OSI Industries Growth History

OSI Industries is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States that over the years has continued to expand not only locally but internationally rapidly. The company today boasts of developing to more than 17 countries and operating more than 65 facilities in different nations. Besides the firm has employed over 20,000 people in the facilities they operate globally. OSI Industries has not always been a global juggernaut as just like any other startup it had humble beginnings. A German Immigrant Otto Kolschowsky founded the firm as a small meat market in Illinois where it is still headquartered. OSI expansion did not start today; it started way back in 1928 when Otto expanded his business to the suburb of Maywood Chicago.

The company grew in leaps and bound, and within a decade OSI had created an excellent reputation for itself among the locals for providing high-quality meat products. OSI Industries breakthrough was in the year 1955 when they entered into a vital partnership with the McDonalds chain of burger restaurants. The McDonalds that year received franchise rights and were allowed to operate a chain of restaurants based on the concept of two Irish brothers. The McDonalds opened its first restaurant in Illinois and OSI won the tender of being their main suppliers of ground beef patties. As the demand for meat products increased the firm needed more space to process and store their products and in the year 1973 opened its first meat plant in West Chicago.

The plant was large enough and could hold a high volume of processed products and had specially designed machines for shaping meat patties as well as tunnels specially designed for freezing and storage of the meat products. It is in the year 1975 that the firm officially changed its name to OSI Industries the O and S serving as a reminder of its previous name Otto and Sons. OSI over the years has continued to rapidly grow through partnerships, mergers, and acquisition of other firms. Some of OSI Industries partnership and M&A include the collaboration with Alaska Milk Corporation as well as General Million Corporation that led to the formation of Gen OSI that helped supply food products to the Philippines. OSI in 1995 expanded to India and established Vista Processed Foods and in 2002 opened a branch in Beijing known as OSI China.