Ira Kirschenbaum on Increasing Your Learning

There is this one interesting quote that may easily be found on various social media sites, it goes like this “don’t seek idols, seek mentors”.

This truth is relevant today and it will be relevant tomorrow as well. The fact of the matter is that we are all connected in some form or fashion. Each industry from business to technology to manufacturing and finance all build on top of each other in a very specific manner. One can only advance within each field if they are doing a few of the key things within each field that matters.

We will talk about these activities and how Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum has used these principles in his own life.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and Understanding

The first step to being relevant within the world is to understand yourself and your place within the world. This is quite likely one of the hardest things out there for quite a lot of people out there. Since they don’t understand the world and their place within the world they can easily become lost and seem as if they are going astray, not being productive and not doing what they should within the world. Yet, if they are truly seeking to be a productive member of society such as Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum, they will certainly continue to learn and grow and help out while they go about their journey.

This key step of understanding will allow them to minimize issues, help them to prepare and be the best that they can be in the field that they are proficient in. As stated above, understanding yourself and the world will not be easy but it will help to make your way a bit more smooth if you are able to find out the actions you should take to be like Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum.

Dr. Ira Kirschenbaum and Learning

The next key aspect of progressing forward in life is to learn. Once you understand yourself and the world around you, it is time to stay focused on improving your position and move from one level to the next.

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Business Magnate Vinod Gupta opens up on his Success Factor

Vinod Gupta is an American businessman of Indian descent. He has managed to build a vast empire through his skills in science and technology. Indeed, Vinod Gupta’s story mirrors a man which was driven by innovation, determination and the desire to succeed in a foreign country where he faced numerous setbacks. Despite growing up in India where he lacked most basic amenities, Vinod Gupta is currently a successful businessman whose impact has been felt in the United States and the world at large.

Background and Early Life

Vinod Gupta was born in Rampur Manhyaran in 1946. His village did not have modern-day amenities like running water, electricity and paved roads. However, Vinod Gupta was not deterred by humble background and always aimed higher, knowing that the sky was the limit.

Education and Career

Vinod Gupta’s parents placed a high premium on a good education. Subsequently, they ensured that their son gained the best training and excelled in his academics. Vinod Gupta graduated from his local school in 1962. After that, he enrolled at I.I.T Kharagpur, where he graduated with a degree in Agricultural Engineering.

Vinod Gupta, later on, ventured into the world of employment as a Flying Officer in the Indian Air Force in 1964. After serving for three years in the Air Force, he resigned in 1967 having risen to the level of Squadron Leader in the 14th squadron.

Advanced Education in the US

Vinod Gupta was highly enthusiastic about education. His thirst for knowledge made him relocate to the United States on a scholarship. He, later on, graduated with a Business Administration Degree from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln. His determination to succeed paved the way for him into the world of entrepreneurship.

Vinod Gupta started his first business in 1972. His enterprise was known as Business Research Services and America Business List. His relentlessness saw the company go public in 1993, earning them revenues totaling to $75 million. Vinod Gupta’s desire to succeed in the American business arena saw him grow his company gradually, reaching 1500 employees in 1997 with revenues of over $108 million.

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OSI Industries Growth History

OSI Industries is one of the largest privately held companies in the United States that over the years has continued to expand not only locally but internationally rapidly. The company today boasts of developing to more than 17 countries and operating more than 65 facilities in different nations. Besides the firm has employed over 20,000 people in the facilities they operate globally. OSI Industries has not always been a global juggernaut as just like any other startup it had humble beginnings. A German Immigrant Otto Kolschowsky founded the firm as a small meat market in Illinois where it is still headquartered. OSI expansion did not start today; it started way back in 1928 when Otto expanded his business to the suburb of Maywood Chicago.

The company grew in leaps and bound, and within a decade OSI had created an excellent reputation for itself among the locals for providing high-quality meat products. OSI Industries breakthrough was in the year 1955 when they entered into a vital partnership with the McDonalds chain of burger restaurants. The McDonalds that year received franchise rights and were allowed to operate a chain of restaurants based on the concept of two Irish brothers. The McDonalds opened its first restaurant in Illinois and OSI won the tender of being their main suppliers of ground beef patties. As the demand for meat products increased the firm needed more space to process and store their products and in the year 1973 opened its first meat plant in West Chicago.

