Kim Dao Goes Sightseeing in Denmark

In a recent video post, Australian YouTube personality Kim Dao talks about her trip to Denmark. Kim Dao was in the Scandinavian country with her cousins, Johnny and Wendy, who were about to return home to Singapore. The three went sightseeing in Mons Klint, but first they made quick pit stop to pick up some snacks and souvenirs before continuing to their journey to the island of Møn.


They stopped at the information center to get their bearings before starting their nature walk on the cliffs. Kim Dao is apparently a bit scared of heights as she was a little nervous about getting too close to the edge. Although it was foggy at the edge, as they walked down to the ocean, Kim was happy that the sky had cleared and they were able to get a good view of the sea.


After their delightful trek, the three went into town to have lunch with some traditional drinks. Later on they had a snack at Burger King and supper at home, so by the end of the day, Kim Dao was feeling stuffed.


This was Kim’s last day in Denmark, so she was sad to leave her aunt and cousins, who she doesn’t get a chance to visit with very often. She was glad to catch up with her family and had a chance to practice her rusty Danish. Kim Dao finds mastering Danish pronunciation to be a real challenge, although she gets by fairly well and can understand a lot.


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