Welp. I finished RDR2 and I never played RDR1. So, it's time for Marston and I to continue this journy

Welp. I finished RDR2 and I never played RDR1. So, it's time for Marston and I to continue this journy


I miss RDR1 Armadillo.


Yeah it was weird seeing it not in shambles being attacked by viruses


Wait until you get addicted to liars dice


Good lord I miss liars Dice


I do too. It's the sort of game you can manipulate the AI in really easily. It'd be WAY more fun against other players. I know it has multiplayer in RDR1, but no-one plays it any more.




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Man, this and blind fire. Why did they leave them out!


I miss dueling Edit: yes I know about quickdraw. It's not nearly the same. Failure at a Duel means death. Failure at quickdraw means you lose 0.6% of your health since your character is a literal god in human form when it comes to health.




wait, really??




wtf i 100%ed this fucking game, how did i not know this


Me and my buds started playing it while we had drinks and it was pretty fun!


I miss horseshoes. That was fun too


If you play poker with John in camp he says he'd like to try it someday. Rub our faces in it, why don't you Rockstar.


Some of my favorite memories of RDR1 was Liars Dice online


John in rdr2: “someday, I’d like to play liars dice”


And some high stakes poker


*[Elegant Suit Cheating Intensifies]*


oh god, that was so fun


This is the way


You think that’s weird, wait until you see Tumbleweed.


Can't wait


It was weird seeing it in shambles and being attacked by viruses for me.


You can play the zombie dlc if you want another virus


Man I wish we got an Undead Nightmare type DLC for RDR2


When the game first came out, was in a forum talking about how great it was and someone was talking about Armadillo but accidentally wrote “Armadildo” and that’s been the towns name in my head ever since.


https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QOZzFXolGJc Edit: The anarchic brilliant madness of Limmy making a similar gag, but NSFW on language I guess.


It wasn't an accidildo


Are ya sure that was an accident :).


Must be a new Arma mod


I loved robbing the armadillo bank, made me feel so cool.


I miss robbing banks in free roam. You can smash the windows at night and go in the bank


Wait, you could DO THAT??


Sure could. I don't think it's at all possible to do without getting caught but you can


It actually is. You just have to crack the safes first, then open the containers


I shall give that a try then.


Chuparosa too


I miss Thieve's Landing too. Real disappointment that it wasn't really a thing in RDR2.


Thieves landing then was a better version of van horn now. Completely lawless and more to do


make sure to play Undead Nightmare, too


I have the special year version or whatever it's called so I think it comes with undead nightmare. But is it like normal RDR with the normal story or is it just complete freeroam with no story and zombies?


it has its own story about zombies with many characters that you'll meet in RDR1


Oh that's dope. I'll play it


It’s up there with the best DLCs of all time from any game. Enjoy!


They set the DLC bar high with RDR. So high they decided to ignore it with RDR2.


I think times have just changed. Rockstars bosses know there’s more money from day to day micro transactions than there is for a one off purchase story DLC. Game design reflects this, for example, RDR1 after getting 100% I still put in so many hours just living in the world as jack, doing bounties and jobs that keep randomizing and never run out. RDR2 I got my 100% and there’s nothing to do now, no side missions, random encounters are 1 off, bounties are a few and then done, they don’t randomise. Yet online I can buy a bounty hunter license and do it forever.


This is one of the things that really stands out to me and hinders the replayability of RDR2 single player. I loved just chasing down bounties or clearing gang hideouts in 1.


It's great. My favorite zombie game. I LOVED Undead Nightmare and you are in for a treat!


Wait, do you have the game of the year edition? If yes, then go in your inventory and you’d have the deed for a “War Horse”. It’s the best horse in the game (was initially only in Undead Nightmare but it’s in the original game in the GOTY edition)




No, berries




For a 2010 game the graphics were actually pretty good!


Yeah, I was blown away that it still looks this amazing.


I love how RDR 1 looks in term of graphics, it gives a different feeling and atmosphere, maybe that’s a cause of less saturation and contrast of the image, something that I personally like... It brings a sensation of colder weather in some areas, compared with RDR2


I completely agree! The saturation and that feeling of coldness is definitely there which it makes it really unique.


looks and feels like a spaghetti western




RDR2 went for a more realistic look but there’s still a definite art style and direction. It looks very inspired by the mid-19th century romantic era paintings of american landscape like those of [Albert Bierstadt](https://www.albertbierstadt.org/). RDR1 in contrast is 100% spaghetti western.