The plant was large enough and could hold a high volume of processed products and had specially designed machines for shaping meat patties as well as tunnels specially designed for freezing and storage of the meat products. It is in the year 1975 that the firm officially changed its name to OSI Industries the O and S serving as a reminder of its previous name Otto and Sons. OSI over the years has continued to rapidly grow through partnerships, mergers, and acquisition of other firms. Some of OSI Industries partnership and M&A include the collaboration with Alaska Milk Corporation as well as General Million Corporation that led to the formation of Gen OSI that helped supply food products to the Philippines. OSI in 1995 expanded to India and established Vista Processed Foods and in 2002 opened a branch in Beijing known as OSI China.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Insight on Prudent Investment Strategies

One of the most misconceptions in the industry of wealth creation is that you need a financial adviser if you have a relatively significant amount of money to put into an investment docket. While this could be true, novice, as well as young investors, need more advice than anyone since they may end up making mistakes by spending a lot of money on the high-risk investment. That’s why it’s vital to hire an investment expert such as Igor Cornelsen to offer insight regarding some of the best investment strategies in the industry.

Igor Cornelsen’s Career

Cornelsen is an experienced investment adviser who took a bold step to pursue his dream. The move turned out to be the best since he managed to graduate from one of the best institutions and venture into a banking career after graduating with honors. Multibanco first employed Cornelsen as a senior executive. He assisted the management in developing useful strategies that could support the business to grow its shares. He would later move to Unibanco where he also served as the head of operations. As an investment banker too, he developed an excellent reputation in offering prudent investment advice to clients. Igor Cornelsen opened many investment opportunities for his clients. He would later start his firm after serving in different banking and financial institutions.

Today, he issues investment advice to clients. Here are some of his opinions.

  • He implores managers to practice safe investment by putting their money in low-risk business. He also advises them to read a lot regarding investment and safe investment strategies.
  • Igor Cornelsen also suggests that managers need to monitor various financial details that affect the market. Moreover, he focuses on introducing new market trends in the industry since they can improve the client’s financial status. Cornelsen also adds that it’s vital to start investing at a tender age.


Social Media Press Release: Basic Elements of Writing & Distributing

Today, a news release must be made seen as well as likewise shared on social networks. Making it easily available in the social networks round enhances many elements of your brand– Search Engine Optimization (Seo), web site web traffic, leads, sales along with brand name recognition.

What’s the meaning of a social media news release?

A social media release is mostly a release that includes social interactivity. However, creating is not the very same method as the typical one. The arrival of social media sites networks made the media individuals look for stories that incorporate social media sites, multimedia as well as connecting to make it a great deal a lot more relevant and likewise rapidly eaten by their target audiences.

For the reporters, the easier, quicker and also a lot more cutting-edge you can interact your message, the much more comfortably it can be tweeted, shared and also picked up by the media. You also should ensure that you take advantage of related key words to aid your Search Engine Optimization.

Exactly just how to compose a launch included with social media sites attributes?

Have a look at the adhering to aspects that require to be present in composing a launch:

  • Heading: Contain the right key phrase. Make it short as well as concise. Concentrate on the details that you want to share to your target customers. It needs to be maintained to a lot less than 55 characters to be rapidly retweeted and reshared, while people can still include the Twitter handle.
  • Subheadline: This one is optional. If you can’t disclose your whole concepts on the heading, including a subheadline can do this.
  • Intro: Make a recap that is restricted to 2 paragraphs. It ought to tell what you want the visitors to anticipate. It is where the hook is positioned, so see to it to create a great one. Consist of key phrases for Seo.
  • Body: Obtain straight to the factor. Include all the truths. Reply to the 6Ws (who, what, when, where, why and exactly how).
  • Realities: Consist of statistical details or bullet show support what you’re declaring. Make certain that it can stand alone, so if somebody intends to share it, they can easily remove it from the release.
  • Worrying the company: Make up a fantastic company biography that consists of a web link to your website as well as additionally social media sites pages.
  • Sound: You might additionally consist of mobile-friendly shareable noise. Usage SoundCloud, which is boosted for mobiles.
  • Social sharing switches: Material can be easily shared on different social networks websites networks, such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google +, Pinterest as well as can additionally be sent in emails.
  • Picture gallery: You might make use of Flickr to highlight pictures for its high share feature and safeguards copyright.
  • Video: You can use the popular system YouTube to share your product. It is mobile-friendly, so it ensures that your content can reach people making use of various tools.
  • Social commenting: You can include social discussion to make your material more eye-catching and also dynamic. You may contain simple plugins, such as Disqus, Livefyre or Facebook comments.
  • Suitable links: You may consist of internet links of your company’s previous works that have made your focus. It can supply you media possibilities in the future.
  • Get in touch with Contain the media telephone call of the individual that can be contacted by the media. Create the name of the private, call number, e-mail address as well as social media web pages.

