Matthew Fleeger’s Secret In Succeeding In The Oil Industry

Matthew Fleeger is the current Director and President of Gulf Coast Western. He is known for his efforts in various business sectors in the United States. The company showed significant growth since he became president and CEO. He launched two successful businesses in the tanning industry before going to the oil and gas industry. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which assists him in delegating his duties within the company.

He spent nearly three years at Kinlaw Oil Firm as its Vice President. This experience and knowledge assist him in his managerial role at the firm. He is an expert of joint ventures and mergers which he uses mostly for the growth of the Gulf Coast Western. In 1993, Matthew Fleeger co-founded MedSolutions which transports, disposes, and treats medical waste. The two firms he facilitated in their founding in the tanning industry have combined revenue of approximately 100 million dollars.

The firm expanded its operations in six other states including Colorado, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Their partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners enabled the company to explore the opportunities in the area. The institution invests in areas that have minimal risk to their investors but have huge returns. It operates with trust and respect in order to get new partners. Gulf Western Coast received a triple-A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How Matthew Fleeger handled his mistakes proved his leadership skills and ability to make decisions. He ensures that his staff is well motivated and satisfied thus boosting the company’s performance. He acknowledges the efforts made by the company since he values team building and having a good corporate culture. Being a philanthropist, he engages in other projects that facilitate the well-being of the community. The Sadie Keller Foundation and the Parish Episcopal School in Texas are one of the organizations that have benefitted from his works.