Using Rubica for Personal Cyber Security and Fighting Online Crime

Many times, individuals and even entire businesses are under the impression that something like personal cyber security is already built into a computer or mobile device when it is purchased. The fact of the matter is that hackers are constantly staying one step ahead of many basic security features and can easily make a daily activity online turn into a nightmare. Speaking from experience, I cannot stress how necessary it is to have a security firm like Rubica backing you up.


A few years ago I was working for a manufacturing facility that takes in the majority of its orders through email. The normal grind is to open all verified email accounts, extract the appropriate file, and process the order. Little did I know that hackers are able to precisely mimic email accounts and embed ransomware within the files that are sent. These corrupt files were opened, our servers were infected with ransomware, and we ended up owing hackers cryptocurrency. There was no advanced personal cyber security for each employee, and we ultimately paid the price. It can happen to anyone.


This is especially true for the personal environment at home with a family that uses many devices. Phones, tablets, and computers are more vulnerable than ever because of how many transactions occur over the internet. Using Rubica as a personal cyber security service is an effective answer to this situation because the company is constantly at work using behavioral analysis and trends to identify when you may be at risk (Twitter)


Rubica improves personal cyber security by routing all data through their own networks, where the data can be screened for abnormalities and protected against hackers or ransomware. This service also maintains the anonymity of the user. Internet Service Providers cannot keep tabs on what sites are visited and what transactions take place. Much like a Virtual Private Network (VPN), the Rubica system keeps your privacy a priority.


Using Rubica also gives the individual access to support that is available around the clock and every day of the week. The team includes professionals who were previously contracted through the military to provide and improve security.

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