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You are too sweet! thank you! I will say its probably one of the hardest things I've ever done, but its so worth it!


Very impressive, it takes a lot of discipline to do this!




Amazing!!!! Keep it up, you look great!




Not to wig out or anything, but if this side by side isn't motivating, idk what the actual frick is. You are killing it. If you have hit a road block, just know you are an inspiration to us all, and there is absolutely nothing going on here but some seriously impressive hard work and dedication. If you can come this far, you can definitely achieve whatever you have in mind. This is why I pay attention to this subreddit. You give me hope.


How in the actual fuck??? This is quite the accomplishment!


Its simple actually. Obese and Overweight people can decrease their weight by limiting their calorie intake each day. However, because they are so accustomed with eating it is hard so start limiting your calories. This beautiful lady over here manage to diet and it shows that the diet succeeds. However, to further lower your weight when you're not overweight/obese you need to excercise as dieting can only do so much.


Well, thank you for the thorough explanation, and I suppose I should’ve been more specific, but I was referring to her huge lack of loose skin. I have been dieting/fasting and enjoyed a decently athletic lifestyle for some time now, so I know a lot of the ins and outs of how it works. This is just one of the best examples of autophagy I’ve seen in a while.


That's only half the story, it's also what you eat. If I lower my caloric intake but limit myself to only eating gummy bears then my cholesterol will go up and tolerance for exercise goes down. Calories aren't a great measure as they aren't measured in the same way that we digest food. They are measured using a bomb calorimeter which uses heat to measure calories instead of the enzymatic activity which does so in our bodies. You can have a bag of psyllium husks that has a ton of calories, but none of it will be absorbed as your body can't process long chain carbohydrates beyond a certain length.


Can't anyone lose weight just by limiting calories no matter what size you are? Or do you mean that just dieting alone when you're a lower weight makes lowing weight more difficult?


Of course, there's lots of calorie calculators online that will work out how many calories you should limit yourself to each day to lose X amount of weight per week. [This one](https://www.calculator.net/calorie-calculator.html) is pretty basic but there's plenty of others (even apps) with cool graphs and more information


Yes you can lose weight by limiting your calories. However, in the case of obese person, because they eat like 3000-5000 calories a day when they limit themselves to eat only 2000 calories a day you can see a lot of progress. Compared to when you are at a normal weight and you're eating 1500-2500 calories a day and further lowering your calorie intake will still lower your weight but from my personal experience and those around me without excercise its hard to see a noticeable change in your body. For example, im 65 kg 170cm male and i eat 2000 calories a day. im already at a normal BMI and even if i do OMAD and eat 1000-1500 calories my belly fat isn't going to go away without me excercising. TL;DR : If you want to lose weight excercise + diet. For some people diet can lose you weight but only up to some point. In addition, excercising is also healthy for your body and is a faster way to burn fat.


I can't eat at maintenance or I gain weight. Seems like eating 1200 is the only way I can lose anything


If you're gaining weight at the "maintenance" number, than you have that number wrong. Everyone is different, so keep that in mind. I'm not sure what your stats are but if your barometer for losing weight is 1200, then your maintenance number isn't too far off. It's probably lower than the generic 2000, because maintenance is, by it's very definition, maintaining your same weight. Again, it's different for everyone.


Female, 5'9 265lbs. My maintenance is in the 2000s. If I eat more than 1700 it seems like I stall or gain


Our current stats are nearly the same, I’m just an inch taller. I’ve found I can eat 2000-2200 or so and continue losing so as long as I do it in tandem with a fairly significant amount of exercise (which I hate doing lol, but I’m sick of being sedentary and getting better with it). Are you on any exercise routine? If not it sucks being on a larger deficit, but at our weight, you can really just cut the calories to see results. 1200-1500.


Yea I'm very sedentary due to chronic fatigue and nausea issues


This is so inspirational for me! I am in the same SW as you and some days it feels impossible to actually lose 66kg. Would you mind saying if you have much loose skin?


