Securus Technologies: Key Player in the Prison Communications Industry

The business of correctional facility communications is increasing these past few years. The competition between the key players is also becoming more serious. Securus Technologies is one of the key players in the industry, and they have been known as the leader for years. They are developing several technologies that are being used across several correctional facilities in the United States, and they have been rated as a company with high quality products. Among the products that they have are signal jammers, biometrics machine, video calling devices, and voice calling devices. Securus Technologies is also known for manufacturing their own devices using the researches that they have partaken. They are also using the knowledge that they have gained through research in order to innovate existing technologies, such as the video calling technology. Securus Technologies claims that they have the fastest video calling technology in the world. In order to protect their inventions and developments, the company is spending more than $600 million every year. They are stating that they are doing their best to protect their inventions from unauthorized use and reproduction.


Securus Technologies is also responsible for the advancement of the correctional facilities throughout the United States. One of the things that they are pushing for is the abandonment of traditional face to face visits in favor of the newer, high tech video calling visits. Authorities from several correctional facilities have considered the idea, but it has not been greenlighted yet. Securus Technologies have installed kiosk capable of video calling, and the reviews are all positive. According to them, they are hoping to install more of these kiosk to all of the correctional facilities under their supervision. Securus Technologies is confident that the company will grow further, and that the demand for their products will soar as the world become more and more inclined in using high tech products.



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