Maarten de Jeu Highlights How Commercial Real Estate Can Benefit Investors

Maarten de Jeu is a strategic business advisor who has several decades of experience in the niche. During this time, he has worked with a variety of organizations and currently serves as the head of the SVM Business Advisory, a firm that he launched in 2012. Throughout his career, de Jeu has developed a significant amount of expertise in a variety of areas, with some of the most prominent of these being related to investing.


Before entering the financial industry, he studied at the MBA University of Oxford, which he graduated from with honors. In the decades since then, Maarten de Jeu has gained experience in a variety of niches, including commercial real estate investment, international business, and several other financial services. Throughout this time, the entrepreneur has noted that there are a considerable number of benefits to investing in commercial properties.


The first of these is that it can offer a significant amount of return on investment, with much of this being seen almost immediately. With the rent that can be obtained from a property, Maarten de Jeu highlights that investors will generate a large amount of short-term cash flow. Over time, this could prove to be quite a significant amount of revenue. Alongside this, the entrepreneur has noted that there are a variety of regulations covering rent increases, which could prove to be quite beneficial to many investors.


Alongside this, de Jeu highlights the fact that investing in commercial real estate property has a few unique advantages when compared to stocks and bonds. Perhaps the most prominent of these is that it is a hard asset, which is something that can be utilized in a variety of ways. The most notable of these is that this should help to provide a significant return on investment. While rental income will provide much of this, Maarten de Jeu notes that the property can also be sold for a profit.


This is an area that can provide several other advantages, one of which is that it helps protect investors from inflation. The primary reason for this is that a property’s appreciation in value often exceeds the pace of inflation quite significantly. As a result, investors should see themselves protected against this in a way that many stocks and bonds may not be able to provide. Learn more:


There are various other ways that commercial real estate property can provide a significant amount of risk management. This is especially true when compared to stocks, which can often fluctuate wildly in value. However, commercial real estate property typically doesn’t suffer from this. While many properties can vary slightly in value, de Jeu highlights that there’s primarily an upward trend, especially over the long-term.


Maarten de Jeu also notes that investing in commercial real estate property can offer a variety of tax benefits for entrepreneurs. These will primarily be seen in the fact that maintenance and repair expenses can typically be deducted from year taxes. This is something that can also be said of any depreciation in a property’s value over time.

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