So I just started and am moving on in the game but I don't really know what to do now. I guess just farm but that does get boring in the long run.

So I just started and am moving on in the game but I don't really know what to do now. I guess just farm but that does get boring in the long run.


It’s a farming simulator, so farming is literally doing the same thing over and over again, but Stardew valley dev made sure that you will never get tired, wait for the winter and see how hard it is to survive, start buying coops for animals, explore the caves and do fishing, there is tons of things to do, you just carry on don’t worry


Ok, Thanks ye I started to fish a bit and it was pretty but I got the hand of it and fish sell for a lot Wich is good. I also just bought a chicken coop from robin but there are no chinkens for some reason.


You need to buy chickens. Go see Marnie.


As u/hedderw said you need to go to Marnie, robin is a builder, but the animals will be bought by a farmer, which in this case is Marnie. From your farm head south, then to the right and you’ll find her


You’ll need to feed chickens once you buy them too. Make sure you build a silo before you get chickens so you can scythe the grass on your farm to make it into hay since hay is ridiculously expensive to buy, especially in the beginning.


Ok, I played for like another 4 hours and now I have a silo to chicken coops with chickens and I'm on winter day 2 I think


Keep going then :)




Quests and building friendship! There’s more added to the use of the game as friendship hearts go up and quests get added as you go, making the game play develop more and more.


The mines are pretty fun and challeing. My fav part of the game is fighting monsters.


As you get on with the first season and wander around the areas more people will talk to you and give you quests. You'll get a sword and be able to explore a mine. Will will give you his old fishing rod. And the mayor and a wizard will allow you to start fixing up the community center


Thanks, this helped alot. Now I'm doing pretty well! At the start I ngl kinda regretted buying Stardew cuz it seemed so boring but now... I think I might be addicted.


Oh yea, also about the community center I did some of the junimo thingy but Idk what the bus does.


Every character has its own questline so you can get to know the townfolks


go to the mines or go fishing and complete more quests and work on saving up to buy animals or try get to know more of the townspeople so you can witness some heart events!! also focus on fixing the community center it can keep you busy


Chop wood




Crack, collect


As you go on throughout your journey in Stardew Valley, you can do a lot of things. Quests, monster fighting, get to know NPCs, fish, forage, mining. Personally I enjoy farming because it’s just so damn lucrative.


For me, “in the long run” has been over 500 hours so far. I wouldn’t worry too much about that.