Jeremy Goldstein’s Charity Wine Dinner

Earlier this year on May 21st, Jeremy Goldstein, a New York lawyer, hosted a wine charity dinner at the Nomad Hotel. In memoriam to Jim Finkel, the gala was called Mental Illness: You Are Not A’Rhone. and the proceedings for the event were made to benefit Fountain House which is a charity meant to help those that are struggling with mental illness live normal lives. The GazetteDay article actually focuses a lot on Fountain House and how exactly it maintains the goal of helping mentally ill people.


With a statistic that 25% of the world’s population suffers from mental illness and as the world dives into an even more depressing state, it’s all the more important for mental illness to be addressed. A huge advantage that Fountain House has going for it is that the organization was formed by people who also suffer from mental illness which means that the help people may need is dealt with on a personal and familiar level. Starting back in 1944, the founders had initially founded a support group with one another called We Are Not Alone and, thanks to the negative stigma surrounding mental illness, the group is dedicated to breaking those negative thoughts as well as helping their clients.


In completing their goal in advocating for those with mental illness, Fountain House has built mental health programs around New York as well as dive into research ao that they can create more innovative programs for their clients. They even get heavily involved within both local and global communities through their values. Fountain House has also implemented a variety of initiatives to aid the community such as providing safe housing yearly and assisting clients to graduate high school.


In addition to the previously mentioned initiatives, Fountain House helps their clients find gainful employment, learn new skills, and develop new friendships as well as increase their client’s confidence. In return, clients that were helped by Fountain House are required to serve within their community. This can be done through a variety of ways such as education, communications, reception, and a few others, allowing people to have the opportunity to give back to their community the same way Fortune House gave to them.


A graduate from New York University of Law, Goldstein worked as an attorney for another New York law firm before moving on to form his own firm called Jeremy L. Goldstein & Associates, LLC, whose main job is normally advising clients in execution compensation and corporate government matters.


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