I do have loose skin, particulaly my tummy and upper inner thigh area - but i can hide it pretty well in clothes so its never really bothered me too much. I do plan on having a tummy tuck once ive hit my goal weight and mained for while, its just incredibly expensive and terrifying!


Thanks for answering! I saw some videos of people who lost over 120lbs and they had so much loose skin it was terrifying and just the thought of the surgery is terrifying as well.


The surgery, or recovery rather, really scares me; but the loose skin is nothing to be scared of. I hardly notice it and the only time it really bothers me is when I start flirting with the idea of wearing a bikini haha


You shouldn’t be afraid of wearing a bikini! My mom always says that the beach is one of the most democratic places that exist. I wear one and I weigh 137kgs


I wish I grew up with a mom like your's. My mom body shamed me for years. "A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips" was a common phrase coming from her. And I'm not/never been a 'big' person, 5'3 size 6 at my biggest. I had a baby when I was 15, and I have the stretch marks that go along with pregnancy. My mom shamed me for years. It took me until I was 30 to wear a bikini. She wonders why I limit my contact with her.


I never comment on these weight loss subs, I just cheekily visit for my own motivation but I felt I had to tell you, you look amazing! I thought you’d had a tummy tuck already, as your tummy looks so flat!! Well done for the progress! You look fabulous!


The amount of loose skin you have is pretty common with postpartum mums. And my friend started microneedling her tummy. I huffed at her. But her tummy looked never so good like now. It took six months. But it’s something you can do along your journey. She bought one roller on amazon, did a lot of research (mainly on yt) and did it daily. Maybe it can help you. And Btw you look bomb.


Holy shit that is terrifying. I am SO glad she got good results, but anyone reading this PLEASE be very cautious of microneedling at home! do NOT do this once a day. You’re creating small tears in your skin that can cause scarring, infections, and so many other possible side effects. TONS of research and proper technique is essentiallllllll. POCs especially need to make sure their skin can handle it without discoloration or keloids.


Same here! I’m always so sad when I only lose 2 lbs a week and then I realize it’s about the long game.


You are amazing! What a transformation! I can't imagine how hard that must have been, and now you're closing in on your goal weight! This is really inspirational, well done!


Its honestly one of the hardest things I've done, but 100% worth it!


Wow. You are doing amazing. High five for commitment. I've known marriages that you've out-commited. Just gave me mega inspiration. Thanks for posting. I know how much you've sacrificed. Amazing work. So weird to be proud of a person you've never met. Keep it up , you are awesome!! Edit- just have to say one more time, amazing. You are a warrior. If I had the means to give you gold rest assured I would have. You look amazing and tough as nails. Thanks again for the extra push.


Aww you are so sweet! your comment has really brigthened my day, thank you!


Holy shit girl! Do you wake up in the morning and squeal with excitement about this new life you are living? Amazing work! Keep it up!


There has been so many times that I havent recognised myself when I walk past mirrors


I bet! Obviously you’ve had to get new clothes- how much fun was that?!?


Amazing!! Again, don't really have motivation for you, but this is very motivational for me! Can I ask your height? I have a similar goal weight :)


Im 163cm I think thats 5'3 ish? I also have quite wide shoulders - I like to think I have the build of a hobbit


Hahaha that's amazing, however you definitely don't look like a hobbit! I'm like 161, so this is even more motivating! Currently 101, down from 110 since May 1st :D Goal is 65 by the end of the year


oh wauw that's always what I say, i'm 163 cm as well :D this is amazing progress and motuvation btw!


163 cm is 64.17 inches


I did find when I got to within 5kg to go to get to my goal weight that it took almost 6 months to see any movement and then it came down within a month. If that makes sense.


Holy shit


I’m so proud of u. How did u stick to it, any tips for staying consistent?


