Was messing around and tried to recreate this old Rdr shot

Was messing around and tried to recreate this old Rdr shot


To all those saying this is a repost, this has been verified to be his own work. Certain aspects such as the beard length and environmental surroundings are different from earlier posts like [this one](https://reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/ea3scn/generational_jump_3_i_managed_to_make_a_proper/).


Bottom can swim *slightly* longer than top.


I almost forgot in the original how as soon as the water went above his chest it immediately killed you, poor John.


Remembered that the hard way my last RDR1 playthrough when agent Fordham knocked John off the pier and into the water during a mission.


This is the thing I hate most about the epilogue/aftergame.


I never swim in games if I can help it because I hate deep water. What're we talkin' about here?


Arthur can swim just fine – it drains your stamina, but it’s doable for short periods. John, on the other hand, can’t swim _at all_, and drowns almost instantly – you have seconds to scramble out of the water if you can.


Even in 2? if so, that kinda continuity is hilarious


Yeah Arthur mocks him for it too, it’s great


Yep! I get their logic with it, but it’s so annoying, especially when so much of the map features islands/rivers.


Keep in mind that your horse can swim.


Or just grab a boat/canoe


Yeah, but accidents happen (especially boats sinking randomly), and it’s annoying when they do.


They should definitely give you a warning that your boat is about to sink when you get too far


Yeah... they should’ve Atleast made him able to doggy paddle for a bit. Hell, even infants have instinct to swim; what’s his excuse?!? Lol


Yeah he just kinda gives up. "Ah well, I'm dead!"


yup, shot up Thieves Landing without taking any damage and immediately died falling into the water off the dock after looting the boat.


OUCH. Solidarity, amigo.


Can't herd, can't swim...


And you don't know rearing. Face it, you're never gonna make it


you mean \*splish splosh\* "ARTHUR HELP I FELL IN THE TUB" "nah man thats gay"


I can imagine John saying that *all too well* and I don’t like it.


the absolute detail and depth they put into New Austin never ceases to amaze me, especially for something that we basically just see once the Epilouge is over, and only if we decide to try and ride there... it's not even like John's Epilouge brings him there. All the main epilouge quests are basically located in most places we can go during the main gain, and yet they took the time to recreate a majority of the main first game


I think they included most of it for the online mode. When i explored it in the single player i felt the same way- suprised such a large, detailed map was tacked on with comparatively little content. Seemed over indulgent, but now that I'm spending plenty of time in RDO, the extra map makes sense.


It was for Single Player, Arthur was supposed to have missions there and it was presumably unlocked after ‘Angelo Bronte a Man of Honour’ since at launch you could go there after that mission, there’s also certain side missions that can only be completed as John due to certain parts being in New Austin that have Arthur versions of the cutscenes, I have no idea why it was cut.


Yeah I wouldn't called the state "deep" in story mode. Detailed? Oh absolutely! But ultimately felt very shallow and like a huge let down, given it's locked for the entire story :/ I just really wish R* would sell a completely self contained DLC where you play as Sadie set entirely in New Austin. I'd easily pay $20 for that!!! And then ffs let you play as her, Marston OR Arthur in free roam with the DLC upon completing the epilogue. Marston's actor just feels so lackluster next to Arthur's, I just wanna take my boy out West! That said, I didn't play the first game, so I don't have any nostalgia for John.


*set entirely in New Austin and Mexico


I really wanna go back to Mexico.


I would like to play as Charles aswell. Maybe have more of a native American style soundtrack and bank on the survival aspects of him just surviving in Mexico trying to find a gang or other native Americans


Oh man, Charles what a fkin guy. As much as I would love to play as him, I also feel like he got a lot of the spotlight in the base game. Maybe that makes him more appropriate for a dlc, maybe not, I'm not sure which. My personal preference is Sadie tho, for a little more variety. Plus they've already built the foundation for a storyline around her in NA. I actually feel like Charles could have his own stand alone Red Dead game. Maybe they just keep doing prequels and go back even further to before when Charles met Dutch and his gang. Fuck I'd love to be Charles, but I feel like he's too "good" by the events of RDR2, where's the redemption?


