JD.Com The Retailer

JD.com is China’s largest retailer. As it’s the biggest retailer and largest Internet company in China, JD.com offers fresh food, clothes, and electronics as well as cosmetics. JD.com is a member of the Global Fortune 500, as one of two business 2 client retailers in China. Liu Qiangdong founded JD.com, in June 1998 by although its retail platform went online in 2004.

JD.com is China’s top biggest retailer, which started off as JD Multimedia in a four-square-meter retail space in Beijing’s technology hub called Zhongguancun. JD.com is partly owned by Tencent, a company with 20% ownership stake. JD.com’s mission is to improve high tech service and AI delivery while using drones, self-driving cars as a form of autonomous technology, and robots.

JD.com has the largest drone delivery system in the world as a builder of drones. In July of 2017, J.D. and Walmart joined together to start their first annual August 8th shopping festival. Jingdong has an existing partnership with Farfetch, where $397 million was invested in that. Jingdong achieved more than double the sales from June 1st to fifteen days later. As the largest retailer in China, the history of Jingdong prices books 20% cheaper than it’s competitors. Jingdong will continue to grow. Click here.