Timothy Armour’s Journey To The Top

Timothy Armour serves as the chairman of the Capital Group of Companies. Apart from that, he also serves as the chairman of the Capital Group’s Management Committee as well as the Capital Research and Management Company, Inc.

In the past, Timothy Armour has also served as an Equity Portfolio Manager, where he was responsible for building up customized investment options as well as plans for the clients. He has gained quality experience in the investment during his early days at the Capital Group while he was given the responsibility of an Equity Investment Analyst, during this period he was interpreting critical financial information as well as the public data from global telecommunication companies and other services companies located in the United States to calculate their stock value.

His education background has been an asset to his career development. Armour hold a Bachelor’s degree in Economics that he got from the prestigious Middlebury College. Before joining Capital Group Armour also took part in the investment research when he was employed by other companies. Tim Armour has served as Morningstar’s President and CEO between 1998 and 2000. Prior to retiring from the company in 2008, he was still serving as an investment analyst.

His responsibility at the Morningstar was to perform a series of analysis on the company’s financial record and communicating the data from the investment research to the department of stock as well as funds. Armour has also served as Director of Portions in AARP in 2008 prior to joining the associate member program at Capital Group in 2014.

In the year 2015, the Board members of the Capital Group Companies announced that they had elected Timothy Armour as the company’s Chairman. The circumstances that led to Timothy Armour appointment to the position of the Chairman is connected to the passing of the previous Chairman James Rothenberg.

Timothy Armour is recognized as the best among his peers. Throughout his career, he has earned a lot of respect and esteem from the investment industry experts among them is a well-known investment analyst Janet Yang. Yang gave her opinion regarding the appointment of Timothy Armour to the position of the chairman Capital Group Companies.  She credits the amazing investment strategies to the portfolio manager such as Armour and she agrees with the decision to promote Armour.

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