Work and Experience of Professional Investor Michael Nierenberg

When it comes to professional investment firms, there are lots out there for you to choose from. Thankfully, Michael Nierenberg and his company known as New Residential Corp is the way to go. Michael Nierenberg has been the president as well as CEO of the company since 2013 and is even head of the Board of Directors. Visit Daily Forex Report to know more about Michael Nierenebrg.

Before joining New Residential Corp, Michael Nierenberg worked for another investment firm, Bear Stearns, for over 14 years. Because of his experience with Bear Stearns, he is able to offer the best experience possible when it comes to getting the investment help that you need. Read more at about Michael Nierenebrg.

While working with Bear Stearns, Michael Nierenberg was in charge of exchange as well as interest rate operations. This gave him the edge when it comes to helping people to realize the true possibility in their investments. If you want to learn more about Michael Nierenberg and the work that he does, you can visit his social media sites and check out his business profile online. You’ll be amazed at the amount of experience and education that he has in being able to work with clients.



The Sensational Wes Edens

Wes Edens perfectly fits in the shoes of being a renowned philanthropist, investor, and entrepreneur. The owner of two sports clubs: Milwaukee Bucks in National Basketball Association and Aston Villa Football Club in the English premier league and the co-founder of Fortress Investment Group, has impacted key industries and changed the life of many. Fortress began as a private equity firm, but currently, it is the world-leading asset manager of assets whose value is $42 billion. The fortress does business in many industries globally, like financial services, energy and infrastructure, real estate, media, and healthcare. The funds that Wes Edens was managing in the company led to the building of Virgin Trains USA: a railway line that traverses across various cities in the USA: this was a project that arose through a partnership with Virgin Group.

Under his expertise leadership, Fortress has also created a subsidiary called New Fortress Energy that aims at producing clean energy that will positively impact the world. Wes started the first Liquid Natural Gas in Florida at Miami to enable trains to run on cleaner energy. He has since then strived to empower New Fortress Energy to extend the supply of this alternative fuel energy to other parts of the world. In the world of sports, Wes Edens is an business icon. It is not that this investor is the right sports person, but he is a significant shareholder in NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks and Aston Villa Football Club. He has immensely contributed to the rise of Bucks to the level of leading in the NBA championship. At Aston Villa, Wes wants to assist it in returning to the English premier league where it has been for years.

Wes Edens and his wife also began the Edens Professorship in Global Health at Macalester College to teach people on health and medical geography. The major topics covered under this program include infectious diseases, health hazards relating to environmental hazards, and healthcare delivery. As a philanthropist, Wes has supported many of his charitable organizations and foundations with funds. Some of them include the GiveWell Foundation, Martha’s Vineyard Hospital, Autism Speaks, Waxman Cancer Research Foundation, The National Multiple Sclerosis Society, The Santa Barbara Museum of National History, Ronald McDonald House of New York, and The University of Florida Foundation. Click here.

OSI Group is Co-producing the 100% Plant-based Impossible Burger with Impossible Foods

With the race on for finding the perfect plant-based solution for so many foods items today, Impossible Foods joined the competition in 2011 when it opened its doors in Silicon Valley. Impossible Foods was seeking to find all the plant based ingredients, which would be the perfect combination to make their “Impossible Burger.” What was the “Impossible Burger?” The Impossible Burger would have all of the characteristics of a regular beef burger but remain 100% plant-based. Were Impossible Foods seeking the impossible? It seemed to be for many, but in 2016 after many years of R&D the Impossible Foods food scientists emerged victorious with their flagship Impossible Burger, which looked, smelled, tasted, cooked, and even “bled” like a beef burger, but loyal to its goals remained 100% plant-based. Then for the real test, its debut of the Impossible Burger would allow critics to taste the burger, which took place in mid-2016 at Momofuku Restaurant.

David Chang’s restaurant hosted the event, and many responses were leading to a well-received debut. Soon many orders were trickling through to the Redwood City headquarters of Impossible Foods, which were warmly received on the West Coast. The debut was so well received that by mid-2019, more than 17,000 orders were being generated and poured into the main offices of Impossible Foods. By this time, their 68,000 square foot production facility was well underway producing orders for clients, but in mid-2019 was unable to meet the high demand. It turned a world renowned meatpacker OSI Group to help by entering into a co-production agreement.

