Hi, hippos!

It’s no tale that James Dondero of Highland Capital is quite the avid giver and supporter of multiple good causes around the globe – especially those that he most cares about, such as building a hippo presence in the local Dallas Zoo. Not only did he initiate the request and idea for a special return of the hippos to the zoo – animals which had not so much as stepped or had any sort of showing in this particular zoo for now more than 15 years – but he also funded and helped oversee every part of the process all the way through to its beautiful finishing touches. The new hippo sanctuary now holds more than 115,000 gallons of water with two acres of spacious accommodation, which is more than enough for even the biggest of hippos in the group, if you ask me. You now may be asking yourself who this man really is – the man behind the money. Well, friend, he’s the one and only James Dondero – President of Highland.

Highland Capital Management is proud to have Dondero as a top member within its team. He is not only its president but also serves as its new CFA and CMA alike. He works hard to ensure that the company continues to build and maintain a solid group of client relationships and profit – both of which allow him to continue to give generously as he has to the Dallas Zoo and multiple other places in the last two decades. Did you know that his first donation to this same zoo was back in 2001 when he began with $1 million? He has since given more – from time to time.

His budgets and company revenue with continued profits are astounding enough to allow for such generosity. Dondero claims, in fact, that if it were not for his success in the equities and capital markets realms, then none of this would even be a possibility. Yet, since he is an unequaled expert in all respective fields, he can freely give to his heart’s content, changing many places.