Can you distribute social networks launches?

Every part of the launch can be shared independently to numerous social media networks to maximize its direct exposure in as many formats. A social media websites launch is a supply, common HTML page that consists of everything that can be shown different other social media networks.

Social network material can not be spread like normal launches. They can just be shared as well as spidered by the net search engine, and also the cable solutions can not distribute them. Without correct flow, it will undoubtedly be hard for a trademark name to obtain internet site traffic to their website.

To see to it that you acquire the most of this sort of Newswire, you need to create a fantastic network. Although you could have high web content, you have to have constructed the right amount of active system that assists you share the buzz concerning your firm.
Without it, it is difficult for your launches to be shared and also seen by a vast target market. As a word of advice, construct areas and likewise partnerships due to the reality that they are an essential part of your social networking along with a product advertising and marketing method.

How Geologist Matt Badiali Helps Natural Resources Investors

A geologist by training, Matt Badiali is now an investment newsletter writer who focuses on advising people who want to invest in natural resources. He is a graduate of both Florida Atlantic University and Penn State University with a master’s degree in the earth sciences. He was teaching this subject and pursuing his Ph.D. when he had an opportunity to enter the financial industry over 10 years ago.

He uses his educational background to figure out what the best natural resource is to invest in whether that’s an oil company, a marijuana farmer, or a gold mining firm. Matt Badiali believes that in order to get the real story he needs to visit the thing he is thinking about recommending to his readers as an investment. This belief has taken him all over the world so that he can see copper mines for himself or figure out the real deal with an oil find.

His financial newsletter is named Real Wealth Strategist. He advises his subscribers on what specific companies they should be buying the stock of. His advice has usually led to double-digit and sometimes triple-digit gains for his readers. This newsletter is published by the Florida-based firm Banyan Hill Publishing.

Matt Badiali recently did a presentation named “Marijuana’s US Tipping Point”. In this presentation, he talked about how a person could turn $50 into their ticket to early retirement by riding the wave of marijuana’s legalization across the nation. How this works is you ladder your gains. A $50 investment can grow to $5000 and then you put $500 of that into another winner and grow that to $12,000 and so on. You can make a couple million this way and then retire.

Canadian marijuana companies are popular investments but Matt Badiali says there is more to the industry than that. He points to a company, revealed in his newsletter, that is global with facilities in Brazil, Australia, Denmark, and Chile. Matt Badiali says they are making several types of marijuana products such as creams, gels, and oils. They are primed to release these products all across America as medical marijuana continues to be legalized.

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Matthew Fleeger’s Secret In Succeeding In The Oil Industry

Matthew Fleeger is the current Director and President of Gulf Coast Western. He is known for his efforts in various business sectors in the United States. The company showed significant growth since he became president and CEO. He launched two successful businesses in the tanning industry before going to the oil and gas industry. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, which assists him in delegating his duties within the company.

He spent nearly three years at Kinlaw Oil Firm as its Vice President. This experience and knowledge assist him in his managerial role at the firm. He is an expert of joint ventures and mergers which he uses mostly for the growth of the Gulf Coast Western. In 1993, Matthew Fleeger co-founded MedSolutions which transports, disposes, and treats medical waste. The two firms he facilitated in their founding in the tanning industry have combined revenue of approximately 100 million dollars.

The firm expanded its operations in six other states including Colorado, Texas, Alabama, Oklahoma, Mississippi, and Louisiana. Their partnership with Orbit Gulf Coast Exploration and Orbit Energy Partners enabled the company to explore the opportunities in the area. The institution invests in areas that have minimal risk to their investors but have huge returns. It operates with trust and respect in order to get new partners. Gulf Western Coast received a triple-A rating with the Better Business Bureau.

How Matthew Fleeger handled his mistakes proved his leadership skills and ability to make decisions. He ensures that his staff is well motivated and satisfied thus boosting the company’s performance. He acknowledges the efforts made by the company since he values team building and having a good corporate culture. Being a philanthropist, he engages in other projects that facilitate the well-being of the community. The Sadie Keller Foundation and the Parish Episcopal School in Texas are one of the organizations that have benefitted from his works.

Catching Up With Sheldon Lavin

An interview with Sheldon Lavin of OSI Group, LLC, was conducted by none other than Senior Editor of CEOCFO Magazine, Lynn Foss. The interview details many areas of interest for business owners to learn about a successful CEO’S journey to success, as well as for those interested in getting to know more about the Global Food Executive.