OSI Group is a food legend in America as well as in 16 countries globally, with 65 locations internationally and 20,000 strong employee workforce. OSI Group is Ray Kroc’s first chosen meat-packer dating back to 1955 and has served the meatpacking industry since 1909 when it first began in the suburbs of Chicago by Otto Kolkovsky and sons. The co-production agreement with Impossible Foods allows the Chicago-based OSI Group to produce the Impossible Burger on the recently manufactured production facility built at the request of Impossible Foods within an OSI Group facility in Chicago. The production facility is an exact copy of the Impossible Foods production facility in Oakland. Both companies now produce the 100% plant-based protein Impossible Burger to keep up with the growing demand. Recently the FDA approved the Impossible Burger’ sale in grocery stores across the country.

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Eric Lefkofsky Takes On Cancer With Tempus

Internet entrepreneur Eric Lefkofsky has an estimated net worth of nearly three billion dollars. In his career, he has been the driving force behind a number of companies that have the similarity of using big data to make big money. He is best known for leading the highly successful venture Groupon.


Where Eric Lefkofsky is directing his passion these days is his new medical startup company Tempus, which is using artificial intelligence in no less of a pursuit than fighting cancer. As with his other companies, Tempus uses enormous amounts of data, in this case all related to cancer. Doctors send in information on specific tumors, and the team at Tempus then crunches the database searching for commonalities and patterns.

The emerging field is known as precision medicine, and while Tempus is currently focusing on cancer, the techniques the startup is pioneering may one day be used to fight other diseases such as diabetes and depression as well. Currently, it costs Tempus between $1,000 and $5,000 to do a single analysis, but this cost is dropping. There is intense interest in what Tempus is doing from many places, including the pharmaceutical industry.

A born entrepreneur

Eric Lefkofsky has been doing business his own way for a long time. As far back as his college days at the University of Michigan, he was selling carpets to make money. He founded his first company, InnerWorkings, a marketing venture, in 2001 and went on to run startups involved in logistics and advertising until finally hit the mother lode with Groupon.

A legacy project

Eric Lefkofsky hopes that Tempus will be his legacy project. When his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2014, Lefkosky began researching the disease and was surprised to discover that there was not the massive amounts of data he anticipated and that what data did exist wasn’t being analyzed with the best tools. Motivated, he founded Tempus to fill the gap. The company is attracting more and more researchers who want to share their data, and a big breakthrough is expected soon.

Jeremy Goldstein: A Philanthropic Lawyer Based in New York

Jeremy Goldstein is an attorney based in New York City. He is known for helping corporate entities facing legal problems, and guiding companies that are going for a merger and acquisition. His clients are recognized as the top companies in the world, which includes Sears, Time Warner, and J. P. Morgan Chase. Many top companies around the world wanted to work with Jeremy Goldstein because of his skills when it comes to resolving legal issues in the corporate world. He has an experience that spans for decades, and he can reach agreements quickly compared to other legal firms, making him a suitable choice for every business.


Another specialty of Jeremy Goldstein would be helping the chief executive officers decide on how they should run their company. When problems come, CEOs would have difficulty choosing the right decision that would benefit the organization. To know which decision would end up advantageous for the company in the long run, many CEOs consult Jeremy Goldstein and ask him about this matter. He would give guidance to the CEOs after verifying their condition, and his recommendations work well. This would help a company that is unsure about their future, and it would also encourage other executives to reach out for help.


Jeremy Goldstein stated that being a lawyer for corporate entities has changed the way he lives. He is a very busy person who is always on the go, but he never forgets to leave time for his family. For him, being in the industry would benefit a lot of companies, and he stated that he would always give a helping hand to those who would visit his office for help.


Aside from his busy schedule managing his law firm, Jeremy Goldstein is also known for his philanthropic acts. One of the most popular charitable initiatives organized by the lawyer would be the annual social events held in the states of Connecticut, New Jersey, and New York. During these events, he would contact his networks who are either executives or wealthy individuals and invite them to participate in a dinner for a cause. This event happens every year, and he would choose the most deserving charity or foundation that would be receiving financial assistance. This year, the event took place last May in New York City, and Jeremy Goldstein was able to raise money from the generous visitors. The money collected will benefit The Fountain House, a charity that was handpicked by Jeremy Goldstein.


The Fountain House is a charity that helps people who are mentally ill and those who live in poverty. Many people who are mentally ill are being neglected most of the time, but the Fountain House is ready to give them everything they need to help them go back in shape. Since its establishment, the Fountain House managed to help a lot of people who are facing the same problems, supporting their medical check-ups and giving them a place to stay. The less fortunate people of New York, on the other hand, receives supplies from the charity to help them make ends meet.


