Nina Vaca Breaks Through Barriers

Nina Vaca has become a name in the Hispanic community that a lot of women know. She helped make the Pinnacle Group one of the most well-known IT staffing solution companies in her early twenties. This was somewhat unheard of for a Hispanic woman, and it still is rare from someone that works in a male-dominated industry to have this type of success.

What this has ultimately shown is that Nina Vaca is a person that did not take no for an answer. It is certain that there were rejections that may have come in her life as she started moving up the corporate ladder, but she did not let these things hold her back. She would become successful in the business world. Vaca would reach back and make an attempt to help other Hispanic women that were looking for a chance to break barriers as well.

Nina also took the time to become a philanthropist. She would take strides in giving back to different underprivileged communities and minorities that may have been in a disadvantageous position. What Nina has continued to do is put her money where her mouth is. She has invested in communities where others may not have been willing to invest in.

Nina has been able to take her success and become a motivation to others. All of these are things that have helped Nina Vaca bring a better understanding of how you can be successful even when you are not a part of the majority. She stands out from the crowd, and she believes that others will take a chance to do the same thing when they see the success that she has had in the IT world. Vaca started early in her career, and she continued until her efforts gave her the rewards she desired.

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