Meanwhile we’re waiting the new Assassin’s Creed game, I thought to draw a tribute to one of the best mentor Ezio Auditore. So I was thinking, do you think the old games were better or it’s fine? Hope you like the art too brothers and sisters 💪🏻

Meanwhile we’re waiting the new Assassin’s Creed game, I thought to draw a tribute to one of the best mentor Ezio Auditore. So I was thinking, do you think the old games were better or it’s fine? Hope you like the art too brothers and sisters 💪🏻


I liked all of them to be honest. Of course the new ones are very different, but I still love playing the games. The painting is amazing by the way. Would have love to have it!


Hey, finally someone with a positive mindset


Yeah I think it has become popular to hate on AC. It's almost like the Nickelback of video games.


Honestly the older games had better stories, but the newer assassins creeds are more fun to play.


This is the issue a lot of people have, the writing in the early games was superb. I am sure I’m not the only one who got emotional at that last scene in Revelations or when Mary died in Black Flag. They had a way of making you really care about the characters and how they felt, even (and perhaps especially) in Origins. Bayek is among my top 3, the other two being Ezio and Altair. As they’ve moved from telling their stories in huge sprawling cities to huge sprawling maps, they traded out their great writing for more of a focus on gameplay. Odyssey is much more guilty of this than Origins imo but Origins is still guilty of grindy gameplay and spongey enemies. I am hoping Valhalla proves to be their “perfect” game with the current formula. They need to balance grinding out forts and shit with telling a good story. I can sit here and tell you the entire storyline of the early games and even some of the newer ones but I couldn’t for the life of me tell you anything I did in Odyssey beyond wipe out a cult, sail around and fuck a lot of people. While it was a fun game at the time I got it, after I tore into the other single player games of that year I looked back at Odyssey with a bad taste in my mouth. Compare the writing of RDR2 or God of War ‘18 to that of Odyssey. Ubisoft is capable of doing better than that, they have the track record to prove it. I just want balance between writing and “fun” gameplay, I’m not going to put 100 hours into a game running around clearing forts if the writers cannot make me care about what’s going on in said game.


That's a fair assessment. I loved Odyssey but, much like the 4 AC games before it, the story was pretty uninteresting. However, the DLC added some of the best AC story that I've seen in a long time. The emphasis on the Isu and their DNA within the humans was pretty damn cool. I have pretty high hopes for Valhalla.


Dammit you spoiled it for me by saying that Mary died. I was gonna play black flag after finishing Ac3. You should have given a spoiler alert.


Game is 7 years old man but for what it’s worth I am sorry I didn’t even think about that I was severely stoned at the time of that comment, I apologize the game is still worth it though. It’s not the only sad part haha


Yeah its ok


Lol I haven't finished black flag yet, it's alright brother. This fact was unknown to me as well.


Ac3!!! Now theres a good AC game!


AC3 has one of my absolute favourite beginnings. A massive shock factor for sure, I remember sitting there gobsmacked and sort of betrayed but also proud of Ubisoft for tricking me in such a way. Makes me want to replay it!


Well, there is a good Assassin Creed game, but whatever it is, I appreciate the first three the most, but they are not bad. I realize the others that were released after that cycle of assassins starting with Unity and ending with the current theme rods could only play it to see it on YouTube because it can not be launched so they were made so that you can not launch you can to launch the old ones but this one can't be launched and from what I see on YouTube at Ultra HD the graphics are not different from the other old ones it seems quite similar to me and there are much better performing computers such as the zero presentation ones for example there are good computers maybe the ones on which the games were made but it won't make any difference as the graphics are too big and that's why I wonder why it can't be run There is some hidden software that won't open if you don't like The necessary calculator specified in the game description in the game specifications wedding counts for me these are because they will be designed to open only on expensive and very expensive computers and this is my time for these games but they are good mom watched the video and very good games but the way it was programmed to run is the problem not the game in itself


Exactly! I couldn't agree more. The gameplay has gotten progressively better with each sequel, but the story took a little hiatus after the end of AC3. Odyssey's story from the DLC has very much so piqued my interest so hopefully they can keep that momentum going and make an AC with amazing gameplay and story. I genuinely hope that in a few months gaming journalists and YouTubers will be singing praises about Valhalla and how much they underestimated the game.


Yeah I have been a fan from the beginning and I'm on board for Valhalla. Even Unity had its merits, despite it being an under developed mess at launch.


