Jack Landsmanas Makes Social and Environmental Impact Intrinsic to Kosmos Corporation

Jack Landsmanas Stern is not only the CEO of Kosmos Corporation – one of Mexico’s foodservice giants – but a man with a purpose. Much of Landsmanas Stern’s approach to business and philanthropy follows the patterns of his grandfather, Pablo Landsmanas, also the originator of Kosmos Corporation. Pablo Landsmanas dedicated himself to bringing social, economic and environmental development and stability to Mexico. Pablo Landsmanas came to Mexico in 1959 from Lithuania and opened La Modelo, a meat shop, in Mexico City. He brought his standards of ethics and service to his business, becoming successful enough to join forces in a company named Sigma Alimentos, which ultimately became one of Mexico’s most-recognized food service companies. Kosmos Corporation has been providing first-class food service for 55 years, currently delivering food to three million people each day. In his grandfather’s honor, Jack Landsmanas Stern founded the Pablo Landsmanas Foundation in 2016. Following the principles outlined in the Foundation’s slogan, “For you, for them, for Mexico”, Jack has worked toward ensuring all citizens of Mexico get enough food and necessary education and health services.

He operates his foodservice corporation according to fundamental objectives:

• Health, wellbeing and growth opportunities for employees.

• Food manufacturing best practices based on impact on environmental health.

• Strict adherence to food safety at all stages of processing and transportation.

To achieve these objectives, Jack Landsmanas Stern has implemented a variety of daily practices, including water reuse and energy efficiency and their positive impact on agriculture and land conservation. He’s also begun using biodegradable chemicals in processing to limit what is one of the world’s leading polluting substances. These efforts made and put into practice by Jack Landsmanas Stern and people at Kosmos Corporation have garnered the company recognition as a socially-responsible organization. The award, which was presented by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy, is among the highest honors in sustainability.

This award recognized not only Kosmos Corporation’s practices but the company’s philanthropic and humanitarian efforts as a whole. Of particular note are the business’s contributions to Sustainable Development Goals, or SDGs. These are a set of initiatives by world leaders designed to end poverty and promote care for the environment, ensure sustainable growth and achieve international peace by 2030. Kosmos Corporation has taken a leading charge in the SDG titled Zero Hunger. Kosmos Corporation has a clear directive: Quality before all else. For Jack Landsmanas Stern, the motto includes providing a part to play for everyone in achieving that goal. Landsmanas Stern has kept with the principles set down by his grandfather and Kosmos Corporation founder, Pablo Landsmanas: dedication, passion and altruism for making a better Mexico and a better world. Read More.