OSI Food Solutions Acquisitions and Production Increase

OSI Food Solutions has quickly become a leader in the side meal and chicken production industry. OSI Food Solutions started in 1917 as a small family owned business in Chicago IL. The neighborhood needed a local butcher shop and Otto Kolschowsky had recently emigrated from Germany and saw the need for the Oak Park community. A few years after opening Otto renamed his food company Otto & Sons and moved locations to nearby Maywood in 1928. Otto & Sons entered a verbal agreement with the first local McDonald’s franchise. They would supply all of the meat for the soon to become famous hamburgers.

This one deal is what launched Otto & Sons into a whirlwind of business deals and expansion. Eventually they renamed themselves OSI Food Solutions and moved further out into the suburbs of West Chicago. OSI began merging with European market stores and expanding their presence into countries outside of the United States. They acquired Baho Food which was a Dutch manufacturer of convenience foods such as lunch meats and snacks. This acquisition allows OSI to further their product availability in the German markets.

In addition to this acquisition OSI Food Solutions also received word that they would need to double the expansion of their chicken production in their Toledo Spain facility. The need for more chicken products in the region also sparked the need for a larger and more updated facility. Expanding the facility created more jobs for the local community. Twenty new jobs were added to the existing workforce of one hundred and forty employees. Some of these positions included management titles. The Toledo Spain facility is now able to produce over 24,000 tons of chicken to meet the rising needs of the local communities. OSI Food Solutions continually strives to expand their production and best quality product availability in countries all across the globe.

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