Jeremy Goldstein, The Charitable New York Attorney Who’s Helping Fight The War On Mental Illness

Jeremy Goldstein is a New York lawyer, and he hosted a charity dinner on May 21, 2019, that benefit those suffering from mental illness. The attendees where charged $5,000 with all the proceeds going towards the Fountain House, a charity that focuses on helping people who suffer from mental illness try and live normal lives.

Fountain House was started in 1944 when a group of people experiencing mental illness came together to help others by forming a support group. The group referred to themselves as, “We Are not Alone.” Even though this group was started in 1944, mental illness still has a stigma attached to it today, which hasn’t allowed people suffering from the disease to fully speak out publicly and get the help they need and desire. However, the group that started in 1944 has continued to grow over the last seventy five years.

The members later named their group, Fountain House after purchasing a building with a large fountain in 1948. Fountain House provides job opportunities and affordable housing for those suffering from mental illness. In addition, members have the opportunity to advance in their education to help them reach above their current status, then in return, give back to the community to help people in similar situations that they were once in.

Fountain House support for those suffering from mental illness have benefited New York, as well as other cities around the globe by increasing the standard of living for the members they support. For example, the employment rate is 15 percent for those suffering from mental illness, however, Fountain House Employment Program employed 42 percent of people experiencing mental illness. In addition, Fountain House members spend less time in hospitals, and graduate from high school at a rate around 77 percent. Compared to those who suffer alone, with a graduating rate of only 32 percent. Fountain House initiatives demonstrate that their structure and program works.

Attorney, Jeremy Goldstein started his own boutique law firm that advises high powered CEO’s, corporations, management teams, and compensation committees in executive compensation and corporate governance matters. Before Jeremy Goldstein started his own law firm, he was involved in a number of the largest corporate transaction over the last decade.

Jeremy Goldstein also spends some of his time writing and speaking at prestigious events about his field of law. He is also a charitable philanthropist, who has helped many charities in addition to Fountain House.


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