Aww thanks! that means a lot :) there has been a few bad weeks and a couple of bad months, so I wont say I've been incredibly consistent lol I found that when I started incorporating running even just once a week I would make much better food choices. Its either "well you didnt exercise today so no treat" or I didnt want my hard work to be wasted on a treat


I think calorie counting from now on will help you get past your plateau for sure!


Awesome job!!!


Wow. No other word comes to mind. You’ve completely changed your life and hopefully you’re rocking a positive outlook. 👍 Amazing commitment and results. Great, great job.


Holy crap this is insane. You look amazing. So impressive.


First off, awesome work in losing the first 60 kg! That's a tremendous accomplishment. Are you sure that you're still eating at deficit? Maintenance at 76 kg is a BIG deficit for 136 kg. Double check your calorie consumption, or simply reduce portions/meals by 25% and see if that works. Good luck!


76.0 kg is 167.4 lbs


Thank you :) Do you have advice on how much my deficit should be? I dont really calorie count but willing to start more of an exact count. Currently I'm eating \~1200 to 1500 more on the 1500 side and looking at my fitbit im rougly 1000cals in deficit


Try a 500 cal deficit, assuming "sedentary" activity level. Calories burned by exercise would be a bonus, but is completely unnecessary. https://tdeecalculator.net/


Keep up the good work! If you find something not working, try something different. Either start counting calories, or extend your fasting window. Try Alternate Day Fasting, or maybe one meal every other day. Don't be afraid to extend your fasts, studies show that your metabolism will go up for up to 3-4 days of fasting. Throw in some salt water on your off days, if you start getting a headache while fasting. The headaches are often caused by a lack of electrolytes, and the salt will prevent you from losing them.


Wow!! What an accomplishment


Wow! That is so amazing! So proud of you and I admire your determination and sticking with it.


WHOA, check you out!! Congratulations, well done.


Great job


Holy SHIT girl !!!!!!! This is the best transformation I’ve ever seen. You must feel so good, I am so happy for you


God you look amazing. I feel as though we are very similar in our starting shape and this gives me so much hope. I'm so terrified of loose skin but you look wonderful.


Noo! dont be scared of loose skin, its really not so bad! I have a fair bit around my tummy and can honestly say it doesnt effect my day to day at all, you cant see it at all in clothes and when I want to wear something a bit more figure hugging shapewear is my hero :)




SUCH AMAZING WORK!!! Keep it up!


I can relate to this, here's my experience. 58M, SW 264lbs, CW 207lbs. I'm one year on Keto, 8 months into vigorous exercise, but started with IF 16:8 for 7 months or so until I started having periodic hypoglycemic spells. That's just background. When I stopped fasting, my significant and quick weight loss stalled. Because of exercise, my body was slowly looking better/trimmer, but the number on the scale stopped dropping. The Shelter-in-place orders hit California and I felt like my new goal was just to not put on the dreaded "Covid 19" pounds! Giving the body a few months to just live in it's new place after rapid slimming like you've had is it's own win. I'd love to drop another 20, but I'm pleased that slim me appears to be my body's new normal. What I thought was a stall in progress is I feel a settling in of the success I had.


When you get closer to your goal people tend to lose slower. But a good thing to remember is that the changes you have made in your life are positive ones so just keep doing whatever you have been doing and you will get there! You should be proud!


What kind of exercising did you do if any? Amazing results


First off, congratulations on your transformation! Looking really good! In terms of plateauing, have you tried anything other than 16:8 and OMAD? When I switched to 20:4 and OMAD from 18:6 I started to notice the pounds dropping again. I don't think it hurts to keep your body guessing. Throw some exercise in there and you've got a recipe for success, doesn't have to be anything strenuous, even walking three days a week will make a big difference. Good luck :)


O my god.....amazing.......keep going!!!!!!




Incredible. Keep going!


Keep on grinding, amazing work so far!!


Wow! That’s amazing. Great job!