Yeah I get what you mean. It’s especially flagrant with RDR1 when you consider secondary characters like Seth or Irish. Although they’re from the same franchise I can imagine how out of place they’d seem in RDR2.


Yeah, this is totally accurate, and it comes out in the gameplay as well, not just the art. RDR2 is much slower, more deliberate, pushes you to take your time, focuses more on the world than anything else, and is much more of a ‘dad game’ if that makes sense. RDR1 plays almost exactly like a spaghetti western with the focus being much more on the action & shootouts. To go back to the art and design of the games, the layout of Armadillo is classic spaghetti western, with the the High Street going through he centre of town leading to the sheriff’s office, and the whole section in Mexico has a *very* similar feel to that trilogy of films Clint Eastwood did.


Rdr1 got a major facelift when it was ported to the Xbone. https://youtu.be/qyoUtEmzCl4


It looks good bit the character movements are definitely....2000. 😂


I don't know what you mean by that, this was the second game to use Euphoria engine after GTA4. I loved the realistic animations in these 2 games, especially how shooting would make enemies react in different ways every time


Nevermind they did use motion capture (atleast according to wikipedia)


Yeah and also the actor if John Marston has said in interviews that they did the 1st game in mocap too. :)


People think mocap is this magic thing that captures movements perfectly but its really not. The advancements in mocap since then have been just as big as graphical ones :)


I’m curious, could you list a few? Or maybe link an article detailing them?


I'm not sure what to send? Mocap has become more refined, accessible and cheaper (still expensive though) than it was ten years ago. Facial mocap, especially . If you want an example of what's become the most accessible 'industry standard' set up I think it's the rokoko suit ([https://www.rokoko.com/](https://www.rokoko.com/)). In terms of wanting examples of how it's improved - the same ways graphics have. Smarter utilisation of existing techniques, better hardware and tools to improve/ speed up work processes e.g bump maps in graphics, better suits and sensors for mocap. Put simply, increased fidelity.


I believe only for the cutscenes though.


The horses look like they were only programmed with rag doll physics.


What are you talking about, horse animations in rdr1 looked great to me. Obviously not as good as 2 but still very good, especially for the time. Assassin's Creed Valhalla (AAA game released in 2020) has far worse horse animations than RDR1 (a 2010 game)


Rdr1's horse animations were easily the best in gaming until 2018. Now they are only second best to RDR2


Shut up man why you gotta hate 🤬🤬🤬. Jk lmao, yeah in RDR2 they used motion tracking but I don't think that was even around at the time. I love how it looks though, brings me back about a decade to that era of games


They had motion capture in rdr1. Its why the cutscenes hold up even today. The character movement and expressions of rdr1 are better than most recent games from ubisoft




Man I want a remaster in the rdr2 engine soo bad. They already have most the world and characters built, just have to get the story transferred.


I wish they made epilogue John look like rdr1 John.


Doesn’t he have that same outfit on in the epilogue at some point? Then u can just style his hair the same as it was in 1


He's not looking as he should be. Here's more info https://mobile.twitter.com/hashtag/fixrdr2epilogue?f=live


Bruh wtf why did they change him like that😭


1.00 John looks accurate to npc John but recent John looks different 1.00 epilogue John : He has npc facial hair He looks more detailed His body looks more like npc His ranch gloves and pants are small Recent epilogue John : His mustache is bleached he looks more blurry His body looks more like Arthur's His ranch pants and gloves are oversized


Damn that sucks, I won’t be able to unsee lol. I beat the game when it first came out and I’m running thru rn again for the first time since and I’m looking forward to playing as John. Hopefully it won’t be too noticeable...


Sadly it is noticeable My suggestion you should use \-Swept back with pomade level 6 or 7 (for real hair color dark brown) not jetblack \-Pencil Mustache 2, Dundready Sideburns 2, Natural Chin 1 \-Everday Overshirt (White or striped) \-Gunslinger vest \-Arthur's ranch gloves or Riding gloves \-Black striped town pants \-Brown Western rider spurs \-Black worn roper boots [https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadfashion/comments/mk15sz/despite\_johns\_cowboy\_outfit\_being\_broken\_and\_not/](https://www.reddit.com/r/reddeadfashion/comments/mk15sz/despite_johns_cowboy_outfit_being_broken_and_not/) This is how it will look but don't mind hair I used mod for it and second belt I used save editor for it.


