Gustavo Martinez reminded people in a recent interview. Companies in this industry need to be flexible because creative geniuses aren’t compatible with working a nine to five job. Advertising executives expect their best ad developers to have some degree of instability combined with a strong independent streak.

He has described ad-making as “applied artistry.” There’s a goal to accomplish which is pushing a company’s product or service. However, taking a bland or formulaic approach to getting there doesn’t work. Having said that, Gustavo Martinez said that, of course, there are business aspects that need to be accomplished such as operating a profitable ad agency. It is creativity that will enable an advertising firm to be profitable, though.

He explained that the ad industry has been using independent consultants for over 100 years. Consultants are not employees and so are treated differently. They don’t work a nine-to-five job which has crushed the souls of people in other industries. If a creative genius was treated like most employees are, they wouldn’t produce well at all and the whole effort would be counter-productive.

Gustavo Martinez said that when a true creative genius is given the freedom to produce in their way, that is when the magic happens. With freedom, they can produce fantastic results and so everyone involved is happy, including ad firm executives and the firm’s clients. How the creative genius came up with the advertising, including what hours and how many of them, is irrelevant.

Now operating as an independent consultant, he is addressing the fact that nine out of 10 companies fail in their first three years. Gustavo Martinez says that harnessing artificial intelligence and analytics can solve this problem. He has a partnership with two companies: UV Business Acceleration and Massive Data Heights. He calls his new business acceleration process “total-market-strategy optimization.”

Using analytics and AI, Gustavo Martinez provides insights to startups so they know how to design and market their products and services. This includes using AI to filter through millions of online customer reviews. This information is compiled and analyzed to provide startups with actionable insights. This replaces the old, ineffective way of doing things, which is taking a trial-and-error approach.


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