Why Serge Belamant is the True Master of Bitcoin

Serge Belamant is a name that many may not associate with Bitcoin. However, it is his patents that he is known for. The name that many associate with Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is Satoshi Nakamoto. One of the most interesting and successful developments to come from this is blockchain technology. The technology that is the foundation for the blockchain is one-of-a-kind. This technology is exactly what Serge Belamant is known for. He has never been known as the household name, but rather the name behind the technology that could change the entire banking industry.

While everyone has been discussing how this technology is managing what happens in the world of cryptocurrency, he still gets no real recognition from big technology giants like Jeff Bezos. Mark Zuckerberg has never uttered his name, at least in public. What many fail to understand is that the blockchain technology itself can stand all on its own without cryptocurrency of any kind ever entering the picture. Are Serge Belament’s accomplishments going to be noted? They could be in the future as the concept of a transparent ledger grows. Data can be recorded within these ledgers, mainly for the purpose of providing a time stamp and data that is related to the transaction.

Everything is recorded in a transparent fashion. This idea behind the blockchain technology was to increase security for financial services. With the need for greater security and it will also improve the safety of financial institutions. With global transactions totaling more than $100 trillion, there is a need for something better and stronger. Global transactions are calling for greater protection and much of the systems already in place are a bit antiquated. It’s no surprise that the future of the financial services industry will benefit from the blockchain technology developed by Serge Belamant and how it may also impact businesses in the future. This technology also has the ability to reduce expenses while increasing the efficiency of transactions. Serge Belamant has a special place in history as it relates to global currency, transactions, and financial security.

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