OMG!!!!! Congratulations 🎉🎊 you look fantastic.


This is impressive! Keep going sister


How much water are you drinking? I learned when platued my weight loss, drinking a gallon a day got me back on track.


Thats actually a good point, I'm drinking maybe 4 or 5 glasses a day. Thanks for the tip!


You have made amazing progress. If you haven't already try lifting weights. It builds muscle which burns more calories and may help you get over your plateau. Try not to get discouraged and keep it up.


Agree with this! Scale might not go down weight lifting but your body composition will change dramatically and it helps tighten things up. I found once I incorporated weight lifting the scale didn’t move very quickly at all but a lot of my fat changed to muscle and I dropped dress sizes rather than weight.


Okay. That's it. Can someone please explain to me how I start intermittent fasting? This picture inspired me to start.


YOU FUCKING GO GIRL!!!! You look incredible!!!! I hope you’re so proud of yourself because I know that came from hard work and dedication!


My best advice is to stay off the scale for a month. Focus on everything else and make goals unrelated to your weight, or even to weight loss. It used to be impossible for me to stay off the scale, but it makes a huge difference in terms of the mental game.


I found moving from 16:8 to 18:6 provided enough push to break out of a plateau. /Personally/ I try to do a 48 hour fast every quarter or so, but that's less about weigh loss than doing a longer term autophagy going now and again. Your progress is impressive regardless.




As I've jusg started I have little motivation to offer but found your transformation inspiration for me to keep pushing.


You slaughtered the belly


You’re amazing! Really!


can you tell me how do you fast? like daiky? weekly? at what time?


I cant live without my morning coffee so I do mostly 16:8 with my eating window from 10am to 6pm, on weekends I do OMAD with my meal still before 6pm. I dont really calory count or anything like that, but I do make sure what I eat is as close to natural as possible so anything highly processed.


This is my ideal eating window. About how many meanls is this typically for you? Is it like a breakfast, lunch, early dinner or coffee and lunch and dinner? Thank you and you are so amazing!!!


Normally I have a coffee at 10 then some fruit if I get hungry, lunch is usually around 1 and dinner just after 5 and then I will also have a black tea at 9pm. Thank you for your kind words :)


You should be able to see this information more in the sidebar, but she said she does 16:8 and occasionally OMAD. 16:8 is 16 hours of fasting and 8 hours of eating. An example is if you were to restrict your “eating time” to 12-8pm. OMAD is when you eat one large meal once a day, fasting for the rest of the time. There’s many options and everybody needs something different. There’s plenty of info on this sub though.


Amazing progress! Way to go!!


Wow. Great job!


That's an amazing transformation.


You look amazing! Huge accomplishment right there and you better be proud!


Holy schnikes!!! What a great job! You did this. Be proud of yourself!


Wow! Congrats!!!




One meal a day


Wooooo let’s go!


Motivation?? You are motivation!! Congrats on the amazing job.


Oowweee that’s so amazing.


Congratulations! Wow-what an amazing transformation. Keep it going. It would really help if you share your diet plans. I'm currently doing OMAD and need tips from a veteran like you!


Amazing transformation. If you've stalled look into improving your gut microbiome. It'll give you a huge kick start again.


I'm 4 inches taller than you and you look so much better than I do at your weight! You carry it so well. I also noticed your posture improved too! You look so much more confident! Incredible progress!!!


4 inches is 10.16 cm


What an achievement you filled me full of motivation damn!


What is OMAD? What does it stand for and what does that mean?


One meal a day


Keep going, OP! One of the things I learned from therapy is that when you’re having trouble staying motivated to do something that is difficult and long-term is to weigh individual choices against your values. Think of the reasons me why you made the choice to fast in the first place. Make choices that are consistent with those values. In this way, you are being compassionate to yourself. You are honoring the thoughts and feelings that lead you to the decision in the past, and the goal you will reach in the future, with your actions in the present. You hear me? You can TRANSCEND TIME ITSELF TO ACTUALIZE YOUR GOALS! This is YOUR power! Channel it to YOUR designs and ends!


