Here is my picture of the view from the top of Eisriesenwelt , near Salzburg Austria

Here is my picture of the view from the top of Eisriesenwelt , near Salzburg Austria


Looks too real, here I fixed it for you http://imgur.com/gallery/3fuBmBP


Okay, that made me laugh




Hey, I wanted to give people a laugh, not burn their retina.


Wow but thank you. This will be in my dreams forever.


looking good. and better than the other picture with 100% contrast. good luck!


Other one received 2700 updoots. I somehow don't think this will, even though it's real! Shame, yours is the real goat


I figure it won't, however I'm not too worried about it. I just wanted to share what the view looked like naturally


I like yours way better!


Agreed. This one is way better.


Yours got more updoots!


So jealous! Great view! I was supposed to be in Salzburg this summer for my study abroad program with an idol of mine but friggin Corona hit. I’ll have to add this to my list if that opportunity ever somehow arises again


You absolutely should! The cave and hike were both spectacular, and the views unbelievably picturesque


"Ice Giant World" = Eisriesenwelt Awesome name, awesome views.


The ice caves live up to the name. The guides had us use these old fashioned lanterns that used some type of wick. No flashlights or cameras allowed. We climbed up in semi darkness and you could see ice glittering overhead and could feel the magnitude of the cave even though you couldn't see it. Then there were small passes and places you had to duck to get underneath. The guide would stop at times and light like a mini flare and it would illuminate like an ice world. It's hard to describe. I'm so glad I had the experience.


That's a much better view than when I went there! There was a cloud bank floating through and you could barely see past the mouth of the cave. Still a fantastic trip tho. 10/10 would recommend.


Definitely! The weather was beautiful, sunny with the right amount of clouds, however my eagles nest experience sounds similar to yours... the entire mountain was covered in fog, you could barely see 10 feet in front of you!


Aw man, that sucks. I think the Eagles Nest had the best views in the area. Except maybe the Kapuzinerberg's view of the old part of Salzburg. I studied abroad in Salzburg. I love that town.


That's so cool you got to study there, we were going to go up Kapuzinerburg, but becuse we more or less only passed through we didn't have time


Well, it'll give you something to do when you go back!


https://imgur.com/xZBKxb9.jpg All I saw was fog while up there


I visited Salzburg about 2 years...so beautiful


Lovely photo! Salzburg is one of my favorite places on earth. My wife and I could go there over and over. The views from here and Kelsteinhaus are simply amazing. One of my favorite places to stay near Salzburg is The Sheraton Fuschslee-Salzburg, Hotel Jagdhof. It's in the country, about 15 minutes from Salzburg proper and offers beauty and tranquility. A great place to spend a few quiet nights. It's also very close to It is very close to Fuschl Castle.


Gorgeous! Thank you for sharing.


I love Austria! I only passed through staying in a few towns in the late fall a few years ago but I would love to do a nature trip and hike!


So good! Off topic question what all do you guys use to save your travel bucket list destinations? I have been using a to-do app wbu people?


Google maps!


I took the trip out there when I was in Salzburg too, absolutely incredible day. This is a great shot.


We live in such a beautiful world.


Been there a few years ago. Amazing cave to go visit. Lotttss of steps to walk down though to the darkest part of the cave, and the walk up to the entrance was already heavy. The blast of wind you feel when they open the door to walk in is quite something.


Climbing up that mountain and up through the ice caves was one of my favorite experiences I've ever had. Just incredible.


The place is looking really out of the world. Such a fascinating sight...i would really love to visit here once in my life.. Nice click..




Was there in 2018, and it was so wonderful and amazing!


Thanks for sharing, that place was part of my travel plans just when covid hit.... We are hoping to head there next summer if it safe to do so!


This is actually the largest ice caves in the world. It is in the town of Werfen which also has a beautiful castle with a history of Falconry. You can do both in one day trip or stay in the only hotel.




This is beautiful. I wish I was there to see it myself...


Just looking at your beautiful picture, makes me feel like I am at the top of the world, just about standing amongst the clouds....gorgeous


lol i was there as a kid, i am from Austria! sehr schön!


Omg this looks like the real-life tunnel from GTA that goes through mount Chilliad. Facing south-east


A few kilometers down is a castle that got featured in COD Burg Hohenwerfen


The hills aren’t alive!


Wow. Breathtaking. What I would give to see this view in person.


That's not the top. U have a roof over you ;)


Ah, you caught, I'm a fraud :(


XD, I can Photoshop or away ;)


I can't wait to go down under once the 'rona is over. Put another shrimp on the barbie mate.


The hills are alive with the sound of music. Austria is a beautiful place.


I really miss this place. The castle in Werfen is awesome too with a gorgeous view as well.


The hills are alive, With the sound of music With songs they have sung For a thousand years The hills fill my heart, With the sound of music My heart wants to sing Every song it hears My heart wants to beat Like the wings of the birds That rise from the lake to the trees My heart wants to sigh Like a chime that flies From a church on a breeze To laugh like a brook When it trips and falls Over stones on its way To sing through the night Like a lark Who is learning to pray I go to the hills When my heart is lonely I know I will hear What I've heard before My heart will be blessed, With the sound of music And I'll sing once more. Julie Andrews - Sound of Music 1965


Ow, I have this place on my radar since a year or three now. With Covid making me stick to Europe for the rest of the year, I might make it there this summer! Any recommendations? Anything else worthwhile in the area? (Would ne part of a bigger road trip.)


Absolutely! I actually did this trip as a large road trip, when I have some time today I'll find my route


I’ve always wanted to go there my Grandfather is from AustriaI would love to see more of the country


I love my country <3


Thing is, it’s unfortunately in Austria. But anyways. Germany is across the border, much more worth to go there






Love visiting Alps in Austria. I was near Innsbruck few years ago and stayed in a hotel with a beautiful view. My ultimate goal is to retire somewhere in the Alps.


Great view and rightspot, liked it 🤩


Been there, loved it! Wore 2 jackets in the caves. I can only recommend it.


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Why do people on this and similar subs go so nuclear about someone using high contrast? It's not like the other one was posted as #nofilter or something. It's just a stylized picture. You can still see what it represents.


Because people in a travel sub tend to want to see pictures of things they can experience in real life. Overdone HDR looks fake and for me at least it's also not really visually pleasing either. If I'd see a scene like in the other one in real life I'd run to a nuclear bunker.


Not fair; A hole.