I'd pay 100 bucks for an Ezio trilogy remake with gameplay and graphics more comparable to Unity. Nothing beats the atmosphere of the original games. The characters, the feel, the time period, all perfect! The gameplay itself has not aged well though.


Yes god yes! If they make a Ezio remastered collection including all dlc's and short movies with their new gameplay mechanics and graphics, I would buy that shit twice (one for playing, other for showcase). P.s. completely ignoring the fact that bullshit remastered they made earlier


>If they make a Ezio remastered collection including all dlc's Make those horrible sequences 12 and 13 skippable in AC2 tho


Stories were good then, game mechanics were not so good as they were old so considering the time, they were great too. Only thing that separates old vs new games is ubisoft had different vision with assassin's creed franchise then (at least when it all began) and now they stretched that too much. They want to please every type of gamers needs and that way the main things, assassin's creed lore, is fading way. New games are on another level no doubt, but whoever played ac games from 2007 or '08, can easily conclude that these are not assassin's creed games.


I totally agree. I can’t feel that “brotherhood” I was used to feel. I still love the new games tho, and they’re so enjoyable to play in my opinion. But maybe it was better to call for example Ac Odyssey just “Odyssey”, and not include it in the franchise. It didn’t have much


They could just call it a spinoff.




Beautiful artwork btw. I can hear the eagle's call....


Thank you so much ^^


I saw it a lot more as world building. It showed a lot of info that builds up to the later story. It may not have been like the earlier games, but it set up important backstory for the lore. If every game was centered more around the assassins of the past few centuries, then it would get repetitive and not have the same depth of history imo


I'm not even trying to say that ubisoft should've made more ezio or altair games! Dude, that'd be horrifying. No, they told us their story, it's finished, we don't need any more of them. This is the main problem when someone say older ac games were better. Their not saying we need more ezio/altair/connor/shay games, they say they need ac games that says stories like their story, they do things not because they are hero or villain, they do because the family/creed/country/world need saving. Trust me when I say this- If ubisoft had made ac1,ezio trilogy,ac3 with modern rpg styled games, assassin's creed wouldn't be what it is now.


Yeah thats true. I do like the evolution though. It may seem a bit overwhelming at times, and could probably be scaled back in some areas, but I really like the newer levels of customization, and the combat system feels way better. The skill tree aspect could possibly be scaled down though, and having the warrior trees, although they make sense since the characters are proto-assassins and not modern ones, definitely feel a little strange for an assassind creed game


I agree. They should have taken a similar approach to those games that Watch Dogs did. They occur in the same universe but are different entities. The only difference is that it would be more closely connected to the AC franchise with the Isu stuff.


Ubisoft can easily surprise us with confirming watch dogs and assassin's creed being in the same universe officially and make a single combined game later where aiden pearce joins modern assassin's creed. That should resolve the issue with character developments of modern days in ac games.


That would be cool as hell. They did already confirm it though. In Origins present day there is a set of records and even a traffic cam photo that shows Aiden Pierce assassinating the main Abstergo guy from AC Black Flag. They even teased the two games being connected in Black Flag by having emails back and forth between Abstergo and Blue.


They teased in many occasions but not openly confirmed in the main campaigns yet.


That's how I took it as well, until I saw the main protagonist of Watch Dogs assassinate Olivier Garneau while en route to Chicago (where the 1st Watch dogs takes place). I can't imagine they'll do anything with that connection until both franchises are doing poorly from a critical and sales standpoint so they have nothing to lose, but it's a neat connection none the less.


Agree with odyssey, I hate that game, it's fun but please, it's not AC. The worst game in my opinion, because of the name. Valhalla Is made by the same team of origins, One of my favourites, Hope they doing good


I agree about pleasing every type of gamer needs...i am just suprised that they haven't made a battle royale assassins creed where 100 abstergo subject fights for a break from animus on island with loot items like hidden blades and pieces of eden...haha


Please don’t give them any ideas. 😭 Lol


Ubisoft: Hmmm.....write that down, write that down......


I agree. I love the new direction they've taken the franchise in terms of gameplay, but the story really went downhill. My theory is that the story arc for the franchise was only supposed to take us to the point when Desmond saves the Earth from the solar flare. However, by Brotherhood/Revelations Ubisoft realized that AC was pulling in way too much money to just stop making them. So they kept making them despite not having a plan for the over arching story. That paired with the heavy emphasis on annual releases is why every game since 3 has had entirely forgettable stories. I really enjoyed Odyssey's DLC story so hopefully that indicates that they have a plan in place to make the story as awesome as it used to be.


Exactly my point. It's all came down to business.


I agree. I could handle origins, even though I saw what was happening. It being an “origin” story I accepted those changes. But Odyssey broke my heart because I felt the AC games “I” knew and loved were gone forever.


The new games are fun and I go back to them regularly, I just feel like the older games had a bit more heart. Maybe it’s nostalgia but there’s nothing quite like strolling the Venetian rooftops listening to that soundtrack for me


True, nostalgia is so important. I’m playing again the whole Ezio story and I feel so emotional... but every game is special I think, it gives me different vibes. I can’t hate anything haha


It is nostalgia, trust me. I feel the same way. We never feel that way for new games because we still have to process their memories and one day we will only remember the strong vibes they had. I'm recently starting to miss the feeling of riding my horse in the middle of the desert following the pyramids on the horizon, and I'm sure in a few years I'll think of origins like I today think of ac3. People don't realise this, so the boring "there aren't good new games (of every genre)" trend was born


I hate nostalgia and what it does to people. Nostalgia makes you think things were better than what they actually were. I played Ac2 about 7 times when I was young, came back with the Ezio collection last month and the game is still good and uncovering memories was a lot of fun. But the games after the Ezio trilogy were just better ,at least when it comes to general gameplay. Altho I did not enjoy Origins and Odyssey


Brotherhood is so damn good, and I hope Valhalla can evoke the same feelings that it does


Hope so!


Great drawing! Now to answer your question about the old games vs new games. I got into series at the start and became obsessed when 2 came out. I loved the Truth segments and how all of human history had the pieces of eden play a part. I’m probably in the minority but I think the newer games (Origins & Odyssey) have brought some great changes to the series. I’m looking forward to the future of the series hopefully we see a Japanese game or at the least an Asian ac in the future thanks to the success of Ghost of Tsushima 🤞


I really like the picture 😊


Thanks :3


From Firenze


True 😂


Gameplaywise I enjoyed the less RPG-styled AC games more but I guess change is the only way to improve


this is so beautiful


Thanks ^^~


It’s definitely hard to compare the game styles, I loved the old ones as they introduced me to the series and I have many happy memories in them. But the new ones are really stunning and have taken the series in a fresh direction! Awesome painting


Great art! Really accurate vibes. As for your question, I love the old games but I also love the new direction. I think Odyssey was a bit too unrelated to the Assassin story but in terms of gameplay I loved it.


I’d say Ezio’s sad story is better than RPG bullshit AC games. Valhalla better be worth it.


Let’s hope👀 the soundtracks sound promising too




And Sarah👀 she’s great too


I think calling Odyssey a RPG is an insult. It's a dumpster fire that should be forgotten


The ezio trilogy are my favorites. I love the new games but to me, the old ones feel more like assassin's creed. idk, they've changed A LOT


I'm playing through the series from the start and halfway through black flag now and have played origins and Odyssey 100%. Ezio is the clear favourite of mine with the modern day Desmond being my favourite too. The series really changed when that decision deviant became the leader. Hoping the next ac is more in line with the earlier series or at least Prince of Persia will bring back the Ezio feel.


Asking this sub if they think the old games were better is basically redundant at this point


I like the old games but I personally would not call them better.


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The old games were good, and the new ones are even better


I like every game but I feel like Ubisoft has changed the franchise to a completely different genre. But I think every game is great(ignoring the bugs).


Odyssey had lovely mechanics, but I felt 0 attachment to the story. AC2 had...mechanics, but I adored the story. I prefer the older games, but I don’t hate on the new ones. I’ll still play them for surr


I love the old and new games. I’m not the biggest fan of stealth games but I love the stealth mechanics in the new games. I love the action in old AC. It’s so much fun to kill a guard and see how long you can last while hundreds of guards try to kill you.


Whilst I respect the old games, and think they definitely deserve a proper sequel, I absolutely love the RPG direction ubi has gone with in the latest games. super looking forward to valhalla.


I like what Odyessy and Origins have done to flesh out more of the beginning of the Assasin’s Creed lore, more towards the beginning of history. That being said, the stories of the first ones were absolutely amazing! I hope they are able to find a middle ground, hopefully with Valhalla.


