Jack Plotkin

JACK PLOTKIN HARVARDJack Plotkin is behind Virtual Health, and also the architect of the company’s care coordination platform and transformational population management. He has spent 20 years involved in consumer products, technology design, and development and deployment for Fortune 500 companies. Jack also has dabbled in health care, finance, and consumer products.

Educational Background

Jack Plotkin is a graduate of Harvard University. He graduated with honors while studying economics and computer science. Since then, Jack has advised over a hundred Fortune 500 companies as well as starting businesses.

Business Ventures

Jack has many business ventures under his belt in his 20-year career as an investor and advisor. He started off advising Fortune 500 firms on financial transactions and strategies. Jack then branched out as an entrepreneur within technology and business.

Cardinal Solutions and More

Jack is the CEO and founder of Cardinal Solutions, which is an advisory and investment firm based out of New York City. He works with many companies that are mission driven based. Jack has the most experience working with businesses in the healthcare industry.

Jack is a big believer in telehealth, which gives patients the ability to receive medical care in their own home or location that is remote and away from medical facilities. He enjoys combining technology and business with healthcare to improve it along with helping medical providers and patients get the most out of healthcare.

Another section of healthcare that interests Jack is population health management (PHM). This type of management is in place to help businesses in healthcare become more efficient, which can help both medical professionals and patients have more positive experiences. Jack emphasizes that program design, expertise, program sustainability, a comprehensive implementation plan, and flexibility make for a successful PHM.


The Future

Jack Plotkin is looking forward to working with many more healthcare-based businesses and others in the future. Make it happen, his motto, is what he aims to keep on doing.