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Prevagen Tips for Improving Brain Health

In the modern world today, we are constantly bombarded with distractions, i.e. emails, social media notifications, deadlines, advertisements and many more bell and whistles, and this is just as you are having your morning coffee.

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Over long periods of time, it is only natural that are cognitive ability will become overwhelmed and our capacity for productivity will be hindered, so we must take it upon ourselves to ensure that are brains stay sharp by incorporating healthy habits that promote brain recovery and performance.

From the makers of Prevagen, the following is a guideline for promoting healthy brain function.

Exercise will always be the most effective means of preventing illnesses of many types, including those that impact the brain.

Focusing in on more cardiovascular exercise will help to improve the brain blood supply, which will allow the brain work more smoothly and improve your physique at the same time.

With increased levels of small blood vessels, the brain will obtain optimal amounts of oxygen which will allow it to have better thought processes, which is necessary in almost all tasks in day-to-day life.

Exercise will also allow for the brain to form new nerve cells, which will improve reaction time and gives the brain the capability of working faster for longer periods of time.

Also, exercise will increase the number synapses that are essential for memory, and having a better memory will allow the brain to recall important information faster and to make better decisions based on previous experiences.

Some of the other benefits of exercise are reduced depression and anxiety, as well as stabilizing our overall mood.

Maintaining a healthy diet is another surefire way to enhancing brain function. With adequate amounts of nutrients and water, the brain can run smoothly and have all of the energy it requires to maintain all of its functions.

Drinking a glass or two of water in the morning immediately after waking up and before your coffee or brushing your teeth can help to replenish the water that is lost while your brain is working while you sleep.

Good hydration through the day will also lessen brain fog or a feeling of being burnt out from previous work done the day before. The nutrition to have implemented in daily is to limit the amount of refined sugar and grains, hydrogenated and saturated fat, and salt you consume.

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By having a diet that is high in fruits and vegetables, nuts and seeds, fish, plant-based protein, and unsaturated fats will help to increase your brain health and recovery time.

With taking personal action in improving and maintaining our brain health, we not only prevent illness and fatigue, but also we improve our lives and those around us.

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Kynect Takes Over as a New NRG Brand

Stream Sells to NRG: Rebrands as Kynect

In recent network marketing news, Dallas-based company Stream Energy has decided to sell its retail business to NRG. In turn, NRG is rebranding as Kynect and selling products under the Stream Energy name. The founder of Stream Energy, Rob Snyder was optimistic regarding the sale and feels that it’s beneficial for everyone involved.

The company recently moved into Ohio as a newly deregulated energy market, and it’s anticipated that Kynect will follow the same business model of direct selling to newly acquired territories. Natural gas, electric and renewable energy sources are the specialized products that Kynect will offer, and fringe products include protective services and wireless sales. Get Additional Information Here.


Renewable Energy Investment Offerings

Aside from offering a direct selling opportunity, Kynect will offer renewable energy as an investment strategy for their customers. Under the Stream Green branding, investors can dedicate a portion of their monthly utility bill as an upgrade to purchase renewable energy under the eco+ product. The company also places a seal to approve that renewable energy is “certified.” The energy purchase is used to help reduce the consumer’s carbon footprint as a conservation initiative by adding more renewable energy to the grid.


Other Kynect Products Currently Available

Aside from energy products and services, Kynect also promotes protection products to save their customers additional amounts of money each month. These products include web and phone-based medical services, identity protection, roadside assistance coverage and remote tech support services for PC owners. Wireless phones and plans are also sold through Kynect. See This Page for additional information.


Learn More About Kynect

Kynect offers many tools to show their customers how they’ll save by taking advantage of their services and business opportunities. An energy calculator, online quotes and videos are just a few of the many resources available. Those interested in learning more about Kynect can visit their website at



Highland Capital Management: Made With A Certain Kind Of Investor In Mind


There are a lot of different varieties of investors in this world. Some prefer to put their money into companies that are on the up and up and presumed to be safe. There are others in this world who like to take on a little more risk in their portfolio. Those people are seeking what is known as high-yield investments.

Those are the kind of people who may be likely to be interested in investing in something like Highland Capital Management. Highland Capital Management is among the most successful and largest firms operating in the financial sector today.

