Serge Belamant Is A Computer Science Innovator

Disruptive technology has been changing industries for years and there are certain creative types that have been responsible for some of the biggest innovations in our lifetime. Serge Belamant is one of these pioneers and the man behind what is known as blockchain technology. The little gold chip on the front of your debit and credit cards is actually one of the earliest implementations of blockchain and it is the result of work that Serge Belamant did for payment processing giant Visa. He attended school in South Africa after being born in France and graduated from Highlands North High School For Boys.

While he attended the University of South Africa and Witwatersrand University, he did not actually complete his college education before he began working on his professional career in computer science, information systems, and engineering. Not finishing college is something that is not uncommon among computer geniuses such as Serge Belamant himself as well as Marc Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, and Steve Jobs. One of the earliest achievements that Serge Belamant had when it came to disruptive technology occurred while he was working for Control Data. Networking computers in very early phases and he realized that there was no security or privacy when using a computer on a network.

At this point, he knew that there had to be a way to create some type of technology that could make transactions more secure and unchangeable through networked computers. Eventually, this idea led to him creating the technology that was behind the popular blockchain of today. While working for SASWITCH, Serge Belamant was able to create a new switch system for a large banking system in South Africa. This system included fault-tolerant hardware along with a parallel processing system, but one of the most important things was that it allowed communication through the bank’s different ATMs.