Building a Collection

Building a Collection


From my experience, buy things one by one, after careful choosing. And only when you have excess of your spending money. Slow and steady is the way to go. You don't want to be in debt just so you can show off your collection. Before you know it, you'll have a collection you're proud of.




It depends what you're interested in. Do you want blurays and fancy box sets? That's going to set you back. If you're willing to dig a bit and hurtle round thrift stores or sit perched on eBay, you can probably pick up DVD copies of a lot of movies fairly cheap. Worth doing a bit of research as I'm sure there are DVDs that got pumped out in the post-Ring mania that weren't deemed worthy of a bluray update too. Collecting is an odd thing. You can spend $$$ on a fancy edition of your favourite film but you'll never prize it quite as much as the lousy rip of an obscure flick that's not all that but you sweat blood to get a hold of.


Second the DVD thing, there are countless J-horror films that were just pushed out onto the market post-Ring that have never gotten a good blu-ray release. J-horror and K-horror. Marebito is the one that I can think of right off the top of my head.


As far as current releases go, Arrow has put out and is continuing to put out a lot of great j-horror. They are considered a “boutique blu ray” company so they do cost about twenty bucks each but they load the movies with extras and make sure there are some really nice transfers. Other companies such as Criterion have put some amazing stuff out here and there as well. I know everyone’s been mentioning dvds and they’re absolutely right cause there are soooo many movies that seem like they could just get lost to time, so checking Amazon and eBay for used dvds is absolutely worth a shot and just keeping an eye out for whatever movies catch your eye. I’d say it’s somewhat unlikely to find nowadays but searching for dvd lots could also still be worth trying :) If you reaaaally wanna get into collecting more and it’s something you love, I’d say it’s definitely worth looking into a region free 4K/blu ray player cause even though they’re always modded and not from the official companies, having the option of buying every available region’s offerings can be quite expansive from what I’ve found