Gustavo Martinez Highlights On Advertising and Marketing In Business

Gustavo Martinez is a distinguished marketing consultant. He has a vast experience that spans approximately 35 years in the advertising and marketing industry. Gustavo has served in senior posts in various multinational marketing firms. He has developed exemplary advertisements that have set new standards in the industry.

Gustavo Martinez used to be the CEO and President in multinational companies like McCann Worldgroup, Henkel, Olgilvy, Mather, Price Waterhouse, and J. Water Thompson International Marketing Company. Gustave has been hosted for interviews by many companies to share about his successful career.

In an interview, Gustavo was asked to explain why he switched from the traditional marketing strategy to consultancy and business acceleration. In response, Gustavo noted that consultancy was not new in the market as it has been there for around a century. As for him, a consultant refers to an independent contractor hired to offer exclusive marketing services strategically, even at operational levels.

Gustavo Martinez also stated that consultancy is the pillar of the advertisement and marketing industry. The consultancy part of marketing has been proven to be the most feasible advertising and marketing strategy in the industry. Gustavo said that he started his consultancy career before his appointment as the president and CEO of multinational companies.

According to Gustavo Martinez, people should understand that the advertising and marketing industry is driven by creativity. This industry is different from other sectors that have already set a streamlined, flawless, and well established strategic process.

Gustavo Martinez went on and said that the industry is highly volatile and requires fast and creative thinkers who are capable of working best as independent consultants or contractors. These contractors work best when free and settled. For instance, they can’t work best in a 9 to 5 structured working condition since this would limit their creativity and thinking capacity.

Another area that Gustavo Martinez is targeting is business acceleration. He is working with UV Business Acceleration, a company that is majors in helping struggling startups to grow. Gustavo affirmed that about 90 % of startups fail due to poor adverting and marketing strategies. Most startups don’t include the costs of adverting and marketing when starting a business since they don’t know its importance in their businesses.

Gustavo Martinez said that many people don’t realize that adverting and marketing are as important as their products. Under Gustavo Martinez’s leadership, UV Business Acceleration is helping startups to refine various areas like functionality, technology design, and user experience right from the start of a business.

There are a few qualities that have seen Gustavo Martinez to his current state as an esteemed entrepreneur and business consultant. One of his key attributes is active listening. Gustavo believes that every person has something interesting and relevant to share. As a result, he always looks forward to his clients’ feedback as it would help him improve his services and provide the best marketing strategies and solutions. Gustavo also believes in generosity as it helps others realize that you value and appreciate them. He also affirmed that hiring the best marketing professionals has significantly contributed to his success as it has helped him build a successful practice in business consultancy.


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