Didn’t play the first game??? Thats criminal


I know I know!! Idk what to do about it, feels to me as tho I missed my chance... :( I mean I played like an hour of RD1 back I'm the day, and it feels like the technology and interactivity of 2 has far surpassed it and I'd be thinking about the sequel the whole time. You just flow through the world so smoothly in RDR2, really puts every other 3rd person open-world to shame. On that note, I'd *also* pay for a DLC that was the entirety of Red Dead with remastered textures. Honestly seems fairly easy to do, and I'm surprised R* hasn't capitalized on that, maybe they will.


Not having played the original is the only way I can imagine finding John's VA lacking. Classic voice, classic personality. It's just a matter of John becoming substantially more pertinent in the last chapters of the game that unfortunately seems to frustrate newbies.


Would explain why New Austin in single player just so happens to be the kind of NPC population and interaction you get in online mode...


How awesome would it be if they suddenly announced they had remastered all of RDR1 as a DLC in RDR2. I dream. Oh boy, do I have dreams. R* doesn’t give a shit about single player DLC anymore though. It’s all about money.


Canonically John doesn't go to New Austin until the events of the first game, so I assume that's why it doesn't appear in the story aside from that short mission with Sadie in the epilogue, and they let us explore it after the game was complete as a form of fan service. That's probably why there are no stranger missions there aside from a couple of bounties and legendary animals. If it wasn't for RDO it probably wouldn't have been included at all. It was still an amazing experience going back there after all these years.


I made John drunk and let him vomit on Bonnie MacFarlanes porch to prove his older RDR1 version that he indeed was in New Austin, he just had a massive blackout


All ~~these~~ them years


Well maybe that's where they're planning some single player DLC 🤷‍♂️




If only, but it's never gonna happen.


Still waiting on that gta 5 single player dlc after 7 years.


Right? Lol I'm still salty about that.


I'd rather them have actually added something to fuckin do tho


I’ve just finished playing rdr1 on PS Now. I’m not sure if I agree with you as New Austin for me is either brown pixels or slightly darker brown pixels


You ever been to the Nevada, Arizona, or Texas desert?


No, been to the Sahara though. I’m sure if a wolf was to attack me there I would both see it, unlike playing rdr1 on PS Now where you only know you’re being attacked by a wolf because you hear barking


Sounds like you either have super low brightness in-game/your monitor, or PS Now's version sucks. Or both. The original game is perfectly visible.


To all the guys saying it's a repost: [the one that was posted long ago](https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/ea3scn/generational_jump_3_i_managed_to_make_a_proper/) is different, while OP chose the same environment, you can see that the camera angle and surroundings differ, so this is not stolen.


a couple of things im annoyed about >!the epilogue Cowboy Outfit!<, no disrespect towards you OP: \- John's hat looks disproportionate to the one seen in rdr \- why can't you get that john stubble in game? you can only choose either stubble that looks too thin or too thick \- the shirt looks too tight fitted, is not beige enough, and you can't close it the way seen in rdr1 \- John's jacket is too blue, again looks too tight fitted, the sleeves are cut way too high up, is for some reason buttoned up more than in rdr1 and the (cargo?) pockets are too small \- why can't you get that epic ornamental bandolier in rdr2? \- john's gloves are too damn big \- john's rancher pants are too loose


I feel the epilogue John is basically some weird modified Arthur model, hence it doesn’t look that much like John in some ways.


>!i like to think that the epilogue was a last minute decision, because:!< >!\- New Austin would have made more sense to have been a part of the 1899 timeline - it's more believable in the sense of urban development: i highly doubt that between 1907, and 1911, Thieves Landing would develop and expand so much, considering how that town is mainly populated by criminals. Then by 1914, it develops so little!< >!\- Epilogue John barely looks like John!< >!\- The cholera outbreak in Armadillo would have made more sense to be a part of the 1899 timeline, it makes little sense to me that a practically ghost town in 1907, would suddenly be a sprawling town by 1911!< automod, i hope you're happy now


Hmmm. You make good arguments, partner.


Plus for tumbleweed to become so abandoned and dilapidated in 4 years is a big stretch, it looks like it's been nuked in 1.


Idk they made all his animations different like walk, run, no swimming (which is hilarious). I think we are just asking for too much. There so much dialogue and non-mission relate cut scenes it's crazy that they had to do most of it with Arthur and John.


There are still some good folks playing this game




Btw why the hell do bandoliers hover above Arthur and John?


the creative reasoning was realism; if you gotta reach stored bullets that are all the way on your back, you gotta be able to have a loose enough bandolier which you can move around to reach for bullets that are in hard to get places either that or they just didn't want to model bandoliers for each player weight


That would makes sense. I just don't see how it hovers all the way around f them like a force field and doesnt touch.


Exactly, it bugs me enough I can't wear them.


The reason is so it can go over a wide variety of clothes without needing to make 15 different models for each bandolier.


Holy shit you’ve nailed exactly how I feel down to a tee. Couldn’t agree more


Out of everything you listed I can’t believe you didn’t mention the fact that the bandolier is clearly meant for Arthur’s fatass


still floated above his body, i literally couldn't bear to see it. never wore the bandoliers then again, my Arthur was *underweight* for the entire game so maybe they fit fat Arthurs?


you're right i forgot to mention that, somehow. but don't disrespect my boah like that, he's not fat, just bulky and muscular


Nah my Arthur was a fatass he’d admit it


haha :D i like to keep my arthur around average and perfect weight


That bear stew just looks so good every damn time!!


Definitely agree with the facial hair and the fact that you can’t get the bandolier from the first one but there’s one really odd thing I noticed.. his belt buckle that’s on his belt that keeps his pants up... is on his hip not where it should be like In the first game.


Not actually having johns npc hair but Arthur's in black is really annoying


i would have loved to have his 1899 hair or his rdr1 hair


Along with the entire fit of Johns outfit as well. Johns vest is buttoned up for the most part when it should be looser fitting, and his shirt collar is too far undone. I prefer to use a white everyday over shirt over his cassimere shirt because of that. I really do feel like rockstar didn’t give much thought to the epilogue, for example, during the cutscenes when John goes to the bank, I had him wearing a more smart outfit so he wouldn’t look out of place yet in the scene where John writes Abigail a letter it’s flashes back to these cutscenes where Johns wearing the “cowboy outfit” (which is also a little tick of mine, it should be called the bounty hunter outfit) and has short hair, regardless of how you had made him look.


it's like they recreated the outfit from memory rather than looking at their own previous work it's the only reason i could think of tbh. im sure with the talent at R* disposal they could've easily recreated it nigh on 1:1 if they *wanted* to or maybe they just didn't care. it's gotta be one of the two


maybe the epilogue was a late decision and things had to be rushed to meet deadlines


You can actually get smaller gloves that look exactly like them


I'm like 85% sure I've seen this exact image on here before


I happened to download the old image back when it was posted. This one here has a bullet holes in John's hat, the one I downloaded way back when didn't. It's a unique post, as similar as they are.


I’m nutting to this now.




Alrighty then, I only knew of the two! Thanks for the info!


Dumb question: in what part of the plan.


That’s because you have. This is a repost.


Okay, I've tried googling it and no results, both full and cropped. Then I tried yandex and found that post everyone seems to refer to: [https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/ea3scn/generational\_jump\_3\_i\_managed\_to\_make\_a\_proper/](https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/ea3scn/generational_jump_3_i_managed_to_make_a_proper/) As you can see it's a same setting, but different recreation. So it appears y'all wrongly shat on OP.


Thanks for confirming that I'm not going senile




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Good bot.


I wasn’t sure if anyone’s recreated this shot or not but this is my personal attempt


You’ve been vindicated: https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/f82voc/was_messing_around_and_tried_to_recreate_this_old/fij58ja/ You can put away the pitch forks folks.


Sure man. I mean if two people try to recreate the same moment, then it stands to reason that the pictures would look alike right?


Damn dude all those downvotes, I don’t think they believe you...




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Impossible perhaps the archives are incomplete




It was posted last year by a guy who does exactly this, remakes RD:R1 scenes. This is stolen. EDIT: Thanks to the Mod! Turns out it's not reposted, it's just copied.


People are shitting on this guy about it being stolen, but I've seen 0 links to the original


A comment above pointed out it’s not stolen, someone else just did the same thing a while back. I mean, if you’re doing it right, they’re going to look pretty similar but don’t think it’s stolen.


Also who the hell cares if it was posted before?! 🤣🤣 “Stolen”?! He isn’t making money out of it! This whole “repost” thing is total insanity.


Im sorry can you prove this. Without proof it aint true


Jango Theft!


Darth Stealious!




> https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadredemption/comments/ea3scn/generational_jump_3_i_managed_to_make_a_proper/ no its not


Different horse color on bottom pic.


No it isn’t. Now go apologize to OP and sit in the corner.


Should we bring in r/quityourbullshit ?


Oh wow, thats spot on. Good job. Really highlights the slightly more cartoony feel RDR1 had, looking at the fence and door in the background


In so far as New Austin is concerned, I think RDR1 looks better than RDR2. It’s grittier, with harsher contrast, and fits the South Western aesthetic better than all the foggy mornings and god rays can in RDR2.


The entirety of RDR1 has much more of a classic Spaghetti Western feel to it than RDR2


Right, and it's clear that was intentional. They dropped that aesthetic for this game and it makes the world look gorgeous, but the game is lacking in personality/attitude compared to the first.


Even the gameplay is much more realistic, completely different feel. The first game the missions were guns, your character gets shot and healed by a woman on a ranch and you herd cattle in the first hour. The second is about a man realizing what he has done, and wants to do with his life, and what's good and right. He's riding around with a gang, but they're laying low, they occasionally rob when needed, they stick together. He meets people and generally just does realistic things like hunt and meet people. It's a totally different feel, the first was spaghetti western and the second one is a more realistic, dramatic western. Like the difference of *The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly* and *How the West Was Won*.


Beard is a bit thick


The only difference other than the graphics in this is the absolute fury rockstar put into his eyes in that rdr1 shot. This is actually spot on, wow.


Pretty spot on actually!


I want a remake in the new engine so bad. With a player model that more closely resembles the older version. Or at least get the hat right.


I hate how the bandolier doesn’t rest like it should.


God I miss how RDR1 looked, that kinda cartoony western look.


Rdr2 John facial animations are like a cyborg


I may be wrong but I’ve seen this before.


Looks very close


God I miss old Armadillo :( or new armadillo I guess depending on how you look at it


Oh God epilogue John is so scuffed


Damn that’s a clean transformation. Props for the effort 👊🏻




This made me notice how good RDR1 looks


You just made a masterpiece, sir.


You did it.👏




Obviously rdr2 is superior technically but I prefer the look of rdr1, dont know why the art style had to change. Kinda like fo3 to fo4 where again, I preferred the look of fo3.


I'm the OP of the older post, this is **NOT** mine. Although mine HAD to be tagged as spoiler, for some reasons.


Great shot recreation OP. John's model in RDR2 is...not great. Essentially they meshed John's model onto Arthur's framework and then desired him (such that Arthur's "normal" aligned to John's "overweight" so that John's "normal" would be Arthur's "underweight". I'm not sure if that's EXACTLY what they did, but I'm sure I'm not far off. ​ Thing is that the game was design FOR Arthur. All the clothings and variations (rolled up sleeves, buttoned-up shirts) were designed with Arthur's model in mind. The only exception being the "cassimere shirt" which is why that shirt looks so good on John. ​ Arthur's base model, however, is SO much larger and SO much more broad shouldered than John's (from the main story in RDR2 and RDR) that it would be impossible to have that model be used. And to make a whole new model, with a different type of facial hair progression and different outfits to suit the new model would have been a pain in the ass. ​ I think the epilogue shouldn't have had the ability to change clothes or grow out hair. Hear me out. If they did that they could have used John's model from earlier in the game, adapted slightly to look older. They could have had fixed outfit presets (similar to RDR1) tailor suited to John's model. They could have had remade hairstyles and beards for John, unlike the custom beard options. I think that would have been better because then a) we would have a better model for John and b) John is a fixed character with his own pre-established style and aesthetic (unlike Arthur).


Man the old bandolier feels more lethal...


i don't know why but i always though john was holding a Cattleman Revolver.


Can we just get a remaster pleaseeee


Does anyone know how canonically John got his outfit? Also,‘I like how olde John looks younger than young John.


I miss john. Take me back to 8th grade.


My exact thinking when I saw this was: “Why did this dude make his guy look exactly like John Marston instead of just playing the campaign, oh that is John Marston.”


Man, what were they thinking by adding those modern copper-jacketed bullets? It's just so jarring and obviously modern.


That's perfect


Okay, sorta kinda total tangent here, but I was under the impression that the reason the Double Action Revolver had its damage nerfed in RDR2 from RDR1 was that the gun in RDR2 was the 1892 Colt New Army, a .38, whereas the gun in RDR1 was the 1899 Colt New Service, chambered in, among other calibers, .45 LC, .44-40, and .38-40 (which was actually a .40 caliber round, nomenclature notwithstanding). Long story short, if that’s the case, why doesn’t the RDR1 DA Revolver look.... beefier? I mean it looks more chunky in the picture but I feel like that’s mostly just graphical quality differences.


I see no difference.


I miss the fully functioning Armadillo, McFarland’s Ranch, and Thieves’ Landing.


Awesome shot!


Should’ve trimmed his beard a bit more.


Was thinking the same thing to his ult


Thats the Beauty of rdr


got drunk and tried to pick up objects now


You did well, I am proud


Pretty damn good. John’s beard has to be a liiiiiittle shorter though... other than that holy shyte fantastic job!


You should've put a brown horse behind you. Just kidding, that's awesome. Great work!


I didn't get the time to play the first one, is it worth it to play the first rdr now after I have played rdr2?


If you don't know how rdr1 ends, then yes definitely play it


I bought rdr1 and have played it through. First I thought of just doing the main story, but I ended up playing all strangers quest too and a lot of poker in blackwater and exploring and so on. I just finished the game last night, and I just wanted to thank you for your answer here so I finally did play rdr1 because it was totally worth it. I am upset about John and Abigail's faith. And a little upset about Uncle too. I think that if I hade played the first game first I wouldn't have felt the same about theirs faiths as I do now when I have played rdr2 first. And I understand what they are talking about when they talk in riddles like "they left me to die" and so on. So thank you for your comment that made me play rdr1.


Glad you enjoyed it!


I have not watched or read anything about the first game. Very well then, I shall buy the first one and play it too! Thanks!


I wish guns could look a little cosmetically worn without stats suffering.


Nailed it


Um I’m gonna recreate this in r/legaladvice


Why does the contrast look better on rd1


It would be perfect without the bullet hole in your hat.


Think you just about nailed it


Man this is so cool.


It’s wild how well the first one’s graphics have aged.


Friendly tips for improval: Use Darkened Steel Cattleman instead of Double-Action; Trim your chin and chops a tad. That's it.


it still irritates me how he has arthur’s hair and beard genetics instead of his own


I can't even tell which is which, lol Granted, I've only played Revolver (RDR0?) and RDR2, and I'm still in Chapter 3 on the latter.


Nice! Honestly tho (This is random), I wish they either had all the clothes or outfits from the original game in the prologue. I’ve tried recreating them but it’s not the same. I like the one outfit where it’s all black and he looks like van helsing or something lol


I still don't understand R\*'s decision to put a bullet hole through so many hats. The location of the hole would indicate that the wearer died. If It was a really tall hat it would at least make sense.


Damn fine job


You did a helluva job


John looks so tired in the first game. I don't blame him really. Also, where did he get that nose scar?


The way the bandolier always floated over Arthur and John's shoulders would always frustrate me. How did they miss that? Or is it just flaw with the collision or custom clothes....




why does the bandolier look like it has Nerf bullets


Rdr1 looks more detailed😂


Actually true. In 1 he has one eye shut to help aim and his jacket simply has more details. However, in 2 there is a hole in John's hat so that is amazing as well.


Old gen vs Next gen in one picture


Tried? I think you mean succeeded