His outfit is broken (Gloves are oversized and pants look like a disco pants and vest is closed), his hair style is not in game and no right parted 7 or any hair doesn't look like it's hair,Mustache is bleached. John's real og epilogue look "pre-release" John is in game files with it's og hair and body, some guy used program to put it in game and it works, it has it's own weight system, Arthur's hair fits to pre-release John's head,clothes are set via script so that means Pre-release John can wear any type of clothes. Reason why Rockstar didn't update epilogue John with pre-release John is still unknown. If you don't believe me I can send you links of pre-release John works in game.


Personally, i enjoyed RDR more than RDR2. Maybe just the time in my life that i played it, maybe just the nostalgia. Whatever the reason, enjoy!


There's definately some very valid reasons my dude. Rdr1 has more dynamic ragdoll physics, better aiming mechanics, less heavy movement, duels (actual infinite duels), endless random events and infinite bounties.


As much as I like That's the way it is, it's too sad to listen to. Far Away is just magical and that first ride into Mexico... I have a separate save file just to replay that mission haha.


Yep but not just the album songs. The ambient music of RDR1 is so damn [atmospheric](https://youtu.be/BXsyn1rOvG8). As much as I love rdr2's free roaming tunes, Rdr1 is untouched by any game when it comes to ambient soundtracks


You right, I miss the old ragdoll physics... and the procedural bounties so much.


Rdr1, GTAIV and max payne 3's ragdolls are yet to be topped by any game. Which is a real shame


The fact that R* downgraded euphoria's physics is a huge shame, thankfully there are mods that add this (Ped damage overhaul seriously improves the combat and makes it feel much more realistic) I remember when I played GTA V for the first time and realized how nerf'd the animations were, no wonder that game gets so tired so fast.


Gtav's downgrade was certainly the worst, followed by rdr2


The RDR soundtrack is just so good.


I enjoyed them both equally but I definitely plated rd1 alot more. Probably because I was young and dint have money for all games and alot of time. But in terms of impact on me rdr2 took the cake. I still think about Arthur and feel like I lost someone as dumb as it sounds since he is fictional


I love them both, but I had more fun with rdr1, it made me feel like I’m in an actual western movie and the shootouts were more intense as well




This is fantastic news, RDR1 is a masterpiece, brings me so much joy knowing gamers get to experience the amazingly good RDR2 then go on to RDR1 for the first time for another amazing experience. Have fun!


You can play them in one of two orders. The chronological order is with RDR2 first and then RDR. This allows a straight transition of story. The other way you can play in order of release, first with RDR, and then RDR2 as a flashback. Either way is great, but the one disadvantage of the chronological order is if you play RDR2 first, then all the little references and nods and in-jokes that were made in RDR would be missed when you played RDR2. Like in RDR, due to the fact that the game restricts the territory you can travel to until you reach a certain point, John is unable to swim across rivers. In RDR2 they make fun of the fact that John can't swim.


Ngl playing rdr1 after 2 is still awesome, there's a bunch of cool continuity bits like John saying sayings Dutch used and whatnot (source: replayed rdr1 after rdr2)


I think playing rdr first and then rdr2 is better just for the fact that the epilogue in rdr2 is a lot more exciting when you have first played rdr1. The way they reintroduced John Marston after the end of rdr2 is done masterfully with a slower start instead of just jumping back into action, and the Mission "Jim Milton rides again" is still one of my favorites after that mission you really had the feeling that John Marston is back. ​ Also he did the pose. 10/10


> The way they reintroduced John Marston after the end of rdr2 is done masterfully with a slower start instead of just jumping back into action I absolutely loved how they did that. After the giant fucking roller coaster of emotion from the last 2 chapters, it was a much needed respite. I choked up man, it was all so heavy. The fact that they go from that last scene to now John and his family just living life was really comforting but still melancholy. *So* well done.


> I think playing rdr first and then rdr2 is better I don't know if that's a good idea though. You'll know that no matter what (RDR1 Spoilers) >!John, Jack, Dutch, Javier, Bill, Uncle and Abgail will be alive at the end!<


I played this game when I was A LOT younger but not for story or anything and I never got passed the first mission for Bonnie so I knew John can't swim joke but not really anything else


I don't have any consoles so I can't play RDR, and I was really confused when I tried to get to the treasure on the island in O'Creagh's run as John.


