Best couple of months invested in a fantastic game. Best go see if I still have a girlfriend...

Best couple of months invested in a fantastic game. Best go see if I still have a girlfriend...


My boyfriend needs to take notes from you. He bought the game months ago and hasn't gotten around to playing it.


But how!?


He is consumed by World of Tanks, Satisfactory, and Modern Warfare


Chosing world of tanks over rdr2 is a big no


Kind of a red flag for the relationship tbh


I mean, he's the reason I'm able to play Red Dead, so I wouldn't call it a red flag


Oh I was just joking, but hell yeah now you can just sit over his shoulder and scream things like BEAR!


Haha I am looking forward to that 😂


You're ok, boahh


Yer alright gurl ;)


unfortunately the whole covid situation means she won't be able to scream that over my shoulders yet, but I accept that fate.


Is it really him?


yeah, it is really me lol, she showed me the post via whatsapp so I went to her profile to find said post and react haha




Hard no.


ssssssh, leave me to play my pixel tanks, I already promised her I would play it rdr2 next weekend


That’s how I feel as well. My boyfriend didn’t appreciate me disappearing for hours when I got so invested in this for hours, but I don’t really feel bad lol. I’ve never cried so much over a video game


He’s not the one


He is the one Hosea's a total DILF though




A fellow man of culture


An esteemed consumer of exquisite entertainment


Yeah choosing world of tanks over RDR2 is a straight red card


He's perfect ❤


I sure hope he knows how lucky he is !


I am most aware of my luck :)


You’re a good lad


☺ thank you


Ehh give him time, I bought it the day it came out on PC and just now I finished it in like a week, thanks quarantine I guess, but I love this game so much now.


He is on PC and doesn't play it because he finds the controls annoying. Any advice? I want to coax him into being my RDO partner


Maybe try to connect controller to PC?


Yeah it was hard for me in the beginning I guess, just tell him to play the story he'll get used to it after some time. It takes a little learning.


I do agree the controls are weird. I struggle to pick my hat up after a fight


I’m glad I’m not the only girlfriend annoyed at their boyfriends lack of interest. Lol


I lowkey just wanna be one of those cute couples who ride around on each others' horses online


Come play with my posse, that’s all we do. Well, that and get drunk and slap each other.


I just dont understand how someone cant play Red Dead 2


I pre ordered the game and only finished it last December.


Who cares about relationships if you have red dead


I'm *this* close to changing my fb status to in a relationship with Arthur Morgan.


Thats genius I might do that aswell XD


My Mum would probably think it was real and start planning the wedding.


Good thing there’s enough Arthur to go around for all of us!


Narrator: He didn’t


Girlfriends will come and go, but Arthur will never leave you.


>!Uhh who's gonna tell him?!<


>!spoiler but he dies at the end though!<




Maybe you should add a spoiler tag to that too


You're probably right :)




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And he'll give you all he has.


If shes mad take her to a picture show or out for a nice photo session. Then you will get a 💋


Haha! Then get drunk and rob a train together.


I live with vulnerable family members so have essentially become isolated for the next couple weeks so I thought I’d do a completionist run of the game. Currently half way through Chapter 2, almost got all the satchels and camp upgrades done, then onto the legendary animals.


I replayed this game like 6 times Everytime I went honorable


I went dishonorable the first time, then I went very honorable


Mine ended up getting pulled into to the story and requested I started again so she could see it all. So I begrudgingly obliged.


Did she... *insist?*


Loved that part. Seeing just how mental he was getting.


My boyfriend restarted the game for me too! It was a sweet thing to do


It is a hell of an undertaking


Ha, I don't even have one of those, but I got red dead to keep me company


Replaying it for a second time now and god it’s such an amazing game! I feel ya on the girlfriend part lol mine hates when I play it lol


I’m currently trying to get to 100% myself, so congrats!


Thank you!


I’m busy getting 100% on the Witcher 3 Complete edition. About to start the first DLC and MY GOD did the base game have so much fucking content. I think I’ve spent a month and a half exploring everything and doing all the side quests. After Hearts of Stone/Blood&Wine I’m gonna just dive headfirst into my second RDR2 playthrough cause that game is just amazing and I hear playthrough #2 you notice a lot more going through again :) Plus this time I wanna go for the Deer rather than the Wolf.


so you are visiting every (?) on the map?


Oh my god yes that was so tedious ESPECIALLY SAILING AROUND SKELLIGE and I started doing that right around the time when you should be in Novigrad doing all the underground bosses quests and the Triss stuff. It really frustrates me that there were those disgraced knight camps on the east border of the map, as well as a bunch of other 30+ stuff that you can’t quite do till your around level 28-30. Also it bugged me that there were question marks I couldn’t reach and I tried for at least like an hour before getting frustrated and looking it up online. Only to read that I should just keep playing the main quest cause a few of those question marks are related to the main quest; Bald mountain for example. Spent soooo much time running around the base of it trying to find a way up. Eventually my coworker said “dude you don’t get that till you fight one of the wild hunt dudes in the story” Now that I’m on the “Final Preparations/Battle Preparations/On Thin Ice(current quest as of this posting)” quest line I’m pretty sure I’m at the end of the base game. I’ve discovered every question mark and cleared every side quest that isn’t HoS or B&W I have crafted all Witcher sets to at least superior level and I am level 34 wearing a full Master-Crafted Ursine set. I’ve created all my bomb/potion/decoction recipes, oils all upgraded as far as they can go. I’m pretty sure I’ve done everything I can except trophies like “Overwhelming Power” where I have to do some kind of out of the box stuff. This game is something else, I’ll tell you. If anyone reading this likes a good RPG game with medieval/Renaissance vibes with elements of fantasy(monsters n’ magic n’ shit) then drop what you are doing and go buy and download the Witcher 3 complete edition.


i have no words mate! that much stuff for me is overwhelming.


