The life and Career of Bhanu Choudhrie

The career of businessman and global investor Bhanu Choudhrie is not only interesting but inspiring to anyone who desires a similar life of entrepreneurship. Born in the middle of the 1900’s in Delhi, India, Choudhrie made sure to pursue his education, all the way up until he attended college in the United States, where he studied International Business. In 2000, he moved to the United Kingdom, specifically London, and only a bit later in 2002 did he launch his first business, C&C Alpha Group, formerly known as C&C Sons. While the company is based in London, it is international, with activity in India and the United States as well. However, the geographical locations of the company are not where the diversity ends. The company itself is a private equity firm, and oversees investments in many different areas financially, including aviation, real estate and health care. One reason they have been so successful is the wide array of tactics Bhanu Choudhrie uses to analyze economic trends and how to navigate about them.

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A bit more recently, in 2010, a subsidiary of C&C Alpha Group was founded, going by the name of Megalith Capital Management, and deals more specifically with real estate in the United States. Bhanu Choudhrie also has ties with other companies including Customers Bank, and the Atlantic Coast Financial Corporation.

The great success of Bhanu Choudhrie and company did not prevent further education, or giving back to the community. He continued study at Harvard Business School, and himself has said that as a businessman, it is also his job to “continue learning.” Additionally,Choudhrie makes time for volunteer work, playing an active role in many organizations, including that of the Path to Success, which mainly contributes to helping children in poverty in various areas. His genuine desire to help and care for others has also carried over to his career, as his company has been a sponsor of other organizations that focus on issues regarding human welfare. Read: