The aids that IC System will offer the charitable events for the good of the community

IC System has gained the reputation for providing the customers with services that cater to the collection needs. The thing that makes them be often thought of is the innovative practices that will be of assistance when it comes to the upper tiers. Together with IC System honesty they have, they are trusted by many as being the best when it comes to the providing of the receivables management services the belief that they have is that any firm is part of a community that is large. They have a tradition and that is the ethical practices together with that is the essential component of the firm’s philosophy that is modern in that it cares about giving back to the community.

So that to give their best support when it comes to the culture responsibility IC System has tried their level best in the institutionalizing of how they are providing by use of the philanthropic team that IC System created. In 1981 that’s when the group was founded with the name of Employee Charitable Help Organization. Their responsibility is that they will take care of everything that will be involved in the charities. They will achieve the charity by planning the donating events, coordinating the community activities and for the employees, they will create opportunities for them to participate in volunteering.

There have been different charities that IC System has been involved with, and the charities are for different causes too. The effort that IC System will make when it comes to the charity is that they will offer the funds and encourage the employees to participate by taking on the sponsorships. Together with the donations, there is the volunteer program. The volunteer programs that the IC System will organize most of them will be centered on the food drives that will have the collection and donated foods for the people in need. During the drives, the employees at IC System will assist in the parking of the foods and giving them to the kids. When they are not feeding the kids, there is maybe another event that IC System is organizing.

Graham Edwards Philanthropic Deeds through Telereal Trillium

Telereal Trillium prides itself on being one of the largest, private companies in the UK today. The company’s great reach and power to this day are as a result of its dedicated staff and the executive. The company has for long been involved in the charitable giving. Looking at this, its successes along with its philanthropic deeds together points to the topmost head of this organization, Mr. Graham Edward. His impact on Telereal Trillium cannot be understated.


In 2003, Telereal Trillium’s founded the Donation Marching Scheme which is now ranked among the company’s largest and the most successful initiatives. The Donation Marching Schemes allows the company’s employee to donate money to whatever charity they feel like, then, Telereal Trillium marches the donated amount to the initiative’s maximum FastTrack. The maximum is a show of the company’s involvement in the philanthropic giving. Initially, when this scheme was starting the firm set its maximum to £500, however, today, Telereal Trillium ensures that it matches its worker’s contributions to maximums of £2,500.


The rate of increase in donation matching is as a result of the company’s growth under the watch of Mr. Graham Edwards. When he first assumed the role of the firm’s CEO back in 2001 when the company had undergone amalgamation, the CEO let the company through many growth stages, large-scale transactions as well as numerous acquisitions. An example of a notable transaction that Mr. Graham Edward presided over was in 2007 where he led the company to acquire a property, that at the time was being seized by the Royal Bank of Scotland. The property was worth £750 million. The transaction deal to acquire it was done with Prupim, through the sale and leaseback contract which finally resulted in to fully acquiring that property.


Having the title of a CEO comes with its fair share of responsibilities. One must remain focused on effective running a firm and making wise financial decisions. Through it all, Mr. Graham Edward has successfully managed to do this. Apart from driving the company to realize huge successes, Mr. Graham has also guided it through its philosophy of giving back to the society through charitable deeds such as charity matching, payroll giving scheme and also fundraising.


Get to Know Jeff Aronin

Jeff Aronin is one of the foremost executives in the world of biomedical sciences. Today, he’s the Chairman and CEO of Paragon Biosciences. His career really took off back in 2000, when he founded Ovation Pharmaceuticals. With his background and entrepreneurial spirit, he’s been a leader in solving problems for patients for almost twenty years.


For Aronin, unsolved problems have a lot of allure. He’s the type of guy to seek out new challenges. This is particularly true because he knows that medical concerns have so much impact in people’s lives. He takes special pride in developing solutions that save patients time, money and complications. For example, with medications developed by Aronin’s firm, sick children can now avoid surgeries.


Intervention by medication instead of surgery eliminates risks from anesthesia and infection. Medication is also typically far less expensive than surgical intervention. There’s no down time for recovery. Dosages can be adjusted as needed. Breakthroughs like this can change the whole prognosis for people with difficult-to-treat conditions.


Aronin is not just an expert at managing the scientific side of Paragon. He’s also well-versed in regulatory practices in the US. Shepherding a drug through the FDA approval process is a very important skillset. It’s one that Aronin has mastered. He knows how to dot all the i’s and cross all the t’s to eliminate hiccups in the approval process.


Apart from his work with Paragon, Aronin is proud to be a part of the MATTER initiative. This is a healthcare industry incubator in Chicago. Aronin is always looking to the future, and he’s very excited by some of the innovative ideas he’s seeing.


Jeff Aronin was educated at Northern Illinois University and DePaul University. In addition to his work, Aronin is a proud philanthropist. He and his wife devote lots of time and money to charity. Their Aronin Family Foundation gives money to hospitals and clinics all over the world.

Jorge Moll Studies The Brain For A Better Civilization

Dr. Jorge Moll is a renowned neuroscientist who created the D’Or Institute of Research and Education. The Institute was founded based on Dr. Moll’s principles of promoting better innovative healthcare in the country of Brazil.


Dr. Moll resides Rio De Janeiro where in 1994 he also graduated, received a medical doctorate degree, and finished his medical residency in Neurology from The Federal University of Rio De Janeiro of Brazil in 1998.


Furthering his education, he attended the University of Sao Paulo where he graduated in 2004 with a Ph.D. in Experimental and Pathophysiology (the disease or injury to organs).


Dr. Moll is a well-respected published author and mentor whose written works have appeared in global medical journals.


Dr. Moll states that his success can be traced to how he lives and works, which is with openness and transparency. Dr. Jorge Moll is currently the President of the D’Or Institute, plus he serves on the Institute’s Board of Directors.


He also carries the title of Director of the renowned Cognitive and Behavioral Neuroscience Unit and the Neuroinformatics Workgroup in Brazil. During interviews given by Dr. Moll, he believes that in his neurological treatments and studies that patients must be treated as a whole.


This means that patients should receive treatment methodologies that include the body, mind, and spirit. One such technique is to have people become more involved with others. In our modern society, depression is a disease that has become more prevalent among people of all ages and income levels.


Dr. Moll and his colleagues from the National Institute of Health conducted a study about how people feel when they give to others. The group discovered that when people gave to organizations which helps others, that their brain cells and nerves released more of the feel-good hormones called endorphins, all of which registered as trust, enjoyment, and social interactions.


With this information, Dr. Jorge Moll stated that he would share these studies with other neuron researchers who also study how the brain controls our idea of principles, caring for others outside of our families, reward, and understanding the betterment of humanity.


Lee May Sponsored Fundraiser For Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club

Lee May is a contracting company founded in the year 2013 by a number of directors with great construction experience that exceeds 100 years. It has a trusted team of professionals that have worked with the firm for many years and shown their ability to produce quality results. Over the time, the firm’s primary focus has been demonstrating innovation and resourcefulness to the construction industry while at the same time maintaining high levels of industry standards regarding quality and safety.


Their good long lasting relationship with their clients is as a result of ensuring a cost-effective and timely service delivery making them the preferred contractor. With its proficient staff, Lee May offers a number of services such as design and building services, construction management, residential & commercial refurbishment, fit-out, land acquisition among many others. Over the time the firm has achieved ISO accreditations 9001, 14001 and 18001, Safecontractor, CQMS, and Chas. Additionally, it has also improved the company ’s infrastructure, construction services as well as its clients base to a well-established construction service provider that can now look up to the future with a positive eye.


Even though Lee May is largely in the construction industry, it’s also involved in charity affairs as a way of giving back to the community. Being a proud sponsor of Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club, Lee May planned to shoulder a sponsored 10K run that will raise funds to help in the purchase of a new minibus for the club. The collected money will be given to the club as a donation to help improve its training services and in return create an excellent opportunity for the club’s young boxers to compete in the domestic and European tournaments. Nemesis Amateur Boxing Club also plays a significant role in the development of young people by instilling strong family values that are promoted by the club. Therefore, Lee May strongly believes in the club’s activities and is very optimistic that in the long run this noble cause will be a success and their goal of £20K will be achieved with your support. No matter how small the amount is, both the company and the club will highly appreciate.


Perry Mandera & His Extraordinary Work

Perry Mandera:


Perry Mandera is a business man who is very well known in the business industry. He is the founder and the CEO of a company called The Custom Companies Inc. This is a transportation that works with a variety of clients and companies. Perry Mandera founded the transportation company over 30 years ago in 1986 in Illinois and has had much success with it. This company employs over hundreds of people through out the state. Although Perry Mandera is very well known in the business industry because of how good and highly skilled of an entrepreneur he is, he is better known as a person who loves giving back and helping out charities through out his community. He mainly works for the charity called The Mercy Home for Boys and Girls. Perry Mandera is a person known mainly for his generosity and for the commitment that he shows regularly to his community. He likes giving back to charities that have a close relation to his life story. For example, he used to be a U.S Marine and one of the charities that he gives back to is Hiring Our Heroes and also the charity called Marines for Life. He has had first hand experience in this sort of situation and can relate to how these people might possibly be feeling, so he helps them out. Perry Mandera has been in the business field for over 40 years. He has enough knowledge and experience to be able to guide and lead businesses to success. His hard work and determination are worthy of praise because he has become a successful entrepreneur and also a generous person. He shares his success who might be going through a tough time in their life. He encourages others to be the best version of themselves and he strives to make the world a more generous place.

Marco Antonio Marques da Silva: A Stellar Model in Law Industry

The beginning of April, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva received a prestigious honor from PUC-Sao Paulo. This particular ceremony was presided over by the famous Dirceu de Mello who is a university president and former president of the great Sao Paulo State Court of Appeals. In his articulated speech, he extolled Marco Antonio Marques da Silva for his dynamism and ability to help in everything. The president was clear to say that this great judge was always on the front line in ensuring that new auditoriums were constructed, which rendered him this kind of honor. Ricardo Sayeg who is a lawyer and professor at PUC also acknowledged Marco Antonio Marques da Silva. He passed his salutations on behalf of the entire Faculty of Law. In his talk, Ricardo talked broadly on the career of Marco Antonio Marques da Silva. He says that Marco Antonio Marques da Silva was born in 1958 and while he was at the age of 15, he was already decided in settle for the law as a career. He proceeded to settle for his legal studies in 1977 at PUC and went all the way, until he graduated in 1981. Marco is recognized for having studied a specialization, masters, teaching, and doctorate degrees from the Pontifical Catholic University.


Arco received a postdoctoral fellowship from the faculty of Law in Coimbra in the year 2005. Earlier on in 1982, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva had become a professor at the PUC and earned his tenure later in 2003. He continues to teach here until now. In 1983, Marco became part of the State Judiciary in four distinct counties: D’Oeste, Sao Paulo, Monte Alto, and Diadema. Due to his excellence in law, he received a promotion in 2002 to be a substitute judge. Moving on in 2007, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva could not resist the east of Court of Appeals judge.


In the course of his career pursuit, Marco Antonio Marques da Silva has authored 40 articles and 13 favorite books. This professor is an all-time role model and a pillar in the law industry more so the Faculty of Law in the University. At PUC, he makes them proud and satisfied with the product he has become over the years. The virtues of being zealous, honest, a good man, and loyal describe him best.

Investing in the Bull Market with Stansberry Research Firm

It is important to know how to avoid the Melt-Down after markets experience a rapid Melt-Up. Stansberry Research Firm has the tips to help readers learn how to do just that. They simplify and condense technical, complex topics while inserting anecdotes from their analysts to engage readers while providing an insider look into the market. By carefully detailing losses that helped shape their methodology early in their trading careers, they help readers avoid those same mistakes.


The research coming from Stansberry comes at the perfect time as stocks are soaring in the United States and abroad. As stocks continue to rise, investors continue to flood the market with new money, further increasing the value of these stocks. This cycle keeps pushing stocks further and further up. Most of the new money pouring into the market is going to American stocks, European stocks, and a record number is pouring into emerging markets. According to Stansberry Research Firm, the bull market is being pushed towards its final stage. Readers are encouraged to maximize their potential profit before the next Melt-Down.


For nearly two decades, Stansberry Research Firm has published financial information, investment tips, among other things. They carefully monitor a variety of different markets so that readers don’t have to. They then release their findings in online publications, videos, podcasts, and other convenient mediums for their subscribers. When debating if now is the time to buy, it is important to note that all five of Stansberry’s “green light” indicators indicate that the bull market is healthy. Stansberry Research Company believes that investing now is a risk worth taking but they note that market corrections are inevitable.