I hate to join the “let’s all shit on the new games” train but, I kinda feel like the OG games were a bit better. Up until recently I had only ever played Unity, Odyssey, and a small bit of Origins and had no idea about the overall storyline of the games. Recently I bought all of the ones I was missing so I could go through and play them in order and grab their platinum trophies on PS4. Having just finished AC3 (and the games prior to it) I can honestly say I like the Ezio games better than some of the new games. I do still have a good number of games to play, and I expect Black Flag may becomes my favorite, but it seems like Ubisoft just gave up in a modern day storyline in the recent games in favor of just giving people new time periods and locations to play in, with bare bones context or relation to the old games and their story. That said, the old games have some pretty awful gameplay. None of the AC games have incredibly great climbing and freerunning, so I can’t really say they do it any better or worse, but the combat specifically is just god awful in the old games lol. Ubisoft definitely improved on that front


Honestly after the first assassins creed, the ending had me so annoyed I didn’t want to play another one. Then the second one came out and I thought, “I have to play this just to see if there was a point to the first one.” Now after all these years, I’m addicted to getting 100% on all the games. The newer ones have gotten far away from the whole stealth concept that the series started out with, but they are still fun games and really that’s all that matters. Also, artwork looks awesome, good job!


My take on whether they're better or not is that they are better for their time, if that makes sense. Not all that long ago I was one that would swear up and down that the AC franchise needed to return to its roots. Well, after finally getting around to playing the Ezio collection, playing AC IV and Rogue on Switch, and doing a replay of Syndicate for the DLC I have realized that I was wrong. A big part of my enjoyment replaying these titles came from nostalgia. They're good games, don't get me wrong, but they're quite dated. Whether or not people like it, the series needed a soft reboot and Origins and Odyssey are what we got. Now, whether or not that particular new direction that they took was a good one is subjective, but they definitely needed a new direction. I personally love Origins and Odyssey and I am SO excited for Valhalla, but I can understand and respect other people not liking what AC has become. I just hope these people can at least give Ubisoft credit for recognizing how stagnant the series had become and doing something about it.


It seems like story and gameplay just can’t coexist. Either the story is great, or it’s fun, but not both. I had a lot of fun playing Odyssey, and I’m looking forward to viking time.


The painting is very cool! On the topic of which era of AC games is better, I prefer the new ones, with Odyssey being my favorite one.


I loved the old ones. Sure it was easy combat but thats what made you feel like a master assassin. However the new ones are a lot of fun in their own way, it feels more like a very capable person more than assassin which fits the theme for origins and odyssey.


I haven't played the newer games (yet), and my entire apprehension is because they are so different from the original games. I don't like that there are RPG elements, I don't like that there are dialogue options or the opportunity to select your gender. The whole POINT of Assassin's Creed was that you were playing memories, the past, and the past can only have happened one way. If there are options then...it's just not Assassin's Creed. I also really enjoyed Modern Day and how it was beginning to develop around 3 and the overarching story, and they seem to have just completely removed it. I will play them, eventually, but I'm really unhappy with how the games have evolved.


As a rpg fan, I love the new games!


I love the new direction of the assassin's creed games i am a big fan of rpgs so the rpg heavy assassin games are my jam


Nothing is true, everything is permitted.


I don’t think I’ve played an AC game I didn’t like. Sure, I can see why some protagonists are slightly disliked (cough cough Connor Kenway cough) but I think that overall the series has been solid. Granted, the newest game I’ve played is Rogue so I can’t speak on the newest ones much at all


Thanks to you i'm gonna replay AC 2 again! Aah the memories, just thinking about the beginning of the game makes me emotional


I love all of them. It’s basically a completely different franchise now, but it’s still very fun.


That looks amazing!


Older games were better because they were a part of a larger story. I personally loved the sci-fi modern day segments and loved how each game would end on a cliffhanger, baiting you for the next game. I'm so sad they didn't go for the Uncharted-esque idea they had to make the modern day segments more fleshed out in pursuing lost pieces of eden. I dislike how the modern day has gone to the wayside and each story is very loosely connected if connected at all. Having a modern day protagonist again has been nice but they haven't really done anything with it. Origins was pretty great though.


Nice 👍👌👌, looks really well🤩


My favorite is of course Ezio's experience.


I feel like ever since they killed Desmond it just got weird. Especially after Black Flag


Story wise, the older ones are superior in every way, especially the Ezio games, origins came close though


Gameplay has never been the highlight and been pretty mediocre always. But the old games at least had good storytelling.


The old games were better, but it’s still fine... so both?


