Simplicity is the Key to Raffaele Riva’s Success

Raffaele Riva is perhaps best known for founding the AUREA Multi Family Office and its many subsidiaries. He is known for his expertise in multiple financial products and services, including asset management, estate planning, wealth planning, real estate, trusts, as well as international transactions and investments.

One of the most dynamic periods of Riva’s career occurred between 1997 and 2008. In this period, he launched multiple start-up companies. In these roles he oversaw day-to-day operations and management. During this time, he was also a senior executive for a multinational corporation and he worked in accounting for a large company in Italy and the United Kingdom.

Riva’s success can be attributed to his unending optimism and his unquenchable curiosity. Many entrepreneurs look up to Raffaele Riva for his international business success. The advice that he is most likely to give to these young up-starts is that they should do what they like to do, believe in themselves and never fear failure. Additionally, he believes that entrepreneurs should always search for knowledge. Read everything that they can and never stop being curious.

This famous entrepreneur’s simplistic approach to success may be surprising but it may be what has fueled his career. He believes in loyalty, surrounding yourself with quality associates, and always making your happiness a priority. Despite all of his business and financial success he believes that “a person is rich when he is not scared of becoming poor and not because he has plenty of money.”

Raffaele Riva has worked hard for his success but he also makes time to enjoy life with his wife. He is a wine connoisseur and enjoys skiing, scuba diving, boating, auto racing and many other leisure activities. He is an art enthusiast as well and belongs to the Monaco Yacht Club. Raffaele Riva’s philosophy extols the virtues of simplicity and doing what makes you happy. He believes that those are the most important factors in his international success.