Stansberry Research Firm does not want their readers to gain a false sense of security by abnormally constant stock price increases. So they are firmly reminding their readers about the market volatility but do not want investors to get scared off by future price drops. Stansberry Research Firm recommends that readers take advantage of the market boom while all five of their indicators stay green and remember that corrections are normal even during Melt-Ups.

The Unique Approach Of Dr. Dov Rand In Handling Aged Conditions

Dr. Dov Rand is a co-founder of the Healthy Aging Medical Center an organization that offers a variety of solutions on the well-being of their patients. His long-term experience in the medical industry has enabled him to handle all his patient conditions without much straining successfully.

Conditions treated by DR. Dov Rand

Most of the patients who visit DR. Dov Rand for their conditions are aged persons who frequently experience specific complications in their life. Specialists in the health facility with the guidance of Dr. Dov Rand make their treatments using regenerative medicine that replaces human cells or even organs to restore the patient’s normal condition. Some of the aging conditions handled in the organization include;

General body weakness or low energy levels in the body of the patients

Hopelessness or living a long-term gloomy life (depression)

Restlessness conditions among the patients

Nervousness or unpleasant mental state

Low levels of libido or sexual urges

Treatment programs offered for the various conditions

Health Aging Medical Center uses a different unique approach as compared to other organizations in handling their patient’s circumstances. All Dr. Dov Rand’s treatments are centered on new therapeutic services. All the facilities are tailored to control the leading causes of the illnesses and hence offering an immediate aid for the complications.

The organization also provides a program for educating the patients on several matters concerning their conditions. This program ensures that the patients are given a chance to ask even complex questions about their illnesses and also get to know what to expect from their conditions.

Dr. Dov Rand has also created a program that ensures a proper diet is offered to the patients on a daily basis to help contain their conditions. Food supplements provided in the menu include a hormone that inhibits muscle deterioration among patients in their process of weight loss. The Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG) diet offered also stimulates the appetite to eat among the patients and hence enabling them to develop better-eating practices.

Most of the times dealing with complex conditions affecting our older adults could be a challenging thing, but Dr. Dov Rand offers maximum treatment for all their diseases. Therefore all patients who are in need of his services should feel to contact him for more information.

Good news about Robert Santiago and the Manaira Mall


Robert Santiago was born in Joao Pessoa in which he grew up and studied at Pio X-Marist College. He also became a part of the University Centre of Joao Pessoa, in which he pursued a degree as an undergraduate degree in the field of business administration. His career began at the Café Santa Rosa, but he later when on to quit the job and take on his on company. His new company was cartonnage, and his company sold cartons that are made from cardboard.


Robert was looking to venture into real estate and he purchased some land in the year of 1987. With his new land he decided to launch a new manaira mall. The mall was built in Joao Pessoa on a land that covered 7,500 meters. It took him two years the launch the manaira mall, and finally in 1989 it was launched. The mall had 280 stores in it, along with a theatre, a gaming area, a large food court, a gym, a college, and more. The mall also carries a famous hall on the roof of the mall called the Domus Hall. This hall is known as one of Brazils most popular halls, and they have recently upgraded it to make it even more extravagant. It is spacious and a perfect place for an important ceremony to be held.


It wasn’t the only thing in the mall to have been upgraded recently. They currently upgraded their large gaming room in order for children and adults to enjoy their time in the game room.


The mall is also located in an area with a breathtaking view, which is great for customers that enjoy beautiful scenery. It is located between two beaches with a stunning view.


Robert’s dreams didn’t stop there. In 2013, he launched yet another mall called the Mangeira. This mall is very similar to the other one. The two malls in the area have opened up many new opportunities for a lot of people. People around the area appreciate the possibilities of having so many different entertainment and fun. These two malls are not only appreciated by the hundreds and thousands of customers they get daily, but it is also appreciated by the hundreds of workers and job opportunities brought which is good for the area.


Robert’s efforts are well appreciated by thousands and Robert’s hard work, dedication, and commitment has gained him hundreds and thousands of satisfied customers and employees. The possibilities with these two malls are endless.