That is actually awesome. I hope you create more stuff like this in the future


I like the newer games. Idk why but who knows.


His outfit is the most iconic outfit in the series next to Altair


This is amazing! Keep it up


I miss the actual "Assassin" elements. It was cool in Unity and Syndicate how you could approach assassinations in a variety of ways. (Obviously the modern day stuff is lacking) They could've kept Desmond in the game by being stuck in the Animus like that one dude.


I just want the Ezio trilogy to come to Switch!


I like his outfit in ac2 a lot more than all the other ones


This image is very nostalgic


Is it nerdy that I know approximately where that is on the brotherhood map? Probably. Do I care? No


Personally prefer the older games as they were actually about assassins doing assassin stuff. Modern day has always been a bit of a bungle, especially post-AC3. The newer games, while really fun to me, fall into a category what I call "Ubisoft's Open-World Formula". Where it's a big open world with copy pasted content including: too much bloat between side activities, enemy encampments that need to be taken over, fog of war that can be revealed with beacons/towers/etc., rehashed "random" encounters, and more. New AC games, Watch Dogs, and Far Cry all follow this formula and I'm getting sick of it.


That's very cool. I think pre Origins were the best games. Personally I wasn't a big fan of the changes to Origins even though I enjoyed the game itself. I thought they should have made the same game but not part of the Assassin's Creed series. Odyssey lost me completely. It's the first one I haven't beaten. I think Valhalla is going to be the same thing, unfortunately.


Oh wow! Ezio is my favorite - but I love all of the Assassins. I even had an Ezio cosplay made, gender crossover absolutely wonderful to wear ( am a girl so it required a corset). Keep drawing I’d love to see more of these!!


I honestly feel like after the Desmond story, the series lost the emotion and feeling. The new games are epic, but the "Assassin's Creed" feeling that was there seems kinda lost. Edit: forgot to mention your art is great, my most favourite Assassin ever.


I like the older games a lot more (1-4, Brotherhood, and Revelations). For the first 5 games, the story felt more in-lined with one another. The threat was real, and finally getting to use an Apple of Eden in Brotherhood felt so satisfying because of the amount of power it possess. In the newer games, I just don't feel threatened at all. There is a threat, but nothing is really happening. In the old games, it was the end of world. The new games are about...what was it again? As for Black Flag, it had a mix of everything from the original games.


I loved the first AC games, AC1 to AC revelations. But I didn't like AC3 at all. But then the games got better again with black flag. But I think the present time is lost. I enjoyed the present time... And now, I played Odessy and I enjoyed it too. But then I played RDR2 and after completing that game I went back to Odessy to play the DLC, and it was awful! The characters are lame, no feeling. The fighting is kinda bad, the horses are ugly, the story is poorly written and so on and so on. So I'm so scared that Vikings are the same as Odessy, and when I look at the trailer, it looks the same...


i prefer the older ones and also amazing art keep it up!


i think that you can’t compare them. many of the old games are filled with bugs and shit, but they’re super enjoyable to play, and i love the stories. but, if they kept doing the same thing over and over again, it would get boring and they wouldn’t draw new, younger customers in. i think it’s nice that the newer ones are different and bring a different style of gameplay for different types of players. the old ones are always going to be awesome, and the new ones are enjoyable and a different style. comparing them is always fun, but you shouldn’t hate one or the other just because they’re different. (i mean do whatever you want but i personally don’t think the hate is deserved, odyssey is pretty great.) i also absolutely love how the new ones are based on different types of mythologies. i’ve always been a nerd for that kinda stuff :D


Well i am not a big fan of the rpg assassins creed but its just my opinion.


*Jumps into river from conveniently placed hideout*


You know I get it, people don’t like that the game evolves. It’s not the old-school, back to basics sneaky assassination-only game anymore with a fight sequence here and there. I don’t think it has really lost that aspect tho and more like gained others which then may have lead to most players not making use of that old technique as much anymore. But let’s be realistic, looking at the timestamps, it’s much more realistic for an assassin during the Renaissance to be that sneaky bastard than for some Greek warrior. It’s just natural to make use of brutal fighting skills during that time. Even besides that, I would conclude that games can obviously be for the better or worse (story-wise, mechanics-wise, etc.), it’s just that each of the games imo live of their own style, the story might not always fit as well in the bigger picture but it always seemed to fit in their own. Just my thoughts here, don’t know how well I could deliver them to you.