I would pay $60 for a great remake of this game. RDR2 graphics and animations, along with mortal horses, and RDR2 animal/enemy AI, etc. If they threw some mentions of Arthur into it as a bonus (to make it more cohesive) it'd be perfect. It'd be a lot of work for them to do, hence my saying I'd pay the full $60 for it.


I don't think they ever will. If Rockstar starts/is working on something it's probably GTA VI or Bully 2. But yeah, it would be cool asf to get RDR1 in 2 engine (and also include 2 map)


I think it's gta 6 because it almost has to be. Then, bully 2. Switch the ip with a new gta every decade I guess


Also rockstar said they don't care about remakes unless it's a really really in need of a good remake. I can see them remaking la noire more then rdr1. Considering games like gta 3 san andreas and bully sold well and are still considered masterpieces while LA noires production was flawed and didn't sell really well and somewhat of a black spot on their record even though it was team bonds fault


Idk, L.A Noire has aged pretty decently. They probably will go for a GTA III remake if something, the game is pretty outdated compared to VC and SA and it hasn't aged pretty well.


If im honest I was a bit disappointed with the rdr2 armadillo. For me to come back to it after so many years and then to see it dead was just a bit of a kick in the nuts. In rdr1 I used to loved going into the bar and just shooting the hats off of those other cowboys and then starting a huge barfight 😂


What are you playing it on? I been wanting to play it on pc but I'm not sure where to get it


It’s not been ported to PC, and I don’t think Rockstar will anytime soon. I also play on PC so I’m equally disappointed.


we need the Red Dead Remake so PC players can enjoy this masterpiece


That would draw players from red dead online, so i doubt rockstar will ever do that.


A valid yet sad argument


Hopefully remake rumors are true


These rumours are in loop since years. I lost any hope and bought X360 just for this game.


What was your reaction when you realize it's backwards compatible


I was neutral. Should I be something else?


Im assuming you play pc since you are neutral because I own an xb1 and if I bought a 360 just to play rdr1 and then noticed it was backwards compatible I'd be livid, I originally assumed you were on xb1


Oh yeah I'm PC player mainly. If it wasn't RDR, I wouldn't buy Xbox 360. Buying a console just for one game seems kinda crazy, so I went with cheap option and chose 7th gen. Still had so much fun.


If you use RPCS3 it’s playable on PC


This is technically true. Runs like wet ass though. Lots of crashes.


I think it runs better on Xenia. Still needs a REALLY powerful PC for anything resembling decent gameplay though.


I've given it a shot on both RPCS3 and Xenia and it's been a fairly janky mess on both. Framerate was definitely playable on Xenia but the bugs were horrendous. On RPCS3 it ran fine here and there but the dips in framerate were just awful. I've got an i7 8700k, RTX 2090TI, 32gb ram, and ran it on an SSD.


Entirely dependent on your system. It favours AMD with the RSX optimisation. Can easily get above 30fps with the recent lineup


didnt the game run at 30 fps on the consoles? and by favors amd would that include the 3000 series?


The emulator allows uncapped frame rates


If you download Ps Now to your PC you can play it through the Ps Now program on your PC.


Emulators and VMs.


Emulators RPCS3 (PS3) and Xenia (XBOX 360) are getting pretty good. I think RDR is fully playable at 30fps on RPCS3 now but I could be mistaken. I haven't checked in 6 months or so, but last time I did it ran fine with a few little stutters.


I'm playing it on my xbox. Been wanting it for a while but I couldn't find it for any less then $30 and I didn't wanna spend that much. But I found a copy I had from 5+ years ago and got excited.


Really? I googled “Red Dead Redemption 360” and immediately found a copy for 16.50 lol


Must be different area lol. I lookee everywhere and it was nowhere except on the xbox store. And it was 30 dabloons on the xbox store


Ah, shit. $30 for a 10 year old game? Rockstar’s capitalizing hard on RDR2’s success.


Same with all the old CODs. I wanted to get BO1 and World at War but they are both 30 smackaroos but luckily I was able to find discs for 5 dollars each


you will have a stroke if you watch nintendo prices for a 24 years old game




Quick tip, park your horse almost on top of the carcus you want to skin, and you'll skip the cut-scene. (Boom, pun)


I think he’s playing on Xbox but it’s also available on PS NOW and you can use it on PC if you have a stable internet connection Check this out: https://www.playstation.com/en-us/ps-now/ps-now-on-pc/


There's a working emulator for the 360. It runs well enough on my system, too.