Published May, 29th, 2017, the interview began with asking Lavin about his time working as a financial consultant. For those who are not familiar, Sheldon Lavin answered the question detailing what he learned as a financial consultant and how it helped him later in life in other business endeavors. He answered with the fact that he has always envisioned himself working within a business that he himself had full ownership of. The CEO revealed that he has an academic background specifically in the area of finance and accounting, which is precisely why he chose to go that route.

The CEOCFO representative went on to ask Sheldon Lavin how he originally envisioned his company, to which he replied that he envisioned it as exactly what it is today; a quality enterprise whose name is synonymous with food processing the world over. With the next question being about the global reach of Lavin’s company, it is no surprise that OSI Group does indeed have a far reach. They have 70 physical locations, Lavin said, in 17 different countries in the world. The products processed by the company vary in each country and includes mainly proteins, baked goods, vegetable based items, and some sauces. To know more about him click here.

When asked how he made it all come together to start with, Sheldon Lavin explained that OSI Group is an entrepreneurial based company that is not run like a lot of other companies of the same type. There are no dictatorial rulers at the top, despite there being certain rules and policies within the company to follow. Lavin goes on to explain the evolution of the company and that innovation has always been in his DNA. The CEO talks more about the culture of family that is appreciated at the company and that the company has always had a philanthropic edge to their dealings with charities, such as the Ronald McDonald House.


OSI Industries, The Best Option for High Quality Meat Product

Originally, OSI Group was established to offer market for small amounts of meet in Oak Park Town. It was founded in the year 1909 bearing the name Otto & Sons. With its headquarters in America, the company developed to be the highest quality meat provider within the region. It gained strong reputation within the local community as they believed the company maintained high standards of hygiene among other important attributes. In the year 1955, the company was progressing and expanding. From the local community, the extended their services to restaurants. With partnership of other business entrepreneurs, the company managed to establish its restaurants to supply ground beef patties.

A continuous development was experienced in Otto & Sons company. it launched its first meat firm which was capable of processing high amounts of meat to cater the increasing demand for meat within the region. The firm was well equipped with machined designed to process and shape meat patties according to customer requirements. In addition, it included tunnels which were used to meat products by the use of liquid nitrogen. Otto & Sons company was officially changed to OSI Industries in the year 1975.

To expand and grow to one of the best meat company in the globe, OSI Industries made several partnerships such as the Alaska Milk Corporation among others. There corporations were designed to export food in other countries. The OSI Industries utilized this great opportunity to market its meat product in other countries such as Philippines.

OSI Industries has developed rapidly to emerge one of the largest companies to supply high value meat products. Currently the company has established its roots in more than 17 countries globally. It has numerous facilities and it is known to be one of the companies with a high number of employees which is about 20,00 employees globally.

To remain productive in food business, OSI Industries established an innovation center in the year 2011. This center works to come up with strategies which are required in coping up with advancements being experienced in food industry. The innovation center its headquartered in Aurora.

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Article Title: Serge Belamant, The Financial Systems Expert

Article Text:

Serge Belamant is a computer expert with computer science profession from University of Johannesburg. He is well skilled in programming specifically finance based systems. This has gained him reputation to work in various companies which are based on technological advancements.Serge Belamant has played a basic role in developed of various technologies which have been noticed to have a great change in financial industry. Companies have depended on him as well as international banking companies in creation, design and development of their banking systems. Read more on

He established his company, the Net1 UEAPS Technologies, which focused on development of universal payment systems in the year 1989. Most of system design as well as development were done by Serge Belamant. With his desirable systems which could solve financial problems, many companies considered them to be very stable systems which were worthy implementing for good return. With time companies like VISA contracted him to develop chip which was based on offline operations. Over the time VISA cards designed by Serge Belamant were implemented by many financial companies globally which are even being used to date.

His company was major developer as well as distributer of digital financial systems in South Africa. Their systems had ability for the users to transfer their welfare funds and other services such as grants. Digital systems developed by Serge Belamant are being used not only in South Africa but also in other countries such as Iraq and Russia.

The idea to venture in financial business was spanned by his own son. The impact of social media could be implemented as a basic tool to provide younger people with financial solutions based on their language they can easily understand and interpret. The financial solution they proposed with his son would have the capability to give guidelines of peoples spending and saving habits. Therefore, it will be possible for the users to improve their financial situations as they can easily monitor and predict their spending.Serge believes that his ability to develop product which have a positive impact in lives of people is what makes him earn money for his living. Visit

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