When I was a young man.... Assassins creed was a 1000 times better.


Hoenstly I think the Ezio Trilogy is the best, because you live his life for many years and also every other assassin respects him and Altair Ibn' lahad. Requiescat in pace.


Old games hands DOWN!


I mean, the latest games are not assassin's creed so


I think the golden age for the AC gameplay was probably from the third game. BF and Rogue felt a little repetitive with the ship battles but then, Unity, oh my god Unity's parkour is joy for the eyes


This is beautiful dude, very very well done.


Old games were definitely better. They had a seperate feel to them, playing them gave us a feeling of playing assassin's creed but the recent games feel more like price of persia modified (not bad but they have lost that AC vibe)


I hope they go back to the roots now that the trilogy is done. Maybe they could remake AC1 (and I mean remake, not remaster) as a way to 'test the waters', I would love to see Altair again.


I love this artwork. Fantastic job!🤙👏👏 Personally, since Origins, Assassins Creed has become a chore to play. I love this series to death, but to get a bad taste in my mouth because a new one is coming out is depressing. 🤷


The almighty haystack, there's no AC without it!


Definitely old ones. I loved them all until Oliver Bowden was writing it. He had that flare in him. Modern AC games seem lifeless and with 0 passion. Yes, there’s improved graphics, advanced combats. But doesn’t give that vibe like revelations, brotherhood or black flag gives. As a life long fan, Big disappointment I’d say.


I like them all, but I wish we got a game from Ezio’s timeline that incorporates the newer stuff: bounty hunters chasing him, a bird pal, more open world, etc


Old ones all the way! I can’t find the motivation to finish Odyssey... I just don’t like where the franchise is going, but I will say as long as it’s bringing new people onboard, then that’s okay. Just makes me miss the good old days


I find the new ones are better but nothing like original assassins creed. They need to come up with a way to make the new games good but also like assassins creed.


That looks cool!


I can’t stand the new games. The new mechanics take away from not only the story but the feel of assassin’s creed


Love the art work! I definitely like the old games more, kinda fell out of love with origins onwards, they seem like decent games but (or at least origins does) but lots of stuff that I love about assassin's creed has changed and it doesn't feel the same to me


The older games were better but I never played newer it just feels from an outsider perspective they tried to hard ripping off the Witcher’s combat system


And What do you get by copying shit combat? more shit


Ac combat has always been shit tho


Not a single soul would say the new games are better


That’s ignorant.


Thats, "og" player opinion


You can have whatever opinion you want, but to say that there is no one who disagrees with that opinion is factually wrong.


People would, but I have no idea why.


The last decent AC game was syndicate, then it devolved into a shitty RPG


Syndicate was the last of the new ones I played and it felt too streamlined. Choosing between a cane, knife and brass knuckles were honestly pretty lame. Should have had all 3 from the beginning. Altair, ezio, Connor, edward and shay were walking arsenals with how much weaponry they carried. You had options. Syndicate was just lol cane sword go slice I really enjoyed the control with climbing and parkour that ac2-rogue had. You had to actually look for things to climb on while scaling some building. The combat of 3 was amazing and set the bar for the entire franchise. Black flag and rogue were pretty close but it was too easy to just blast away with items and tools, and less emphasis on weapon types. Personally I feel the older games are better for a handful of reasons and the newer ones being rpg style is a massive turn off for me. I'm sure I'd enjoy odyssey and origins because I like the mythology, but the departure from the gameplay of the earlier games makes it look like a totally different franchise. If valhalla is just another rpg style "assassin's creed" I'll be passing again. Even though it's vikings too like how is it the most interesting mythology gets packaged in witcher 3/God of war knockoffs?


Yes the old games were better, no doubts about it.


I know the old formula that ended with Syndicate was getting tired to a lot of people, but I really wish they’d go back to it. I’d love to see the AC games I know and love return with new cutting age graphics, combat, and effects without them destroying the game to essentially make it “something else” flying under the AC banner like Origins and Odyssey. I got through Origins but only because of my fascination with Egyptian history. Odyssey was like a pile of hot garbage. I hate the tedious grind, the way they had materials all over the place to farm, boring map, repetitive as fuck, LAME camp humor and writing, I despised the combat and stabbing with a spear over and over again. Just...dammit UBISOFT, AC was one of my few pleasures and it’s depressing as hell to think the best games are all behind me. I’d rather play a remaster of black flag/unity/syndicate before doing more BS like odyssey.