I love this! Thanks for sharing, I'll definately try :)




You should be so proud of your hard work!


That's an amazing transformation, I'm sure you'll be the motivation that others need!


Wow this is amazing. You look fantastic! You have come so far already. I'm absolutely sure you will reach your goal! Would you mind sharing your workout routine?


Thank you! I used to do a lot of weight training when I first started IF but at the moment I do 3 or 4 5km runs during the week and one 10km on the weekend and I ride my bicycle to and from work - it’s only a 6km ride each way so I don’t really count it as exercise lol


great job :) looking good


Bloody legend!!!! Super impressive!


This is an incredible transformation!! Congratulations! Looks like you have a lot of willpower already so I'm sure finding your motivation to keep going won't be hard ! You look amazing already !:))


These pictures should be motivation enough. Keep going


Hell yeah, girl! Rock on! ✊


Wowzers! Bet you feel like a new person! Well done 👍




Awesome results, keep it up and be proud of the new you!!




This is so inspiring! Well done! What's your height and what's your diet been like (calorie intake etc) if you don't mind me asking?


U r motivating us all. Way to go. Excellent effort


Motivation? You just posted it. Just reflect on yourself. You look Fab.


Woah. Good job mate! I was literally being lazy today and your post has inspired me to run outside.


This is so inspirational. Well done!


Amazing! Giving me hope that I can do it too! Haven't fully started intermittent fasting yet, I do a lot of hard training at the moment (Roadbike, Enduro, Trial, MTB and some simpler things like running and dumbbell) I tried intermittent fasting about a mouth of two ago, that time it was two weeks of 16:8, and I felt so week, both during the day and especially when I did my training. But I'm planning to do another try again soon. What do you eat, is it like no pasta, no bread and so on? (Pastalover here). And again, amazing work! You look stunning!


Oh wow you are active! I found on days/weeks where I'm super low on energy I wasnt getting enough protein, maybe thats something you should keep an eye on when you try again? I am a pastalover as well so I've never completely cut out carbs but I do try to limit it to only once or twice a week.


Damn! That's awesome, you are doing so good! Keep up the good work 💪


Wow wow wow!!!! You've really done an excellent job! Commitment thru the roof!!! I'm so impressed!


I agree with the others, your progress is super motivating! I don't know who originally posted this, but I saw somewhere along the lines of: "Your current weight is someone else's goal weight. Be kind to yourself." I thought it was worth remembering. You're doing great, even if the scale is being stubborn!


Wow I am beyond impressed


Your current weight seems great! Amazing job! You inspire me to get started asap! Keep on living the healthy life for both physical and mental health! :)


Wow, this is amazing. Super proud of you. You're a motivation for a lot of people!!


Wow you look amazing! you should be so proud of your hard work!


Congrats to making a healthy change! It looks like two different people actually. Im sure you not only feel better physically, but mentally too! I always suggest adding resistance training as well.


Amazing transformation! Good job!


Wow, such great progress. Wonderful!




Do you do any exercise or is it all diet?


I run 3 or 4 times a week and I used to do a lot of weight training at the start of my weightloss




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My wife was on keto for the last 2 years and switched to OMAD about 2 months ago. She currently looks like you at your SW and dreams to look like you at your CW. Showing her this is giving her a ton of confidence to keep going! How was your experience with loose skin? She thinks she'll have a lot but seeing your stomach makes me believe the opposite.


Loose skin is so strange, It's definitely something she shouldn’t be scared about! I have quite a bit of loose skin on my tummy but its barely noticeable in clothes or when I’m standing up - the only time you can really see the extent of it is when my leaning over forward. Tell your wife I wish her all the strength! and shes got this!


Let's see those feet tho