I’ve been told the DLC expansions that I’m about to start have a combined playtime of 30 hours so I’m in for another week of Witchering. Maybe a few days since I’m in quarantine in my state, lol. Don’t get me wrong, this game is long and time consuming but honestly I’ve enjoyed every minute.


yeah i have heard that yeah the game is fun but i am always scared of caves i am 19. lol


There’s a potion called “Cat” in the game that when you drink it it makes your screen basically go black and white. It’s description says “helps Witchers see in the dark.” So that’s what’s supposed to be happening. It makes it super easy to navigate dark places like the caves. Maybe that would help? I’m pretty sure I have Thalassophobia (fear of deep water/oceans) cause in real life deep water gives me irrational fear, but even in video games, especially the ones with really good graphics, I start getting freaked out underwater. Sailing around Skellige and having to dive down into the ocean to get the freakin 50+ smugglers caches that are scattered all around the ocean was not a good time for me...


i tried using cat potion but i am still afraid.


I just finished it last night. I immediately started a new game after the credits


Imagine having a relationship


I 100% mine with my girl. Brought us so close💜


Hey I just wanna make you one more hat. It’ll be quick. I just need: -25 orchids -40 Heron Plumes -75 egret feathers


Mine left me because I’d get drunk playing and acted like Arthur.


Very nice.... but the real question... how’s your compendium?


Who needs a girlfriend when you have Arthur?


I completed the story today, what a ride!


With this covid19, you may as well wait a couple more weeks to get a more accurate picture!


I feel ya. I’m lucky my relationship weathered the couple of months (80 total hours) that it took me. 😂


Gotta know, what were your top three missions?


Time to start a new game cowpoke


You know, gentlemen, this man here, he married a whore. Used to ride with us. We all had her, but he married her, and you know that makes him a better man than us. He's a better man.


Red Dead Redemption 2 made me feel bad for Bill.


Same here :(


Should also warn you to be careful there is a pandemic that has been ravaging the earth these last few months


Felt the same now when I finished the game (not 100% thought). I feel so empty inside. It was such a good game that others feels like not worth playing. Maybe play it again soon..


Damn, I'm jealous. Have 2 kids and I barely made 30%. I seriously doubt I could ever finish this awesome game


Damn. I remember in 2018 when I invested three 20 hour days into this game and got hit with one of the biggest waves of depression ever after I finished.


Lmao dude I literally just did this too, I had bought this when it first came out and (I don’t know why I wasted so much time on that shit heap 76, and beat odyssey in between) and worked a lot. But nonetheless I started at chapter 2 and it took me 2 and a half days from then.


Probably not. Best keep playing.


Girlfriend or not, you'll still need the MUNEH


My so and I have been playing the story together. it’s awesome. We have been doing all the hidden secret missions too. Our kids even come watch sometimes when they aren’t doing their homework.


Don’t worry I’ve been keeping her warm


I sank 60 hours into the story alone and STILL HAVENT finished the prologue.


I beat that game in about 6 days


I do not have the patience to 100% that game it's my favorite game of all time but theres so much shit to do idk where I'd start


Congratulations. I will never make it this far


My wife loves watching me play this for some reason. She hates anything western but fell in love with this gang. “We’re” on our 3rd playthrough


It's so frustrating I can't play rdr2 because my brother took the PS4 with him to the other side of Germany, but at least I can still play the first game, though I have been distracted by other games.


You might suggest your girlfriend play it too this is a perfect game to get a non gamer into!


I don’t know how many months in I am at this point but I’m still at 53% completion. How big is this game? I hope it never ends. My wife will be happy though!


Biggest struggle with this game has been balancing spending the quarantine with my girl and this game 😭


Hold up, do you guys have a girlfriend?


No, now it is time to complete the compendium


I didn't...and it was worth it. Besides, for a nag, I've already got a scrawny one in the game.


Lol I just finnished 100% today as well "thanks" to thr quarantine. My girlfriend was stopping me from achieving it


😂 I didn't even hear her leave. One night, there was no dinner and I just knew. No regrets


I bought the game on release day and played until chapter 2 during Christmas. Afterwards there was much pressure because of work and I had to cut gaming, because work was time consuming. I've restarted the game on this weekend because of the ongoing crisis right now. Having a blast so far. Currently on chapter 2 again. I'm aiming for the 100% as well.




She says hi and is doing just fine;)


Ah. Another one of those ‘I have a girlfriend’ posts


Hahahahaha hahahahahahahaha