If you have a decent internet connection PS Now is a good choice. Its $10 a month and you can fo a free trial l.


Imo RDR1>RDR2. I love rdr2 but it doesnt have infinite duels/bounties/random events, you cant rob banks, there's fewer gang hideouts, it has downgrded ragdoll physics and the aiming feels much worse. Also no hardcore mode, you are a godamn god with the tonics in rdr2. If they remade rdr1 with rdr2's gameplay design/mechanics it would be a worse game.


I mean, doing it that way has a nice sorta ring to it. I played rdr1 when if first came out (and prefer it to 2) but the idea of playing it in sequence without knowing what the outcome is is kinda cool. Enjoy it mate. Also (very minor spoiler) >!FUCK Seth!! pain in the arse!<


>!i legit tried to track him down somehow after reading in the newspaper that hes rich now, you know... to congratulate him ;)!<


first thing I did off the train was try to greet someone at the station. had no warning that the "look at" button from RDR2 is in RD the "immediately point your gun at" button.


Yeah now I have a 5 dabloon bounth because I tried to greet the sheriff lmao


Haha did exactly the same thing


Good luck and don't get yourself spoiled too much. This game has more positive vibes than RDR2 I think, but both games are a masterpiece.


It was positive because we didn't know.


I’m playing it right now i’m going for the platinum


Maybe you'll see why John is the OG and loved so much by the oldies! Enjoy!


Can you play it on PS4?


It’s on PS now but only for streaming. I found it too laggy to enjoy unfortunately so hope for a remake


Idk how sony works with backwards compatibility


You could buy houses in red dead 1?


Kinda. It wasn't "houses" but small rooms where you could save and change clothes


Yes, afair there's also a side mission in which you can receive a house


I just got flashbacks to me playing lucky horseshoes and Five-Finger-Filet for 5 hours just to get myself an outfit


I will die happy if this mf game would come to pc


i’m doing the same thing 😄


Went through the exact same process all I’m going to say is buckle the fuck up


Enjoy! From what I remember, John isn’t as wet behind the ears in this game. He’s grown up a bit more, a little more haunted by his past, he’s in full family man swing. You’ll absolutely love it!


Necrophilia, God and rape. You're in for one hell of a ride.


I’d give my left nut for them to remaster that game + the multiplayer


Its great. Feels more like a cowboy game than rdr 2 imo


Watch out for the crazy-fast horses. :D


The graphics are still incredible. Xbox one x does it good Justice


Just once rockstar, can we get an update where we hear RDR1 New Austin music? Is that too much too ask?


Omg i wish i could wipe my memory, then play them in story order, l’m jealous AF!


I have replayed a few games multiple times but I don't think i've replayed a game start to finish as many times as I have with RDR1 for as long of a game it is.


enjoy the hunting in RDR1. far simpler then RDR2


Hunting was one of my favorite things in RDR2


oh definitely. the rdr2 hunting is great fun, but there's something about just being able to unload a full rifle without stressing about a perfect pelt


Great dude, i did the same thing and i appreciated John so much more Lmao why tf does this have -1 upvotes


John is a great character, It's a shame his epilogue look doesn't look like npc or rdr1 John.


i still dont get why rdr 1 was never remade seems like a good deal 50% of land is already there haha


The Guy on the right is posing for the camera


John's movement animations here are so weird And that's not even coming from me, that's from Rob Whitoff himself He runs like a heifer *ba dum tis*


I miss playing that game


What could go wrong?


I'm doing the same right now. Cheers!


dude i love this game so damn much.


Lucky you


Thats a crime not playing rdr1


I did this exact thing a week ago, can I get karma now?


Dutch is a piece of shit!


Me too!


I miss this game, my favorite of all time. Shame I can’t play it on my PS4 I’m not trying to pay for PS Now


Yo have fun. It’s kind of a trip


You won’t be disappointed


I just started RDR1 for my first time yesterday. It looks really good on my One X.


You'll love it, the game is a little more light-hearted, but for it's time, it was seen as just as serious as RDR2 is now.


Get ready for RDR Nightmare. Shit was a good time.