Luke Lazarus Consultancy Brings Heightened Awareness to Entrepreneurial Customer Interactions

 Influencing a Customers

A startup that makes it past the first initial years in the marketplace will deal with customers every day of their career, and it will be a constant learning experience.

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They say it is near impossible to get inside a consumer’s head, but some ways have proven to be efficient in getting startups a little closer to understanding how to interact with their potential customers. We have five senses: seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, and tasting.

There are millions of products that can be influenced by getting the consumer to engage with the product by seeing, hearing, or touching.

Apple® sets up their genius bars in such a way they give their visiting customer a friendly and professional smile, several rows of actual devices they can interact with and someone nearby that can answer their questions. Also, Appl® uses live music to set a tone.

Customer Interaction with Products

Starbucks® does the same thing in their coffee shops. What do your “smell” when you enter a Starbucks® shop?

You will smell the fresh aroma of recently brewed coffee beans that are now flowing into coffee cups traveling on the road or sitting at a table or bar with a customer.

An added aroma of coffee on the shelves for sale. It is an atmosphere. Customers can smell or walk up and hold the freshly roasted coffee in their hands.

Luke Lazarus is getting his startups used to what is referred to as “customer influence points.” These points where the customer interacts with the product is also a way in which the keen observer can learn how their customers interact with their product. Are they inquisitive? Do they smile or grimace? Does the customer hold one or two?

Bringing Clarity to the Story

One of the critical elements of Luke Lazarus’ work as a consultant is he offers the startup teams a heightened understanding of what it means to interact with the consumer.

They not only learn what it means to make an emotional connection with the consumer but also how the consumer shares knowledge of themselves through interacting with the product.

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On a given day a startup in a brick and mortar building with have the opportunity to see hundreds of consumers in their store and all will be different, yet every product the consumer interacts with sheds light on their interest and familiarity with a product.

Depending upon how the consumer interacts with the product can tell the person who is representing the product on how to approach the consumer.

Does the consumer value the product because they interact with it, or are they just inquiring? Do they hold onto the product or casually pass it by and move on to another department.

Market Analysis

Will it be teenagers ages 10-15 or young adults ages 17-24? If the startup is right, they will have a clear understanding of what kind of story to build around their chosen demographic and age group.

They may want to do what some ad groups do is apply the story to different age groups before they find really what part of the population is more interested in their product.

Luke Lazarus helps startups by giving them the tools to observe the things that matter to make their story points and values have meaning to their customers so they can use marketing tools appropriately and consistently.

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