Dondero is noted by industry observers to be a pioneer in several realms, especially in developing innovative approaches in the “Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO)” market.

What Highland Capital does is take money from institutional and retail investors alike to put into investments that have the high yield that these investors seek. They also want to find investments that are considered “value” investments. This means that they are most appealing not as much for their growth prospects but for their price now compared to the financial status that they are currently in.

James Dondero, with co-founder Mark Okada, is responsible for the creation and growth of Highland Capital Management. The two set out to create this fund back in 1993. They had a lot of combined knowledge about how credit markets work, and they wanted to use that knowledge to make wise investing decisions.

Their plan has worked to perfection as the fund has grown in power and influence over the years. It has literally billions of dollars under management at this point in time. This makes it one of the bigger funds in the entire country. Get More Information Here.

The run that Highland Capital Management has been on is likely to continue to roll on. James Dondero remains at the helm of the fund, and he is going to continue to make the same kind of decisions that he has made all this time. Keep watching Highland Capital Management to see what kind of moves they make. See This Page for additional information.


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Tigerswan, James Reese

The Promising Destiny Of TigerSwan And Colonel James Reese

Though there are certainly plenty of great multinational security companies, there are few security brands like TigerSwan. This leading security firm has done a lot to improve security for countless thousands around the world. By partnering with public security entities, TigerSwan has proven its commitment to making the world a safer place. This company was founded by none other than James Reese, a retired Lt. Colonel known for leading the famous Delta Force through tumultuous times.

At its amazing training facility, TigerSwan has taught numerous security operators about establishing security in less-than-ideal conditions. Because TigerSwan’s staff features quite a few veterans, this company’s employees and partners are known to have impeccable ethics and standards. TigerSwan’s commitment to education sets this company apart from competitors that are less singular. Throughout the world, security threats continue to multiply and spread at an alarming rate. Fortunately, innovative security firms like TigerSwan continually invent solutions to clients’ novel and difficult security problems. As hard as they might try, terrorists and criminals aren’t able to match the firepower or tactics of legitimate security operators. Because they are deeply ethical community members, responsible security providers help police authorities in maintaining peace and stability.

Tigerswan, James Reese

Since his honorable discharge from the military, American hero James Reese has opted not to rest on his laurels. Tirelessly, Reese demonstrates leadership and managerial talent that is is deeply influential in the security sector. Whether they are military service member or private security guards, skilled operators worldwide have recognized Reese’s expertise and ability. Through TigerSwan, Reese’s influence can only grow in the years ahead. Thanks to Reese’s global vision, TigerSwan has kept people safe from danger in more than 100 nations across the globe. If Reese every retires from leading TigerSwan, it is likely he will handpick a successor with a proven skill set.

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Sudhir Choudhrie A Life of Trade and Commerce

Early Years in Delhi

Sudhir Choudhrie was born in 1949 in Delhi, into a prominent home. He reported that his mother was his actual role model growing up, though growing up, Sudhir Choudhrie was surrounded by many kinds of business influence. His family owned a large real estate business. His family’s business dealings very much influenced Sudhir Choudhrie, and when he reached a mature age received a degree in Economic from Delhi University. He had an Uncle, B.K. Kapur, who was an official in the Aeronautics Department and worked in the Indian state-owned defense company. B.K. Kapur worked in Aeronautics from 1982-2013. One of the significant influences in his life besides his mother as a role model was the many members of his family who had substantial political and business dealings in India.

Beginning his own Business

He had an opportunity to work with his grandfather after receiving industrial training at New Delhi University, but he turned it down in order ot pursue his business career. His grandfather had a large real estate business, which was very prominent. Sudhir Choudhrie decided to pursue a different route by starting a piece of selling TV equipment. First, he would import the TV equipment from the UK; then he would re-sell the material to his Indian customers. He managed to gain contracts with the Indian government later and develop a network of successful TV businesses during the 1960s-70s. He became very ambitious and started to export many types of consumer goods like farming equipment. Choudrie was able to work with many importers located in the Societ Union. The Societ Union at the time was known as India’s most significant trading partner.

Trading Company Foundation

After many years of exporting consumer goods to the Soviet Union, he founded an International Trading Company in 1975. It was while founding his trading Company that the became interested in export markets. Among his many leadership roles, Sudhir Choudhrie served as a vice-chairman of Alpha C&C Group. C&C Group is a holding company that has many different kinds of assets he founded in his earlier career.